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    • Update inside!  I figured once id got the car and panels all in primer i might aswell sort the inside and get it painted! I wanted this shell to last another 30 years or so as i plan to keep hold of it for as long as i can! so i went over the top with the build and decided to make it as water tight as i could!  A few of the boys at work had asked what i was doing as towards the insulation etc of the inside! I wanted to lay down as much sound deadening as i could where ever i could! but thought it would be a good idea to stone chip the inside as some of the original sound deadening was loose and breaking up in areas, i figured not only would it keep it watertight it would also act as a small amount of sound deadening to which i will add sound deadening before i fit the interior and wiring!  anyways heres some pictures  Maybe some of you will think its criminal, maybe some of you will think its over the top! but i figured this car would be watertight inside out and hopefully keep it going for years!  Throwing some primer down on the inside parts that wasn't stone chipped,  this was all flatted down and prepped as it was the outside, even though you don't see it, i know I've done it properly!  All sheeted up and masked out, ready for some colour!  like glass!  So thats the inside wrapped up! looks so good in colour and was nice to finally see some paint going on! was starting to feel so daunting! but i persisted and came through!  On to getting the bay prepped and get it ready for shooting it!   
    • The original BMW seats look shocking in comparison, great work
    • After many hours of measuring, cutting, grinding, drilling and filling the seats are fitted.  Weigh roughly 6kg per seat lighter, would have been more but for the heavy box section.                  
    • Thank you gurdeep, I shall look into the textured products a little more then.  Ive had another closer look at the rear bumper this afternoon. I tried to apply a small amount of Meg's trim stuff and I could see it just wasn't having any effect at all.  The bumper top just felt really smooth like glass, It was as if there was a clear coating on it, and the product just wiped off. I probably shouldn't have done this but I thought it couldn't look any worse, it's not going to win at the show n shine anyway, so I very gently rubbed the surface with some wet and dry to try and create a ' key' for a future application of a trim dressing.  I think it worked, it got rid of the glass like appearance and although not brilliant looks better now. I'll get some pics up in work tomorrow morning hopefully. With a bit of care I think it could look ok, it's certainly better than just leaving it I think.    Thanks harryvr6
    • I had heard if the textured spray stuff from when I had my Edition 1 about 6 years ago, as I wanted to have a corner fixed on my front bumper, so I would imagine more people know about it now! From what I recall, the peanut butter, warm linseed oil, heat tricks work to restore the colour, not the texture.
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