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  1. Yesterday
  2. This looks good fun and a handfull! What sort of power is it running?
  3. Rossevans32 New Zombie Project 550bhp R32 Hybrid

    They are not no, germany i think it was if my memory is correct.
  4. That sounds bloody good mate. shame about the piston mind. I love your attention to the rear view mirror in the vid
  5. Started from a shell TakeTwo2

    Hi there, the new colour looks superb. Amazing work on the bay. I am slightly confused though, the calypso green coloured small bumper in the first pictures. Was that previously a BAM engined big bumper? It just looks familiar??
  6. Rossevans32 New Zombie Project 550bhp R32 Hybrid

    Cracking video at the end there. That shifter looks superb mate. Are they manufactured in the UK?
  7. Bill - The Mk1 Golf

    Looks like its coming on well. You know it's getting serious when you see an old golf on a rotisserie
  8. 75 marinogelb swallowtail

    Wow! That is some serious dedication there mate. It has already been mentioned, but I bet it will be very satisfying to save it from the scrapper. Love the period colours of these cars too. Be sure to keep it updated
  9. MK2 Atlas Grey 8v to ABF..

    very nice looking car there mate. well done for sticking with it
  10. Rossevans32 New Zombie Project 550bhp R32 Hybrid

    The car is currently being wrapped, once back i can finally finish of some interior bits. Such as the rtd shifter. Then pretty much use and enjoy
  11. Rossevans32 New Zombie Project 550bhp R32 Hybrid

    Havent updated this in a long while. The car is working under its own steam, not had much time to use it yet. Videos to follow.
  12. BMW M3 Ceramic Pro

    Pure lovelyness. Epic mate.
  13. Ap parts

    Hi I'm in need of a new spring adjuster collar for my lupo, are you able to get these? The number on the strut is 116 80 104 Cheers
  14. DAB aerials

    Nav_lall , I just wondered how you achieved the earth connection as isn't the windscreen seal in the way?
  15. Rear brake options for Corrado VR6

    Interesting, I thought there was more stuff required than that, might go with Mk4 rears then if that's what's required to switch. Thanks man
  16. Last week
  17. Rear brake options for Corrado VR6

    I've got a mk2 so same rear brake setup, I bought 2 new refurbed mk4 calipers, and some goodridge conversion hoses. You use you std carriers and to be honest they are great, do the job very well with good quality discs/pads. other option is to fit lupo/6n2 polo gti rear hubs, then you can use the bearings with integrated hubs (like what fitted to mk4s etc) and then you get rid of the older type tapered bearings.
  18. Rear brakes are getting a bit tired on my VR and if I'm going to mess with them I thought I might as well update them a bit at the same time, I've got the 312mm TT set up on the front and don't want the rears to look tiny in comparison. I know Mk4 rears get done quite a lot, is that the best/ only option? Without spending a fortune at least. Cheers for any help! I know there's a Corrado section but its fairly dead in there of late, and I've had a search on the Corrado forum, just looking for peoples experiences
  19. What tyres for my eos

    brilliant, I think I've got a plan... Current set up: All round 8 x 18 et 44 - 235/40/18 New wheels: Front 19 x 8.5 et 45 - 225/35/19 Rear 19 x 9.5 et 45 - 245/35/19
  20. BMW M3 Ceramic Pro

    yeah those wheels are something else! top job, cant believe it was so marred from the dealer!
  21. First car - 52' Lupo SE JDO

    Currently, just the Polo, however next year i'll be running all 3, with the GTI coming back out in the next few weeks for winter mode hahaha
  22. First car - 52' Lupo SE JDO

    Ha ha, I did wonder. So are you running 3 cars now?
  23. First car - 52' Lupo SE JDO

    Cheers dude! Originally i was sold on selling JDO (this one), but after some serious thinking i knew i had way too much to lose by getting rid, so i went ahead and started what i'd planned with it a while ago hahaha
  24. Thinking about it it would probably cause some kind of loop, sending the signal from 3+4 round in a circle.
  25. BMW M3 Ceramic Pro

    Top job - the wheels look amazing after the coating.
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