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    Update! So kind of lost the motivation with this build thread thanks to Photobucket breaking all the images! .. However, I've found another image host and will go through and fix all the broken images. I've got plenty of updates with the car so I'll post those accordingly too. I'll leave a fresh photo here from WestsideVW earlier this year: Gurpal
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    Some real dedication in keeping that shell going, nice to see! That rear chassis leg rot was a bit worrying though At the end of it though if you've got a 3dr 16v monza with an OEM ABF installed you're laughing!
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    Well got the Comps on today. Really please with them. The rears are rubbing with the 205's and offset unfortunately. Wound the coilovers up a little until I can get some 195's to match the fronts if anyone has a pair of 195/40/17 for a decent price let me know Also thinking of selling the RS's if anyone is interested. Picture....... Cheers.
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    Only just found out how to revive the pictures on this thread so starting to do them over the next day or so. In the mean time here is how it currently sits! Wheels ideally need blasted and powder coated and still need to properly sort the ride height, I have added some fake all red rears as well. Slowly getting somewhere near decent though it’s sat about so long it needs some work bring the paint back up for next year.
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    A new chapter commences. In the spirit of life’s too short to not check it out - I found this beauty in Bolton recently. Gitanes - remixed - begins. Basics. 52k miles, waxoyled from new, has had paint at some point, have a few cosmetic issues to deal with but it handled 237 miles on a snow avoidance M62/A1 route back to London from Bolton on Friday without missing a beat. Now with the Phirm for a full checkover and fluid changes. NO Sunroof! Never had a stereo fitted by the look of things. Plans - gradual, want to enjoy it in standard spec for now but the kbar from the other one will go on asap. Have also retained the wheels, suspension, clear indicators and chromeless rear lights from FTL to (only maybe) be applied next year.
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    Cant really use "readily available" as a reason for someone to do it on their drive, everything is readily available all you have to do is use google and buy it. Many people cant be arsed to wash their cars never mind spend hours cleaning them to such an extent that they look like this. I wish I had the patience to do it but I don't, and if I didn't work in a dusty industrial estate I would pay someone £300 to get my car looking as clean as this one. Either way all of the cars scratcher does look top notch!
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    New to the forum here is my new project 1977 LHD Mars Red Porsche 924 Dave
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    Had an hour spare last night so i've got another little job out the way.. Managed to crush my indicator connectors so i've had to replace them, thankfully we've got the stocked at work, other than pins for them. Good job we've got a god knows box of pins! Miraculously found some lol All done, just need to find some slim conduit now! Also had a play with the notch, just to have a quick look at how much lower it sits now the coils been wound down 10 threads so it's now maxed out. BEFORE AFTER So i've now lost about 15mm off the overall height, but i want more. Helpers are coming out now.
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    Love that splitter I wondered the same with the fitment on my GmbH sport bumper. Had a cupra jobbie on my old b6 so wanted a change I've gone with a cheapo ten pound eBay rubber thing for now.. not fitted yet and kinda regretting the carbon effect choice which looked impressive in the photos... I'm also on the exhaust and map verge as you are, I swear these things make NO noise standard haha
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    Saw this at most of the shows i went to this year mate. Absolute work of art, by far my favourite car of this year. This is the sorta thing i aim to build later on in life man
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    That car is always a credit to you, great pic in the mag to. Keep up The good work!
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    Love how people think they can go down halfords and buy a few things from the shelves and achieve the same results. Not saying it can't be done, but it takes a lot of time and experience, perhaps more than most people would have. When mine was done I was suprised at how much went into it and how long it took. Things most would never think of such as measuring the thickness of the paint.
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    Pretty much de chromed the whole car and fitted new rubbers and black stuff. New windscreen tomorrow as the old one was farcked.
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    Hi all. Thought I'd share some pictures of my Corrado. Im sure some of you may have seen this car during last year and the beginning of this years show season. The car started out life as a basic 2.0 16v. The car is a credit to the previous owner Peter who has basically done everything from painting the car to its 1.8T 20V conversion. Since I bought the car a few months ago, I have changed a few little things on it. Nothing drastic, just little things here and there. I have no major plans for the car other than to keep on top of it and enjoy it. Changed the centre caps K 20V conversion (which looks factory and a credit to Pete who did the conversion himself) Tracking was out so a trip to Revolution in Gateshead sorted that Random pic with a mates 500 Arbarth at work Interior has rare electric fishnet recaros. It did have a 300mm Momo wheel but I felt it was too small so changed to a 330mm Sparco wheel. I also updated the instrument lights to led bulbs as the old ones were either so dim you couldn't see the clocks or broken. With the dark nights closing in I decided to change the wheel for something more winter friendly. I found a set of 8x17 Compomotive MO5 1780. Offset of ET11 and from a Metro 6R4 in 4x101.6 PCD. Luckily the Corrado has 4x100 hubs so wobble bolts and spigot rings are enough to get them to fit. I was a little worried about the offset, however when I test fitted them they were just about perfect. They will have 195/40/17 fitted so a little but of stretch to clear the arches. The wheels were a bit of a mess so I am having them striped and powder coated silver. New Compomotive stickers will be added too. Anyway that's where I am with it at the minute. More updates to follow one I have the wheels on. Cheers, Mark
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    Love the direction you have gone with this. Also cracking wheel choice!
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    Aye its took a lot out of me but anything worth while doesnt come without a bit of sacrifice or hardship. Got a bit more exiting since then though. first lets get the worst and most awkward placed bit of corrosion sorted first. Yes very bad and dangerous. I actually had no idea that the corrosion was this bad at this part of the car. It had apparently just been covered up with filler. Cut out. Looking good... and now for the best bit. Enjoy. This brings us to around late July in terms of updates.
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    wow. world most expensive mk2? lol seriously good to see a monza being saved though.
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    Holyhell you're going to town on this.
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    Evening, Gave the thing a wash today, added the wheel decals and took a few pics. Cheers Mark
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    Thanks for the help lads... I have since found out the gearbox mount wasn't straight and had been pushed over the wrong way on refitting so fitted new shaft moved the box over and straightened it up on the mount so hopefully this new shaft should last a good while!
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    Both cars are stunning. Have a soft spot for b5.5 as i just pick up a highline estate two weeks ago.really like that vortex kit but there rare and cost over 1k alone.
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    liking the segins
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    Also found a pic of my old Passat on my phone, both cars photographed in the same location, votex kit and 19" Audi alloys
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    I can hardly believe that's a refurb'd engine.... it looks like factory new. So impressive.
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    Cheers, man, I've always wanted a G40.... And what better way to have one than in a mk1!!
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    Amazing, very brave taking this on but love it already! Love the engine refurb, if you don't mind me asking (feel free to PM me if not wanting to answer publicly) how much did the engine refurb cost you? Must be very reassuring for you to know that you have a solid unit to go in there and I would love to do the same myself.
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    Great. Cheers for the reply. I am not too far away either.
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    Love a bit of mk3 action I do. Very nice.
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    That is perfection!
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    I ran 195/40 tyres on mine so little bit of stretch fit perfect on the front and a tiny bit of camber on the rear will see you spot on
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    Engine in and running, exhaust etc on. All bushes done and polybushed rear beam etc. Dash and clocks working. MOT booked Wednesday....!
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    Great results using off the shelf products - all achievable by a home detailer.
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    Thanks, Jamie. I'm fortunate to have a work car also. Which is the reason this has spiralled out of control if I'm honest! Even when done I don't plan on using it too much, I'd like to keep it as clean and dry stored over winter months. Dom - really easy to do as the metal is quite thin, took about 5 minutes.
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    As you've seen, once the floor had been painted it really made a difference to things and helped me achieve something that i thought i wasn't getting anywhere with at times. Whilst in the process of doing the floor i had everything underneath stripped, zinc'd and powder coated by a good friend of mine. First few bits back from the powders, was over the moon so gathered up more bits and sent them off again, Whilst waiting for the powders i put in a big order for, new bushes, drop links, bolts, nuts & washers, and replaced everything all in one go when i got everything back. Carefully prepped up the steering rack and gave it some paint to freshen it up ready for a quick test fit, Looks good, time to chuck it on the subframe and get the new bits fitted then... Nice pile of shiny bits ready to be fitting up so i can get the shell of the rollover jig and on some shoes Few bits to be fitted and then on for the steels, and rolled out into the sunshine for the first time ever in my ownership on its own wheels.
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    Driving home from work today and had to stop for a pic just fitted the S4 wing mirror covers. Not sure if I like them or not
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    So a big step forward happend this week, the car is nearly finished and on its way to regal autosport to do some health checks/spanner checks, map the car, MOT and track. From there its vinyl time, then time to finally use the car! I badly need to get some hours under my belt, in preparation for the Nurburgring in june! Heres a few pics. FB_IMG_1489929066353 by ross evans, on Flickr 20170312_140345 by ross evans, on Flickr 20170313_065153 by ross evans, on Flickr 20170313_065159 by ross evans, on Flickr
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    Thanks Ceedark'll give it till the weekend but if it doesn't let up then what brand would you recommend? And Sunnysingh currently I'd say about 130 bhp since most catbacks are 'supposed' to give about 10% extra but I'm doubtful. I'm getting my research done for power mods right now but I'm set on upgrading to a TD04 turbo. There's examples of 1.4 TSI's in Greece, Turkey and eastern Europe pushing 260 bhp at the front wheels on mostly stock internals so that's what I'm aiming for by next year, maybe late this year. I've got my parts list ready though so it's just a matter of time and budget really. - TD04L-19T turbo - Custom manifold - Custom downpipe and sport cat - 10:1 compression forged pistons - Custom intercooler piping and a liquid to air intercooler (The 122bhp A1 only comes with air to air) - Custom remap since the car will be running 100% more bhp And I guess that's it for the turbo parts, but I'm going to do suspension, wheels & tires first.
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    I just taped the immobiliser chip to the inside of the ring when I did my ABF - keeping the original Mk2 key and barrel.
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    Love it on the 17s. I've done 15 and 16 inch wheels on my previous mk3, and now 17s on current one. I must say that I prefer the 17s as it allows you to fill the arches (minimizing arch gap) without having to drag your subframe like you would on 15s