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    • Tornado red... Still stunning after all these years. 
    • I am just interested to know if this head would work on a 1.8 8v pb bottom end ? i have a spare AGU head laying about that has been gas flowed and skimmed, i need to do a head gasket change anyway so the 8v head needs to come off. will there be any gains from this ? or will it be a terrible idea ? also would i have to run a new ecu or would the carb option be the only way ?
    • So the floorpan was cleaned as best as i could and the sound deadening put down.        Carpet installed. (i'll thank any god for never having to do that again)   And finally my mk3 GTi seats fitted. Swapped the backs over to make the recline knob more accessible. Fitting was a bit trial and error after some conflicting online reports on what method was easiest. I found that if i took out the bolt either side and swivelled the back on the clipped connection that the seat back flipped forward just like a 3 door seat. So i did one side like that. And the other side i installed by taking the seat back off altogether, then installing the base on its own and the seat back once the base was in. Really i don't think either way is easier. Its definately easier to get the seat base on its own into the runners. But then its a bit of a faff getting the setback on again in situ. Whereas installing the base and back together is a pain to get into the runners but then easier afterwards. Whatever floats your boat really but I'm glad i did both as i am now intimately familiar with the seats.       
    • Thats the way i went in the end. Took it all as far as i could and cleaned up best as i could. Stopping short of taking the angle grinder and wire brush to it that was the best i could do.    Thanks man. Yeah, i did smell bad. NO matter how many magic trees i threw at it.. smelt like and old chip pan. Now the new carpet is in... what a difference. I've put my mk3 GTi seats in her for now. I fancy getting them re-trimmed in a more modern colour. Maybe the mk5 tartan colour. 
    • Hello all, reluctantly here I have for sale my 1991 Golf 8v GTI. I bought this as a project 18 months ago and unfortunately it hasn't progressed much. It's a superb base for a project due to the fact its got a very very solid shell with very little rust in it. Please see the pics for detail.   The car comes with loads of spares way to many to list but includes all the parts for a 16v conversion including a mighty 2.0l 16v TSR Thruxton engine that was 3k back in the day. The car also comes with the original 8v engine. Spare G60 brakes, two front ends, and all the parts to put the car back together and much more   There is a great set of wheels on the car and has a huge folder full of receipts with comprehensive history and the original document wallet and documents like service book etc.   The car will obviously need trailering away and a large van will be needed for all the parts   I have loads of pics if you want them just text me and let me know.   All in all a fantastic project for someone and I really wish it could be me but I'm kidding myself if I think I'm ever going to get it done (you can only make so many excuses to the missus!!)   I really suggest that you come and view the lot thats on offer if your after a great project.   Price wise i'm looking for 2.5k which is a bargain when you think at what is included.   Get in touch on 07765808889 if you would like anymore questions answering, pictures or would like to view the car.   I'm based in Wigan which is near Manchester   Cheers All
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