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    More progress pictures of the Caddy 4wd conversion here, still quite a bit to do but I think Slide Motorsport are on the home stretch now (kind of). Lots of time has been taken to make this look as factory as possible and cut as little of the original Caddy shell. Hopefully we should have some more updates soon.
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    Won't be long now, can't wait to take to to Stealth for mapping. Oil feed line fitted. Excuse the dirt, the whole engine bay needs a good scrub. Catch can hoses fitted, I still need to wrap them to protect from heat. Tidied up the HT leads with some braid and gave the whole bay a general tidy up. Fitted a Mk6 header tank as it gives clearance for the catch can lines and allowed me to fit my billet Forge cap. Painted the strut top caps Nardo grey to match the valve cover and catch can. Next jobs are the two charge pipes and to make a start on the downpipe.
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    Put the rear coils on, I strangely get the love back when I lower old junkers.
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    So, covered just shy of 100 miles over the weekend. I'm amazed at how it doesn't actually drive like it's got RSJ's as suspension, not crashy or bouncy, drives smooth and isn't too difficult to live with, well, bar the frame banging which occurs occasionally. I forgot how economical these are too, 100 miles has cost about 14 pence. Plate will be going on soon. i don't like running it ghetto in the window, i just need to chuck my static plate on! Stickers are also all going bar my custom graphics and my Candy Showroom Banner, which i'm hoping will arrive this week!
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    i had a look at cleaning up the old caliper sliders but it wasn't worth it so just replaced them Refurbishing the calipers was a good decision and here's the setup ready to install, forgot to put the brembo discs in the picture though
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    They haven't but seeing as this is a car forum full of car enthusiasts I'd have imagined people may have wanted to take a look. Most of cars of this era should be appreciated now for the most part, and I'm sure the die hard VAG fans wont click and read but for everyone else it's something different. Gurpal
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    A bit more progress, i had the beam blasted and etch primed for the princely sum of £42.. whats the point in buying all the things to do the work yourself when it can be done to such a good standard in a day! just need to get some panel wipe so i can paint it with raptor black on Friday. i prepped the mounting brackets and will raptor them too. also sat and made some brake lines for the rear on the weekend, my hands were killing after as i had to re-do the ends a few times until i remembered the technique. I then ran out of pipe and male ends, so ordered another 25ft and male ends so i can make up the long part that goes from the brake balance valve thing..forgot the name... to the rear off side. its an easy one to make, just long! Think i'll probably take friday off, set up the beam in the garage and paint it, then once its flash dried, bring it in and park it next to the radiator for a few days to fully cure.. The wife is pretty good with parts in the house
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    I’ve still got this heap of s*** engine mounts are done, and gonna start mocking it all in before ripping it all out again to clean and paint stuff, don’t get me wrong, I’m not making it mint, think more rolling a turd in glitter Its not moved since December... I’ve been in the man shed about 5 times... lost the love.
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    A couple of pics from summer to keep it interesting, and a short video, Sam
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    Another update, this should be finished today, Just waiting on the prop coming back. Monday the work should start on the next stage of the fab work.
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    Slight change of plan on the current works. I forgot I applied for the UKMK3s stand at Ultimate Dubs and got accepted. Thought flip it I'll go but I won't have the engine in. No big deal there as it will let me go to town on it before fitting and have it sitting how I want. I knocked up a rather long list of stuff to do before Ultimate Dubs in March and have started to work on it. First up it to finally build the spare back axle up. It will be stripped, painted and polybushed then when fitting I will replace the rear brake lines. I also am converting the rear stub axles/hubs/bearing from a tapered bearing in the disc to a proper single piece bearing like on the front wheels. To do this I used 6n2 Polo stub axles with 9n3 Polo GTI hubs/bearings. When doing this I decided to put bigger brakes on the rear as currently they cant be seen at all which looks weird with the big fronts. I've seen people fit 256mm mk4 R32 discs and calipers so I bought some but then got some 300mm S4 rear discs. These are 5x112 pcd so will need to be redrilled to suit. For mock up I bolted them to the hub with some m6 bolts and washers. Next up I knocked up a bracket to bolt between the axle and stub axle and protrude enough to bolt my caliper carrier too. This is oversized in this picture. To mark where to drill the holes for the caliper carrier I put on the hub/disc then taped some 5mm spacers to the inside of the carrier to let it rest on the edge of the disc like it will sit when bolted up. I cut down a pencil and pushed it through the bolt hole of the carrier until it touched the new bracket. Rotating the disc then run a pencil mark along the bracket showing me where to drill. With the holes drilled I was then able to trim the bracket way down. I bolted it up and fitted some washers between the carrier and new bracket until it sat the caliper offset perfect then I measured the washers and can make or order the proper size washer. A picture of the disc and caliper bolted up I don't have the original rear discs off yet but this 9" grinder disc is the same size as the original discs and compared to the new S4 discs Connor
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    Said it before... but I STILL love this.
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    So as my rs's were sized up for the white golf without arches, i knew they would fit pretty much perfectly on the driver. I still test fitted them before getting tyres, as who wouldn't. the back sat perfectly, i was happy with the front but im using a 5mm spacer atm, im planning on changing it to a 10mm spacer and seeing how it sits and drives. when i first got tyres put on the rs's i chose 185's and 165's, the rs's are 8's and 8.5's and for me the 165#s on 8's were stretched way to much. the 185's sat nice on the back on the white golf, i however wanted to run 185's on the front and decided to run 195's on the back, this kept the tyres from looking odd with a different amount of stretch. The 195 fitted perfectly in the rear arch. I did have to re-align the rear beam but with that done, i am happy with how the car sits and drives, it only rubs on the front when full locked and on the rear a little bit with four people in. I however rarely take four people around. ow, I also put my nardi in the golf. whilst driving the golf around i noticed the fan bearings were giving up, i should have changed it before i was forced to but i kept putting it off. I took the car on its first big drive, which was to Essex for roll hard, the fan gave up. The car got hot whilst waiting in the massive queue and popped off a coolant hose that was sketchily put on (should have replaced them too) luckily it didn't do any damage but i had to push the car for about a mile with my friend. the car made it back to Birmingham fine, but it was time for me to use more parts from my 20v project. well turns out i put the washer bottle in the back after roll hard. I used my electric fan and ally rad from my 20v to get the golf back to been okay.
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    when i wanted to 20v it i was going to cage it usning my safety devices cage from my old car (yet to buy the front section) but with that in mind i wanted to hide the loom for the rear lights and fuel sender. this involved no extension of the looms and was easy to do, looks a load better without the plastic casing of the wires hanging about. as my white one is a 'typ' 19 i stole the washer bottle too.
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    Lovely mate! Any more plans, like facelift rear lights?
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    Very nice - Im sure in the last few years these have become the chav chariot of choice round my way, very hard to find a standard or looked after one now (that doesnt belch out smoke!). Keep it up!
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    Another job off my list completed today; D2 3.3 V8 TDI reservoir engine cover now installed. The continental Europeans got some nice little extras that we never got here and this was one of the parts from a model we never had. Managed to source this from Audi tradition. before. Now bit cleaner to look at now. Very happy with the bay.
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    Well I actually got chance to get out and use the van the last few days Went camping around Snowdonia. Was pretty cold but the scenery was awesome and the propex kept us very cosy at night. Even bumped into another T25 on the way! Was an awesome pitch by the lake: And on the way home stopped off at Porthmadog on the beach: Nothing phases my three little travellers now: The van ran flawlessly altho was a little rolly on the tight Welsh A roads. I'm hoping the planned powerflex kits for the ARB will help that
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    The Caddy is now back from Slide Motorsport and this is the result, around 100 hours went into the 4WD conversion alone. After fitting the rear subframe the original Caddy cross bracing was fitted back in to give the floor some strength. Once we get this all seam sealed and under sealed then I think it will look like it came from the factory like this, then we can move on to fitting the shiny parts While it was there Slide fabricated us a custom roll cage, we had asked for the door bars fitting as low as possible so it would still be easy to enter & exit on daily duties, we also asked them to make the rear strut brace removable so we can easily take it out when we're off to collect parts in it. There's still lots of work to do before I can actually drive it and we will be going backwards before going forwards (Removing everything to clean & paint) but hopefully it won't be too long before we can get some time on it to get it sorted.
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    Cheers dude! Nice to finally have it complete! Well almost.... Thankyou mate! Yeah i agree, i'll be getting the Polo fixed and sold so i can buy another set for it
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    We done. Paint has been blended and now matches perfectly, rear end is set up properly, and it's now ready to drive. I've got a few little things to sort tonight/tomorrow such as trim but we're basically done! Still waiting on these bloody decals to arrive mind!!
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    never mind! ive sorted it haha Heres a few pictures guys Even though its dusty as hell, That reflection! Its got a booty!! Cannot wait to get it home and start fitting stuff up! currently having so many things being deeply cleaned and detailed before fitting! Up until next time guys D
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    ahh nice one jamie! ive just stupidly realised i was using imgur haha! Thank you!
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    I know its no help but i noticed this last week. I randomly found a bit in my profile somewhere that said i had used X amount of my attachment allowance..??? it was quite high and i don't have too many photos. I also wasn't brave enough to ask about it incase it was flamed at the stake. I decided to switch to Flickr instead for my photos as i figured i would run out of space pretty soon. And obviously... as always... LOVE the progress on this. Truly awesome.
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    Got it back from the garage with a clean bill of health today. Had to get a new handbrake mechanism... 100 notes for a OEM part. Sheesh! A good wash and scrub today to see where I've REALLY landed with the paintwork condition.... not perfect but not all that bad, i think a good machine polish will make a huge difference. A couple of small dings need some work but nothing to worry me. Headunit will need replacing to allow either bluetooth or usb connection to my phone, but will have to research that first. Today I've fitted the wheels! 18" Bola B1s with Toyo Proxys. And also some Heko wind deflectors. IMG_0956 by jamie simpson, on Flickr Tomorrow she'll be getting lowered! (assuming that its not snowing) (and i know the wing mirror cover is missing. New one is in the post)
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    Speak to SRR. https://www.srrhardware.com/ Their service is amazing and their kit is fantastic
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    both are looking sweet dude fair play
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    I've a couple of rh 17" 36 hole dishes in the garage if you need any measurements.
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    Only 1 smiley face? I think it's worth a few dozen. Plus a few of these
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    That look's like a super clean example. Will look 10000x better when it's been dropped
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    Welcome to my red tdi. Bought this over the weekend for fishing mostly, full service history with belts done recently. It has 16" Zender alloys with brand new tyres, 6n2 gti seats and lupo cup holders. All which was planned anyway! Also just won a flipped axel with shortened red shocks, leaf springs, both hubs and accessories along with front coilovers for £100 Spent the full day cleaning, adjusting camber, painted calipers and generally tidying it up with some paint.
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    Looking lovely now mate
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    Cracking on. I got the spare axle polybushed, hung up between 2 trestles, wire brushed and painted in 2 coats of hammerite. Next up I remade any brake lines on the back axle and secured them with P clips and stainless steel bolts tapped into the axle. I went to fit my custom flexi lines between these and the caliper and realised Christmas 2016 I must have been on the drink too much as I had ordered the wrong size of banjo bolts. This then set me back a week waiting on the new ones coming. I took the week to tidy the place up and make it a nicer working environment for a change. While waiting I dropped my discs and hubs down to Reynolds Engineering who machined me up 2 stainless steel spigot rings to suit the centre bore of the new discs. Great job as ever. Highly recommended. Also got the calipers and carriers buffed down and painted properly in body colour. Once the hubs were back I set about redrilling the discs to 5x100. To mark this up I offered up the hub to see where I wanted the holes, found a socket which fitted the hole in the hub, dropped my hole punch through it and hit it with a hammer. I then was able to drill the holes perfectly. Slow process going 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 16mm 10 times over but drilling cast iron is nice. Once done I mocked up everything one last time and all was good. Just waiting on some P clips to secure the flexi line now. With this done we pulled the car into the workshop and got the rear end as high as possible on axle stands. The rear shocks were pulled, brake lines undone and @Fatman came round and helped me drop the axle out. The fit of the exhaust has always bugged me too so I pulled it off to refit and renew all mounts. When I was that far I dropped the heat shield to get access to the last brake line to replace. With it out in one piece I was able to replicate it ready to refit tomorrow Connor
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    Finally welded the windscreen bars up, and mocked up where the new dashboard is going to sit. I will be making an aluminium dashboard.
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    Civic half rad mounted. I've decided to ditch the Air to water intercooler, and go air to air. Just because it's simpler. It's a massive 4 inch thick core.
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    This Golf R came in for a much needed freshen up. The owner admittedly only had the car washed a few times a year, sometimes at the local hand car wash and when it goes to VW for a service. They had seem some previous Golf R details I had completed on a Facebook group and got in touch to see what could be done. After an assessment we decided to go for an Enhancement Detail (single stage machine polish) with some Auto Finesse wax protection. The order of the detail: Full safe wash and decontamination. Single stage machine polish to remove the swirls and some deeper marks. Auto Finesse Desire for the paintwork. Auto Finesse Mint Rims for the wheels. Exterior rubbers and plastics treated. Exterior glass sealed. Exhaust tips polished. A light clean up for the interior. The car on arrival. 20180127_101252 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_101302 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_101311 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr Wheels up first. 20180127_104054 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr They hadn't been cleaned properly in a long while. 20180127_105354 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_105513 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr Then onto the safe wash process. 20180127_111055 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_111138 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr The car was then treated for tar and fallout removal before being washed again and taken inside to be dried. Before I clayed the car I took a quick picture of what was to come. 20180128_110232 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr After the car received it's clay bar treatment, it was time to blow dry all the water traps, tape up the delicate bits and begin the machine polishing stage. (this is a single stage Enhancement Detail so deeper marks and scratches will remain) 20180127_131229 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_131459 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_133235 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_133549 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_141836 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_145544 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_145930 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_153206 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_153656 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_125821 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_130206 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_130212 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_130753 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_093352 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_094315 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_150527 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_150731 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_151012 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_162816 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_163120 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_162240 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_163420 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_165523 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_170457 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180127_154737 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_104725 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_102528 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_102924 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_102948 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_101937 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_100652 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_101541 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_111554 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_120519 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_121712 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr A few little chips were touched in. 20180128_094329 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_123604 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr Exhaust tips polished and protected. 20180128_141302 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_142250 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr The paint work and wheels were waxed. Exterior trims treated. Glass sealed and interior tidied up. And some finished shots. 20180128_154328 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_154358 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_154404 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_154411 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_154550 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_154430 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_154501 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_154509 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_154543 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr 20180128_154536 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr Thanks for reading Richard. 20180128_154522 by Richard Lewin, on Flickr
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    thanks bud, you're a life saver, first link worked
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    @Cookie4343 I didn’t keep the measurements dude, but they probably wouldn’t be the same as mine anyway, I’m glad it’s helping you out! If you get stuck feel free to message me! Yes i made sure throughout the process I was constantly checking panel gaps and measurements cheers D
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    How much would a job this this cost ? Pm me if u want
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    Back in with another update! getting extremely close now!! Anyways heres some pictures of tonights work! both doors are now blocked down and the seams sealed, just got to clean and rub down the shuts of the doors. Forgot to get some snaps of the other side lol Got all the rear seams washed in with sealer to! and the rear panel seams! So that leaves me with stone chipping the sills, scotching up the door shuts, and the tailgate and were ready to roll into the oven! Its been a long time coming and boy am i excited! but i can't say I'm not nervous! its a flipping big job ive took on and only time will tell! To think back of all the hard work ive put in since the beginning of the build and not knowing exactly where i was going and what the best way was to go about some of the jobs ive done its crazy to think that im so close to finally seeing what ive achieved and always thought about! I hope you guys are enjoying the updates and reading my thread as i am updating and writing it up! Until next time.... D
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    Back in with another update from todays progress! Managed to get so much done today which is great! not much left to do before the big day so here goes! Half way through the quarter, same process blocking back the primer, before finishing off ready for paint Even the door shuts get a 'blocking' good going over Quarter all done and ready to be painted, must rummage through my bits and find that filler cap! Finish today up with the roof and scuttle panel then, That primer shine! Lower scuttle panel shot! blocked and flatted down to finish today up! literally only have the doors left to do and the small repairs on the tailgate to prep and its ready to be blown off and rolled into the oven to be masked up and get shot! Getting very excited knowing the days coming fast to shoot some colour over it. Ill be back in the week with some updates! Until then Stay lucky! D
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    Hey people. I've not been on the VAG scene for a while but now I'm THANKFULLY back - phew. Owned all sorts over the past few years, of which an Alfa Romeo GTV has been the worst! Thankfully I managed to swap it for my latest project - a 2004 Skoda Octavia VRS estate! After the initial couple of weeks owning it I must say I really like it!! Plenty of scope for mods too which is always good! So the plan is: New wheels! I've found some 17" ones from a saloon in decent condition that'll be going on ASAP. Lowering it 30mm on springs and new dampers Lightly smoked headlights Rear tints MK5 rear wiper New exhaust (mines knackered) Cupra R front Splitter then..... I'm aiming for around 220bhp which should be manageable on the standard K03s turbo I think. Wish me luck!
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    I bet these sorta jobs are the ones detainers love the most, rather than taking a film of dust off a 458 that’s not seen daylight for a year, can actually show off their restoration skills.
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    Also got some impuls to stick on at a later date. Love these wheels.