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  1. Posted on behalf of Non Member: Hey all, The Plan Is To Meet At KrispyKreme's From 19:00 onwards. We have Guys from all over London/Surrey/Kent/Essex/Hampshire/Sussex who join us. So If You're From Any Of These Areas And Fancy Joining Us I'm Sure There's Someone You Can Meet & Travel Up With. If You Know Anyone That Owns Any Form Of VAG Car Who May Enjoy An Evening Chatting Cars, Drinking Coffee And Eating Doughnuts and going for a burger Please Invite Them Too As Always If It Becomes Too Congested In The CarPark & Its Not Raining We Will Head Over The Road To Dfs Carpark Which Is BIG & Always Empty So You Can Get Your Scene Parking On All You Like We'll Start Off By Meeting At KK For A Coffee And Chat We'll Then Head Down To The Local Burger Restaurant For A Bite To Eat About 8:30pm Restaurant Menu Can be Found Here: http://thebgr.co.uk/ I'm Currently In The Process O Negotiating A "Meal Deal" For Us •MEET DETAILS• DATE: SATURDAY 22nd July 2017 **KrispyKreme Details** TIME: 19:00 Onwards PLACE: KrispyKreme's New Malden KT3 4NA Check Out & Follow Our Instagram Page @dubrats For Lots Of Pics From Previous Meets/Shows We've Attended. Chris
  2. Krispy Kreme Meet

    Some of the R32 members do a VAG meet at the same place...
  3. R32 engne

    Swap it over with the other one.
  4. R32 engne

    There are 2 Cam Sensors, have you changed them both or just the one?
  5. Tailgate Struts (Heavy Duty)

    Jesus, How many years ago was this, I think we were off on a convoy or early Tunnel Run...
  6. Tailgate Struts (Heavy Duty)

    Just Whats Apped you a link!!
  7. Tailgate Struts (Heavy Duty)

    Dubzy, There is a company up Luton that specialises in these Struts. Im trying to remember the name as I had ordered some from when I had the VR.
  8. Date: Saturday 20th August 2016 Location: The Fairmile Pub Cobham KT11 1 BW Time: 6pm. Come join us at a NEW Time and at a NEW venue... "The Fairmile Pub" In Cobham. We have been given access to the Big Field in front of the Pub, They also have a Tarmac carpark if you're scared of grass!! Now this has been posted on various VAG groups/FB so hopefully we'll get some good numbers. As always everyone (ALL VAG) are welcome The Fairmile is located 5 minutes from the M25 junction 10 (A3) *INSTAGRAM* Search @dubrats Last time we had a good turnout with some great cars and a nice number of new faces with some lovely cars. Still a couple of newbies showing some interest so get yourselves down guys/gals and put a face/car to the name. Get your names on the list and let's make this meet bigger and better than last time Looking forward to it guys... See you all there
  9. Ask for Kieran. http://www.hcandp.co.uk
  10. Speak to Kieran -> http://www.hcandp.co.uk/
  11. Mk4 .:R32 Complete Rebuild

    Looking fab man! You bringing this to Titanic?
  12. Vr6 not starting

    Crank Sensor.
  13. 3 piece wheel refurb