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  2. Mk2 caddy Tdi Van.

    Thanks mate. I thought things were worse than they were. On first look the trim/guttering looked to have torn rubber on the underside. I thought it had torn a lower part of it. Turns out it was just sealant from a previous life. So all good now. Original guttering will be reusable and ive found a pile of clips on fleabay!
  3. Mk2 caddy Tdi Van.

    Have a look here : http://www.oemepc.com/vw/part_single/catalog/vw/markt/RDW/modell/CA/year/2001/drive_standart/172/hg_ug/853/subcategory/853000/part_id/3723478/lang/e Looks like the trims are no longer available but you can still buy the clips
  4. Mk2 caddy Tdi Van.

    Made a start on prepping the roof for a change of colour. Plenty of prep required but it needs a bit of everything so will be good for learning about all the different things required. Few rust spots from stone chips but all in all not too bad for a van with 188k on it. Found this issue... What is the official name of this part? Weather strip maybe? And does anyone know where i can buy new ones? The clips on the back of my one are broken. Annoying... but never mind. Anyway.. im away to finish keying the paint and treating the rust spots.
  5. Mk2 caddy Tdi Van.

    Yeah they can become a bit of a money pit. Worthwhile when you see the finished result though.
  6. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 8v - Back To Basics

    Been making some more tweeks and have routed the washer bottle to the boot now. Just awaiting some wire now so i can extend the loom. but i've done the plumbing already. Looking at battery options for the boot, i'm going to use one of the rear seat belt mounts as the earthing point and mount the battery in the center of the boot backing onto the rear seat. As i don't have a spare wheel (the spare is just dead as its so old) i will build in a wooden floor for the boot so that it no longer saggs into the wheel well and this can be the base for the battery. Not sure if to get an E36 battery cable or just buy new cable though
  7. Not posted on here for a while so thought I would give a little update. After lending the van out and it being driven with no coolant in (Don't ask), it is now sitting like this As it's been off the road Iv'e been driving all sorts of stuff and have been getting fond on the DSG gearbox, so this got me thinking... While everything is out why not do a DSG conversion? After speaking to Ryan at Darkside plans got well out of hand and I ended up buying a donor vehicle shortly afterwards. Now it's having a fully built 2.0 CR engine with 7 speed DSG 4 motion gearbox fitted. Iv'e also booked it in at Slide Motorsport for a rollcage making and the S3 rear axle is going to be mounted to this. We're not going mad with the cage as it will still be daily driver but when a well suited track day comes around then we shouldn't have to hold back. The donor Tiguan has been run up on the dyno to check everything is healthy which it does seem to be. Once we have some more time the conversion will be getting started, the plan is to get the standard engine / gearbox in and running then once we're happy with it, take it back out and swap it for the built engine with big turbo etc. and start doing some software development. Keep any eye on both the Darkside & SRS facebook page as the updates will be on there before anywhere else but I'll try and update this as often as possible for anyone who is interested.
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  9. Blood Brothers

    And to think I sanded a the tornado red off my MK2 for another colour
  10. Mk2 caddy Tdi Van.

    Much better man ! Retrimming them would be cool yeah ! .. I've always fancied putting mk5 GTI seats in mine. Just don't want to spend any more money on it right now haha
  11. Blood Brothers

    Tornado red... Still stunning after all these years.
  12. AGU head on PB lump

    I am just interested to know if this head would work on a 1.8 8v pb bottom end ? i have a spare AGU head laying about that has been gas flowed and skimmed, i need to do a head gasket change anyway so the 8v head needs to come off. will there be any gains from this ? or will it be a terrible idea ? also would i have to run a new ecu or would the carb option be the only way ?
  13. Mk2 caddy Tdi Van.

    So the floorpan was cleaned as best as i could and the sound deadening put down. Carpet installed. (i'll thank any god for never having to do that again) And finally my mk3 GTi seats fitted. Swapped the backs over to make the recline knob more accessible. Fitting was a bit trial and error after some conflicting online reports on what method was easiest. I found that if i took out the bolt either side and swivelled the back on the clipped connection that the seat back flipped forward just like a 3 door seat. So i did one side like that. And the other side i installed by taking the seat back off altogether, then installing the base on its own and the seat back once the base was in. Really i don't think either way is easier. Its definately easier to get the seat base on its own into the runners. But then its a bit of a faff getting the setback on again in situ. Whereas installing the base and back together is a pain to get into the runners but then easier afterwards. Whatever floats your boat really but I'm glad i did both as i am now intimately familiar with the seats.
  14. Mk2 caddy Tdi Van.

    Thats the way i went in the end. Took it all as far as i could and cleaned up best as i could. Stopping short of taking the angle grinder and wire brush to it that was the best i could do. Thanks man. Yeah, i did smell bad. NO matter how many magic trees i threw at it.. smelt like and old chip pan. Now the new carpet is in... what a difference. I've put my mk3 GTi seats in her for now. I fancy getting them re-trimmed in a more modern colour. Maybe the mk5 tartan colour.
  15. Mk2 TFSI

    This is amazing. Keep it up mate.
  16. Blood Brothers

    Recently picked up a lovely MK7 GTD, so pictured it next to my MK2 16v, both the same colour, 22 years apart, both Tornado Red
  17. Mk2 caddy Tdi Van.

    Wow I bet that smells great haha awesome progress on this so far though mate, you should chuck some cupra seats in whilst the standards are out. The difference is amazing
  18. Yogicharging! mk1 G60 cabrio

    advertised on FB for £5800 for everything i have for the mk1..... Allroad sold and looking at getting rid of the daily to make way for a T5 transporter to "fit" all the family in. trying to sell the G60 engine and the banded steels first to raise funds to try and get the 20v in but not had any interest at the moment, might try eBay before christmas..
  19. This fantastic Audi RS3 came in for some durable, long term protection. The car was a recent purchase for the current owner, and sadly littered with wash marring and minor defects. Nothing too drastic, but wanting the best result possible, the owner opted for our Major Enhancement Detail. The process would be as follows, Full safe wash, Chemical decontamination followed by clay bar treatment, 2 stage machine polish, Wheels off upgrade, Ceramic Pro 9H and Light coatings. The car on arrival - the colour hides the dirt very well. 20170816_083024 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170816_083219 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr Auto Finesse products used throughout the wash and decontamination stage. 20170816_085552 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170816_092325 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170816_092335 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr Straight onto some polishing shots. 20170816_122454 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170816_123259 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170816_125651 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170816_125705 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170816_131440 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170816_131502 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170816_131534 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170816_131934 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170816_135828 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170816_140147 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170817_112347 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170817_112913 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170817_114624 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170817_123127 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170817_115110 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170817_125744 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr The car received a refining polishing set before 2 panel wipe sessions. Ceramic Pro 9H and Light were applied to all painted and plastic areas. The wheels were removed to be deep cleaned further before being ceramic coated along with the brake calipers. 20170818_134426 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170818_141840 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170818_141242 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170818_140704 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170818_141225 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr Onto the completed car. 20170818_175222 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170818_175251 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170818_175409 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170818_175243 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170818_175417 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170818_175426 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170818_175440 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170818_175455 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170818_175505 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170818_175529 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170818_175235 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170818_175301 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20170818_175357 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr Thanks for reading Richard. 20170818_175329 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr
  20. Revo Tuned Golf GTI

    Cheers The cost cmvaries from car to car. Drop me a message if you like and I can give you an idea
  21. Last week
  22. Mk2 caddy Tdi Van.

    I'd probably scrape off the worst and clean it really well before going on with new sound deadening
  23. Mk2 caddy Tdi Van.

    So, now the hangover has subsided, a little bit of Sunday work. I got a replacement carpet as the one in the van was pretty rank, smelled horrendous and so far has been Uncleanable. Also managed to get a set of leather seats for the mk3. So the standard gti seats will be going in the van. Drivers needs bolster work (shocker eh...). But they are otherwise good. Goodbye horrible standard seats! Found a pretty nifty spacer for the handbrake cable... seats out and carpet up.... wow... I knew the guy before me had poured cooking oil all over this car... but wow. bit of a dilema now and could use some advice. The factory footwell protection has melted (for want of a better word). Ok in some parts, drivers side not too bad. But bad in parts on the passenger side. I've scraped up by hand the sludgy stuff. Left the solid stuff behind. But it's still fairly tacky. what should I do before putting down some new sound deadening? Scrape that stuff out completely or lay the sound deadening on top of it?
  24. Mk2 caddy Tdi Van.

    Ha ha, thanks. They're my mobile hangover cures. And the white one is an expert photobomber.... so will most likely be in the background of many photos to come.
  25. Mk2 caddy Tdi Van.

    You have some epic dogs
  26. Mk2 caddy Tdi Van.

    Hmm... not sure. That axle came off a van that was flipped and in use. So from that I would assume it has. Be able to check when I get my axle removed from the van tho. I'm far far too hung over today to actually check. Ha ha. Top tip tho, thanks man.
  27. The hyd handbrake has really beaten me up, first I plumbed it up wrong (lol) then everything leaked, and it took 3 trips to the shops to finally get the right parts. But it's sorted now, back in it's wheels and ready for a test drive.
  28. Mk2 caddy Tdi Van.

    Has the bracket on the axle for the rear brake compensator spring been shortened? When you do the flip you should shorten that bracket. The compensator spring should sit level when the van is on the ground.
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