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    • Im back!!  Thankyou everyone for your comments! yes it is certainly a labour of love! ive been ready to throw to towel in a few times! but the end picture in my mind is what keeps me going! no corners cut what so ever! i do this for a living so it has to be right! ive even been known to re do things because there not quite right even thought everyone tells me its perfectly fine! ive probably gone over board with things at times but it has to be how i picture it otherwise its not worth doing!  Anyway!! im back with an update, I pulled the ol'girl out for the first time in months yesterday and started getting some bits done, i decided after reading back through this thread that i wanted to make time to get back on with the build and hopefully get it painted as soon as, so i started flatting down the primer on the shell yesterday evening  rolled her in, got a snap and started flatting down the n/s quarter  lines look straight and even!! Rear quarter and door shut done! time to go home and start the rear panel tomorrow!  ok so cup of tea, full shift at work and then a few hours on the golf tonight! managed to sort the last few little bits out on the quarter and then moved onto the rear panel, i didn't get any before pictures but who wants to see those lol  who loves a smooth rear panel huh?  No badges here Right then! thats you guys back up to date with me now! unfortunately i won't get to play with the golf until the weekend now, but im going to hopefully get most of the other side and roof done before unbolting the doors and tailgates to finish up before, stonechip, joint sealer and then some colour!    hope you enjoy the very late and very short update but im back and hoping to get stuck right back in like before!    until next time guys    Peace    D     
    • Blimey!. You always have the ability to turn these round and get them looking "proper", looking forward to seeing you work ya magic mate!
    • Check the coilpack in the dark (obvs with a torch to find what you're looking for!) you'll see if its arcing much easier - i had a tiny hairline one in mine that wasn't visibly shorting out in the day. In my experience the PCV issues just made mine run rough but not actually misfire.   
    • Hello all, I have recently picked up a very very cheap 3.5 Cabrio in a rough state, originally I wanted it for parts, I have previously owned 2 Mk3's and always wanted 3.5 switches, clocks etc. But now having got it home and looking at the appreciation thread on here I am tempted to try bring it back to its original glory. So I have a few questions...   The roof is badly damaged so will need a replacement, how much am I looking at to replace it?    The interior is in a bad state, the leather is split, filthy dirty, mouldy and damp! Is there any direct replacement from another VW? I imagine the back seats can only be replaced with Cabrio seats? Are the front seat rails from a Mk3 or a Mk4?     It would be a long term project where I would plan to take out everything from interior, carpets included and make sure all is dry going back in. Is it easy to get body parts if I need to replace any?    Many thanks!
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