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    Yeah man, bays are commanding these days.... we’ll see. Guess what???? No updates again really. Sent the charger for rebuild, manifold needs a fettle as It doesn’t actually work with the g40. Purchased a 5pk rib belt conversion for the charger. Tried a wheel on, I’ll get some tyres on soon, nothing low profile, something with some actual sidewall.
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    Small update, Managed to get the dash properly mounted up and happy with how its turned out. Next up is to get the rear trailing arms fitted/ modified to mount up to the original axle mounting points, which will be a huge task to get right. cheers for all the comments hope some of the work will help others.
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    I did start a thread ages ago but photobucket ruined it for me, any way heres another go. Always wanted a coupe ever since i laid eyes on Mike Mccoy's Mk2 OBDI Coupe A shell popped up on ebay and made an offer and the story of building one began, Its a 1985 Type 19 in polar silver no holes in the doors and rear quarters, small glass and the guy i bought it off had started to strip it down as he had plans of his own which fell through. How i picked it up, fortunately had all the panels doors, bonnet, boot and glass panels except the windscreen and some of the brown interior bits. First thing i did when i got it back was have some posts made up so i could wheel it in and out the garage and also removed all the panels just needed the naked shell, first little bits included the custom westy grill which am still working on and the duck bill splitter which i've both almost finished but will review these later. Got a decent sized garage with access right out my front entrance door can work on the shell without the need to open the main garage door and have room for a small fridge, work bench an tool box which was one thing that sold me when i bought the place. First thing was to get the interior cleaned up. Had a jig made up too so i could work on the underside which has been a great help cant count how many times it been on its side And started on the removal of the underseal to reveal what i actually bought Boot floor cut out ready for future project. Getting there. As you can tell underside horrors as expected thought it wasn't this bad when i bought it as the top and inside looked solid but no going back now. Rust pretty much everywhere you can imagine. At this point just had to cut and cut and try to repair and salvage what i could. New floor pans test fit Both floors panels in. One of the challenging bits to do was the drivers rear strut. Then started on sealing the inner panels with Epoxy Mastic 121 Inner cills all expoxyed and joints seam sealed More epoxy in the rear chassis legs before closing them up Finally starting to take shape and feel like more straight and rust free panels to actual rust panels. About 6months after buying the shell i also bought a 225 TT which i was going to use as a donor car, picked up for a steal the lady just wanted to get rid of it as a bin man drove in to the side of it damaging the wheel which was the only thing i needed to replace. total £500. Drove if for about 10months before stripping it down. And off it went Engine safely home. Engine trials, first thing i did was cut the coupe tunnel out and welded the TT tunnel which wasn't a bad fit as both floors marry up well at the front lining it up was tough to get it centre but got it done in the end. TT Tunnel in. its was a little short at the back which I expected and meant the propshaft might be also. Mocked up a plate to close the gap. Decided to use the TT Seat trays aswell which are slightly wider than a coupe but not an issue when you've a grinder and welder Bulkhead cut out to run the TT bulkhead panel, also both seat trays in Panel in and peddles in for test fit. Heater matrix in and car is now right hand drive Started on the rear subframe after. Box section welded into place to mount the rest of the axle holes Servo fits but its close to the engine at the moment Arches tacked into place. As the tank will be relocated i have no use for the petrol cap which only causes rust Engine in to work on the propshaft Diff in Prop shaft actually fits with no need to shorten it but needs lengthing slightly it’s about 20-30mm short which isn’t too major as I can use a billet to make up the difference. Need to swap the steering rack for a TT and change the front engine bracket so the engine can sit better. Deeper tunnel has saved me a lot of hustle as i might be alright with the downpipe and exhaust also the tt bulkhead panel saved me a great deal as a lot bolts onto it. That as far as i've got so far, will update as i go.
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    As promised, managed to have a go at the rear trailing arms. Ive seen others cut and reposition the mounting point but thought i'd have a go at making the arms bolt up to the original axle bolts on the chassie. Photo below taken from another build on Vortex shows how far away it is from the original and sits inside the leg The arm is quite curved but at one point it sort of straighten off mid way ish, this is what i've been able to do so far still need tp finish the ends off but i managed to sleeve a box section over the arm and welded it, will also and bolt through just for belt and braces. Bolted up to the body Next up was the control arms as these hit the body as you can see from the above photo and below, didn't want to notch the leg so decided to use the audi A3 control arm and merge the two together. First up was to cut a section out of the tt control arm but still keeping a lot of the structure together that way don't loose any of the camber as stock. Pieced together End result which work well. Also shortened the drivers side drive shaft, cut it to size then welded the join and sleeved another piece and welded again Got a couple days off this week so plan to have the rear shocks bolted up and fabricated the brackets for them, and finish off the rear arms and should have the car rolling before i put it back on the spit so that i can start painting the underside. Need to also draw up a detail for the tank which will be made out of aluminum.
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    It's been a long time, no idea where to begin. The seats went off for some more work, alcantara inner bolsters and a double red stitch going round the whole seat like the dash. This was my original plan but because the car was a daily i got worried about ruining the alcantara too quick. The boot was completely redone - I want to actually be able to use this car and have a boot when i do. So the floor was raised and everything was put underneath. 2 amps, V2 manifold, tank, compressor, wiring, Bit Ten etc. Had to cut the ovals out for the amps to breath, but they're in a 12mm recess so should be fine. Crap picture as the sun was actually out this day. Loads of silicone and ally was ordered for the IC and Rad line to be made. Before that it had to finally be sat on the floor...first time on the floor with an engine and interior in 2 years. Then it went on a trailer to be taken to my pal Olly for the pipe work to be made... # Got a fair bit done on the day even though i was late. Hopefully should get it buttoned up next weekend, then it needs mot, tax and insurance. Whole car needs to be flat and polished, few interior bits to tidy up, audio wired up, wheels fitting properly make sure the brakes actually work etc. VWdays in June probably the first proper outing, wouldn't mind doing the TWS open day in May but it's going to be tight. Fair few more pictures on IG @ luke_mk3
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    Got a bit more done today. I didn't have my Daughter this weekend because she's got tonsillitis and didn't want to leave her Mum Saturday was a lovely sunny day. Perfect for getting plenty done to the van. Unfortunately I woke up with a migraine which wouldn't shift all day so I spent most of the day sat in a dark room. Such a waste of the day! Today wasn't quite as sunny, however I was feeling fit and healthy so once I'd watched the Grand Prix it was time to get out there and get some work done. I started off getting the subframe back on. This meant fitting the Powerflex bushes to the ARB and then bolting it all back up. This is a surprisingly difficult thing to do by yourself but I managed it eventually While I was working in that area I replaced the track rods as well. The old track rod ends are seized solid so it was easier just to replace the rod and end instead. This is the ARB after a quick going over with the wire brush and then slotting the poly bushes on. Fitted Once that was all back on I wanted to get the cable shifter fitted. Originally the van had a rod shifter fitted which obviously wasn't any good for the new gearbox. I'm using a VR6 gearbox with the VR5 gearbox shift tower (apparently it's much better than the VR6 shift tower) which means I needed to use the cables and shifter from a Mk4 Golf or similar. Annoyingly the designs had changed quite considerably over the years which meant the new shifter wasn't going to bolt straight on. I lined the two shifters up next to eachother to get an idea of how different they were. Pretty different I'm sure you'll agree. I did a bit of searching around online and managed to find a build thread for someone who had fitted this shifter to a Corrado. It all looked pretty similar so I decided to follow those instructions and hope for the best I started off with "modifying" the transmission tunnel. This is what I started with. After getting busy with the Dremel I was left with a bit more space. Once that was done I needed to elongate the rear bolt holes on the shifter. This would allow me to use the original rear shifter bracket for the old shifter. I marked up the bolt holes where they needed a trim up. The Dremel then came back out and using a carbide attachment I ground away the metal that wasn't required I then replaced the two front studs with some longer ones I picked up from B&Q. These would be long enough to reach all the way into the van (once I'd drilled some holes in the transmission tunnel). All that was left to do now was work out where to drill the holes, drill them and then bolt the shifter in! At this point it started spitting so I forgot to take photos and just got on with getting it fitted. It all went pretty smoothly and from the top it almost looks like it was meant to be there. That was it for the day because it started to chuck it down This week is meant to be nice so I'm hoping to get the van back on its wheels and ready to slot the engine in
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    I’ve always loved the 90’s btcc Volvo estates and thought to myself, why not try it with a golf estate
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    Looking forward to seeing the kit on mate! Have ya seen those honeycomb grills before, they look really good! Glad to hear you’re keeping it for a bit longer! Always like seeing what progress you have made with it
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    So, the bags are now mine Nice little tank, going to get it to a mirror finish mind! Spotted a few little wiring issues with it mind, so i've just sorted them out this morn. First off, i investigated this weird blue clump Became fairly obvious this was just a simple splice Just a little piggy back! Now there is nothing wrong with doing it this way, it's just a bit bulky and ugly, and you'll make the harness awkward to flow! Fixed. Next up was the control pad lead, which had been repaired really poorly (if you can call it a repair) This dirty big split had just been taped over! and two of the wires were bare! Not a good mix! And, 10 mins later, fixed. No point boding stuff. Just do it once and do it properly! Also made a new grill for JDO. Very 90's spec... All coming together now! Car should be bagged by saturday eve!
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    Hello everyone, my name is Baz, I'm new on here, I only signed up a few days ago. I've been having a little look through the builds on here and they'e very interesting, looks like a great forum. I own 2 cars, one being the 6n2 polo gti which has been off the road for about 3 years due to it not running. I recently fixed the car and it now runs (I was so excited when I finally fixed it). I bought the car in 2012 and started modifying it fairly soon after (I'll get to the mods in a bit) after about 3 years a problem started where the car kept cutting out, it got more and more frequent as the weeks went on. It kept cutting out when I was driving, then it finally got to the point where it would die as soon as the engine started, I had mechanics look at it and they seemed a bit confused. I tried replacing certain parts with no success and eventually I came to the conclusion it was the immobiliser that was at fault. I bought another ecu, immobiliser box and key from another polo gti and fitted it all (so I'd thought) to the car.......it still wouldn' work so I pretty much gave up and the car sat until recently. A couple of months ago I got the urge to work on it again and whilst looking at things, I noticed this thing in the key, I then realised this was the immobiliser chip and I never swapped it over to my key. I literally sat there calling myself an idiot haha. I bought a brand new battery, swapped the chip into my key and prayed it worked. It fired up straight away, I couldn't believe it, I was so excited......but also felt like a fool haha........ah well at least I learnt something. Anyway, sorry about the long ramble, the car needs some work and I've always wanted a little project so now I have one. I'l make a list of things done to the car and upload some pictures, I'm sure it won't be everyone's cup of tea but that doesn' matter. Hopefully some of you like it. 2001 VW Polo GTi 6n2 Fk coilovers Schmidt modernline alloys 15x8 Toyo t1r tyres K&n typhoon induction Oil catch tank 421 stainless manifold Sports cat Custom cat back exhaust Suede a,b and c pillars Retrimmed headlining Painted interior parts I think that's the majority of the work I've done, I might of missed a couple of bits. The car was completely standard when I bought it. I'll upload some pictures now hopefully, I'm looking forward to speaking to people on here.
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    Yes, when i did my mk3 20vt conversion i deleted the air con from the donor engine using a shorter aux belt. Sorry cant remember the part No. off the top of my head.
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    Seeing as Photobucket has destroyed my build thread (and the fact I'm itching to get the car out again now the better weather is here) here's a few photos of how it is today Looking forward to giving it some hammer at santapod to see if I can match my 14.5 from last year
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    good work. i ran an abf on k-jet 10 years ago on 020 rod box - perfect ratios to keep it on the boil
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    It's been so long since I updated. To be honest, I've been rather slow and unmotivated with my progress but Its slowly ramping up again as I'm keen to drive the car for the summer. I didn't take the mk2 engine out until about 4 weeks ago. As you can see below, there is signs of age and it generally looks terrible. This KR is still solid but it will be sold cheaply, if any one wants it due to its mileage. Before the engine was out I rebuilt the ABF and freshened it up. All ancillaries and components removed, to be decreased, sanded and painted. I had sourced all new zinc plated bolts to go on and every part was either painted, replaced or both. The casting isn't great, I think a general VW issue to be honest. I did as best as it could to get it reasonably smooth, however most of this will be covered with piping any way so I am happy with the outcome. Before: Part of the way through: After: I also had the rocker cover and both lower and upper inlets sent off to be sandblasted and powder coated. The finish is Crackled heatproof black. This is really durable stuff, almost chip and scratch proof. Whilst all this was going on. I had sourced a set of BBS RC041 and RC042 from a BMW E46. These are 17x7.5 (RC041) and 17x8.5 (RC042). As these are 5x120 BMW fitment, I didn't want to drill and weld the PCD to 4X100 and take any integrity away from the wheels. I know with 20mm adapters and ET42 the 8.5's would be way to wide for the rear without cutting the arches out. But with a bit of luck I found a guy that had a complete set of RC041's that needed x2 8.5 RC042s, so I did a straight swap for 2 of his RC041's, which left me with 7.5 all round. A much better fitment for the rear. These were refurbished by Elie from Voodoo and he did an amazing job. With all new hardwear from SRR Hardware also. Before: After: So as it stands now, the car looks like below. No engine and a lot of work to do. There was way more surface rust that I had hoped for but nothing a 80grit flap wheel wont take care of. I want to keep this as OEM as possible. A few things will be welded and filled but nothing OTT. Battery is being relocated to the boot and the expansion tank has been deleted and I have a E46 top fill radiator to be fitted with custom mounts. I wanted a Ali rad from Joe @ Refresh Reflections but he can't take on any more work due to moving Workshops, so the E46 Rad will do for now and I will upgrade later. Subframe is coming out next for PAS rack replacement as the pinion has gone. Whilst that's out, all new track and tie rod ends are going on and the subframed will be sandblasted and repainted with all new powerflex bushes to go on. I am keeping the 020 16V box with rod change, it just seems to easier option for now. I also ditched the Throttle bodies in favor of regular induction. I won't be using the MK3 airbox. I know the their is big debate over the Airbox VS induction kit with no real benefit in power but I am sticking with a Pipercross induction option (for now). Next, after bay prep, will be paint and hopefully I can start mocking up the engine with a little help from the master @rubjonny doing my Loom
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    So, i've done my last Show in JDO as a static car now! Mint show, weather even held off which was ideal! Also went to a little meet down my way in Cov with the Dubclub lot which were mint, I should have the bags this weekend! can't wait!!
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    As I’m writing this I’m probably the newest member so feel free to say ‘Hi’. Some people may know me but the majority of you won’t as I’m not BIG in the scene.....yet haha I’m currently working on my golf estate and trying to figure out how to take the engine out without the use of a lift or crane, it’s not going well. (The timing chain is knackered!) I’m hoping to be one of the few if any to take a mk4 golf estate out on track, so wish me luck. I’ll need it.... The car has changed a bit since these pics but you may have seen it around the midlands. Feel free to share any advice, I’ll take as much as I can get.
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    It's been a long time since I actually committed to a proper project. I've got my Mk2 XR2 waiting patiently in my garage to be welded back together but I still haven't built up the enthusiasm to start on it haha. I don't want another year of doing nothing car related so hopefully this will suffice. I've owned this Mk2 Caddy for a couple of years. It was bought for me to drive around the country when I was Karting so I could sleep in the back of it. It served its purpose for a year very well (apart from a tyre blowing out at 70mph on the M6!) and then got demoted to a moveable storage unit holding all the stuff I couldn't fit in the shed. After covering an entire 100 miles between MOTs I decided to sell it. It sat around for quite a while with people offering me £200 quite regularly. I decided a few weeks ago that for the minimal amount it costs to insure I might as well keep it However the 1.6 75hp engine fitted has very much come to the end of its life and doesn't really have any guts anymore. I had a look around at what engines have been fitted to these. Plenty of TDI, 1.8T and VR6 conversions have been done but none of those really grabbed me. While looking around at engines I spotted a couple of build threads fitting the VW V5 engine into older cars. I had a look on YouTube and loved the noise these make. Ok, they're not quite as powerful as the VR6 but to be honest anything is going to be better than the wheezy 1.6 that's currently adorning the engine bay. I started scouring eBay and quickly came across a complete V5 conversion from a Mk4 Golf. It wasn't far away and it was cheap I spoke to the seller who confirmed he was happy to keep hold of it until I could get a spare day to collect it. I've done some research and can see the engine mount on the drivers side is different to what's in the van (there isn't one in the van basically!) so I've spoken to a friend who builds funny cars for a living and he's agreed that if I slot the engine in on the other mounts and trailer the van to him he'll fabricate one for me After that all I need to do is figure out the wiring differences and voila! Sounds easy haha! I'll leave you all with some pictures of the van looking rather sorry for itself. The bodywork is poor (at best!) but it's actually really solid underneath. It'll get tarted up a little so it's presentable but nothing major. Hopefully this is of interest to people so I'll keep it updated as I move on with the various tasks ahead Cheers, Sammo
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    wow everything just looks awesome on it!
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    Very interested in this. I've been toying with the idea for my T5 for quite a while now and still to take the plunge with it. I was holding off until i finally decide whether or not to fit a pop top first. Where did you buy the kit from?
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    Nice one, already have ezydog collars so have ordered a harness. Cheers
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    In added a debadged honeycombs front grill. In also had a revo stage 1 s tronic map and added a racingline R600 enclosed air filter.
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    Little update, After having the engine sitting better on all the mounts i wasn't happy with how the prop shaft mounted to the box was a little short, theres obviously a number of ways of lengthening the prop but decided on a much easier option. Bought another front half of the standard TT Prop shaft so that i could use the billet where the barring sits in the middle join which adds another 30mm to the length. Billet and new longer bolts Shaft now mounts up to both trans and the diff fine, got to relocate the mounting points on the tunnel then it should be all sorted. sorted out the bracket for the down pipe hanger which i welded onto the subframe. Next needed to mount the hubs so i can see how much i need to shorten the driveshafts so bought some tempro coilovers so i can have the car on its wheels soon, however i never like the plastic bearing used on the strut top mounts used a more robust approach, cheap mod for anyone interested bearings are about £3 delivered This weekend will finish mocking up the rear trailing arms i've managed to get all the steel work and booked in to have them welded properly next week which means will have the shell rolling for the first time in 2 years. Appreciate all the comments and will try to update more regular.
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    i ordered it direct from Hel, their wbsite has a custom pipe part where you can make up anything you like to order, really easy to use and delivered the next day for about £23 all in
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    Soooooooo...... Engine is pretty much ready to go back in. Painted fuel pump and fuel lines. Both manifolds painted and back on. Turbo oil feed line. Turbo is stock Volvo for now. May upgrade to a VNT unit at a later point. So now I'm stuck at the gearbox. I sourced an 02g box out of the more powerful 102hp trandsorter. Its fairly low mileage at 130k. Ive been recommended to have it rebuilt with new bearings and seals and been quoted a good price. Still more than I can afford at the moment though. So that will be holding up proceeedings for a while. I may just fit it temporarily to get the van up and running. I have the flywheel and clutch out of my brothers t4 (88hp) which is in good condition and good for 150hp. Once the engine and box are together and in its a bit easier. Then it will be - Install tdi wiring loom Find a firm to program ECU Route intake piping Fabricate 2.5 inch stainless exhaust
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    Probably because it spends more time being re-build than being driven
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    Tbf i’ve not driven with it fitted yet It seems to be a permanent ornament at the back of the house.
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    Good stuff good stuff. Love a mk2 van. Will be watching this one. Actually just sold my one to upgrade to a mk3. Needed something slightly more dependable for long drives.
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    Today I managed to take a (tiny) step forward My Daughter went out with my Mum and Sister so I wandered out to the van to swap the instrument cluster to the Mk3 GTI ones I recently bought on eBay. Started off with this. Buzzed the wheel off and then removed the plastic surround. I was surprised how easily these come out. Two phillips screws, tilt the cluster forward and unplug it and out it comes Refitting the new one was reverse of removal (I could of worked for Haynes ??) Not a massive step, but a step nonetheless.
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    Today was kind of a productive day. My Daughter and I drove down to Southampton and collected the engine (and gearbox, engine loom, car loom, ECU, key, throttle pedal and all engine mounts!). I couldn't believe it when the chap (Martyn) showed me all the stuff that was included! It's definitely going to make this easier having all of that. I even took a a couple of pictures. Plodding along the M3. Using Martyns' very handy forklift to load the engine into the van Finally loaded up and ready for the drive home. Rear engined Caddy anyone?
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    I was bored this morning so I decided to change the steering wheel over on the van. The original wheel is disgusting and really badly worn, plus the airbag doesn't work and has been bypassed with resistors for some time. I picked up an unbranded steering boss a little while ago so I figured I might as well get on with it. Some progress is better than no progress. One steering wheel boss. Seems pretty well made. One steering wheel. First things first was to get the airbag off. Battery disconnected and instructions given to my four year old who was sat next to me to "get Nanny if there's a loud bang and Daddy looks hurt!" Once that was off I slid the boss onto the spline but it wouldn't push all the way home. It would seem that the cheap non branded boss hasn't had enough machines out of the back to allow it to slide all the way on. Looks like I'm going to have to find an engineer who can take a little off the back for me! Anyway, I figured I might as well carry on and at least get it mocked up today so it will just be a straight bolt on job once the boss is sorted. Once that was on I reconnected the battery and went to try the horn and....... Nothing! I wired it up arse about face. So off it all came again, swapped the wiring around and bolted it back on. Voila! I don't think it looks too bad. Considering it's all cheap stuff it looks 1000 times better than the original. Annoyingly, where the boss won't slide far enough on the auto cancel won't work on the indicators. I'll get this sorted soon enough
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    A few months back I provided the van with a little Christmas present. A new steering wheel to replace the awful original. I'm not sure if I'll keep this one permanently but I'll see how it goes. It's quite handy doing a van project in that it can be used to collect everything that's needed before starting the project properly. Once all the big, heavy stuff that won't fit in my 5 series has been rounded up then I can get going properly
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    The van was relegated to the road a while ago and hasn't moved for at least six months. I took the battery off and charged it the other day and then popped it back on the van this morning. It fired straight up as though it's something it did every day (it may of smoked out the entire road with oil smoke when it did this!). I took a couple of pictures to send to my mate so he can see the current engine mounts and he already has pictures of the mounts on the engine itself so he has an idea of what he's got to do.
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    So my H&R’s arrived early last week whilst i was away with work for the week. Managed to get the fronts fitted this afternoon along with the billet top mounts. It’s a little lower than before but my stumbling block now is the tie rods and lack of clearance Next mod has to be ball joint extenders and flip kit so i can get a bit lower and tuck a bit of rim. I’ve also started tidying the engine bay as best i can and removing the LPG system so when i’ve done a bit more i’ll get some pics up.
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    I thought I’d understeer as well, surprisingly though because of the weight of the engine and weight over the back end it’s really stable in the corners. The only issue I’ve found so far is controlling the weight over the back end. Some stiff lbs springs should sort that out though.
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    did a few little videos lastnight up a farm track..consent by the owner etc etc
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    They look to be different lengths on the catalogue, so I would say they're different overall. Most garages should be able to make up lengths for you though, then just get a pipe bender off eBay or toolstation and bend them to spec. Lengths according to the catalogue: D/S > T-piece: 990mm P/S > T-piece: 370mm Master Cylinder 'Front' > T-piece: 950mm Master Cylinder 'Rear' > T-piece: 1020mm T-Piece > Pressure Valve: 2150mm & 2540mm (Not sure why these are different lengths without physically looking) D/S Pressure Valve > Beam Flexi: 1700mm P/S Pressure Valve > Beam Flexi: 170mm Beam Flexi > Caliper Flexi D/S: 770mm Beam Flexi > Caliper Flexi P/S: 645mm
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    Forever Black. Great stuff but follow the instructions exactly and make sure the bumpers are 100% dry
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    This makes for great viewing/ reading. Top work again and brilliant turnaround.
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    No worries mate i got my Lips off stanceworks or might be worth looking into motorsport lips if they come 17" the other option would be image wheels in Birmingham
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    With the wheels fitted, it was time for some finished shots. 20180308_201829 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180308_172632 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180308_172640 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180308_180653 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180308_181349 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180308_181406 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180308_172621 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180308_201829 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180308_172521 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180308_172515 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180308_172534 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180308_172505 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180308_183751 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180308_183758 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr Thanks for reading Richard. 20180308_201801 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr
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    This is incredible, do you do a waste unit that will blend a medium sized dog?
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    a bit of finessing needed on a rounded hex bolt dude
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    This Golf R came in for a much needed freshen up. The owner admittedly only had the car washed a few times a year, sometimes at the local hand car wash and when it goes to VW for a service. They had seem some previous Golf R details I had completed on a Facebook group and got in touch to see what could be done. After an assessment we decided to go for an Enhancement Detail (single stage machine polish) with some Auto Finesse wax protection. The order of the detail: Full safe wash and decontamination. Single stage machine polish to remove the swirls and some deeper marks. Auto Finesse Desire for the paintwork. Auto Finesse Mint Rims for the wheels. Exterior rubbers and plastics treated. Exterior glass sealed. Exhaust tips polished. A light clean up for the interior. The car on arrival. 20180127_101252 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_101302 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_101311 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr Wheels up first. 20180127_104054 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr They hadn't been cleaned properly in a long while. 20180127_105354 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_105513 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr Then onto the safe wash process. 20180127_111055 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_111138 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr The car was then treated for tar and fallout removal before being washed again and taken inside to be dried. Before I clayed the car I took a quick picture of what was to come. 20180128_110232 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr After the car received it's clay bar treatment, it was time to blow dry all the water traps, tape up the delicate bits and begin the machine polishing stage. (this is a single stage Enhancement Detail so deeper marks and scratches will remain) 20180127_131229 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_131459 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_133235 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_133549 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_141836 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_145544 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_145930 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_153206 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_153656 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_125821 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_130206 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_130212 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_130753 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_093352 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_094315 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_150527 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_150731 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_151012 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_162816 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_163120 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_162240 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_163420 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_165523 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_170457 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_154737 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_104725 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_102528 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_102924 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_102948 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_101937 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_100652 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_101541 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_111554 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_120519 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_121712 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr A few little chips were touched in. 20180128_094329 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_123604 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr Exhaust tips polished and protected. 20180128_141302 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_142250 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr The paint work and wheels were waxed. Exterior trims treated. Glass sealed and interior tidied up. And some finished shots. 20180128_154328 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_154358 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_154404 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_154411 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_154550 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_154430 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_154501 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_154509 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_154543 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_154536 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr Thanks for reading Richard. 20180128_154522 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr
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    awesome car and would love them wheels
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    Then, I started removing stuff . . . Updates by mgpdoc, on Flickr Updates by mgpdoc, on Flickr Updates by mgpdoc, on Flickr Updates by mgpdoc, on Flickr Had some trouble removing the radio main unit - needed some metallic specific tools to pull it out . . . however i came up with this that i broke of a pen, hehe Updates by mgpdoc, on Flickr All done Updates by mgpdoc, on Flickr Also removed the main tunnel console for further changes Updates by mgpdoc, on Flickr Pile of parts got bigger and bigger Updates by mgpdoc, on Flickr Resulting in this going out and.....yeah you guessed it, it will be retrimmed . . . Updates by mgpdoc, on Flickr Also, I managed to source some gunmetal 19mm plastic caps for the lug nuts Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr Much better Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr And also modified the audi tool i have for taking them out- shortened it to be able to get in there Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr Then I decided to work on the bumper, and make the loom retrofit to activate the rear parking sensors which i was a bit bored to do Updates by mgpdoc, on Flickr We did the whole retrofit however, we did not manage to activate the optical thing on the MMI Updates by mgpdoc, on Flickr I hope we manage to at ome point, cause i love that. I now just have the audio warning, with the music volume going down and all, but not the visual thing Had another roadtrip on the countryside Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr Ofcourse, having the dashboard apart like this, was an opportunity i couldnt pass on. I had the chance of changing all the interior light in clear white, instead of red, like on all the new audis. So, time for that, not easy, i can tell you. You have to take out all of the door cards for instance, just for one window switch, etc etc. . . . While i was there, we retrofitted a new dome light with leds from factory that i had for some time now, and also ordered a new one for the rear "seats". pics to follow Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr OEM one out, and rewiring ready to be done WhiteLed by mgpdoc, on Flickr WhiteLed by mgpdoc, on Flickr I removed all 4 door cards Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr Various parts where switches and lights are hidden Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr WhiteLed by mgpdoc, on Flickr WhiteLed by mgpdoc, on Flickr We also changed from red leds to white on the new dome light WhiteLed by mgpdoc, on Flickr Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr This was the hardest to dissasembly Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr UpDates by mgpdoc, on Flickr Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr WhiteLed by mgpdoc, on Flickr Now that's what i like WhiteLed by mgpdoc, on Flickr Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr Oem leds and reading lights WhiteLed by mgpdoc, on Flickr Ambient light changed from red to white WhiteLed by mgpdoc, on Flickr Bluetooth microphones wired as well UpDates by mgpdoc, on Flickr WhiteLed by mgpdoc, on Flickr UpDates by mgpdoc, on Flickr Ordered this for the rear Untitled by mgpdoc, on Flickr Will put everything together when the dashboard is ready from the trim shop and will take nice pics More updates to follow, uploading them as we speak Cheers
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    Engine bay is finally getting there, few little bits and its ready to go! Also picked up a set of OZ's locally as a spare set of wheels, so typically they have been powdercoated and are fresh! Mapping and vinyl wrap next! 20170304_131121 by ross evans, on Flickr 20170227_184654 by ross evans, on Flickr IMG_20170303_194305 by ross evans, on Flickr 20170303_185247 by ross evans, on Flickr 20170303_200900 by ross evans, on Flickr
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    A friend of mine bought this rear beam in Germany,I bought ther mine front brake setup and also the rear topmountsYou really need to keep your eyes open to all race sites,also at some point you get in touch with people who raced with those cars and they guide you in some interesting directions
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