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  1. My MK2 Oak Green 16v

    Luurvely, gotta love a valver - what's the plans besides the RM/RS's you know it's gonna snowball...
  2. My new Corrado

    I wouldn't order from Venom if I were you, try somewhere else if you can...
  3. The Story of a Corrado.

    Feeling the love matey
  4. That white mk1 on those Maserati rims

    Read all of this last night, stunning build, attention to detail and tenacity, you're a credit to the VW World mein freunde, keep it up
  5. Max's MK3 VR6 - OHH SO BLUE

    Lovely finish on the paint for a garage job, like where you're taking this dude! Quick question, with the paint - does it go on a lot better than say the Halfrauds stuff?
  6. StyleHaus VR6 - RS301's

    Agree with all the other comments so far, taking up a level here mate, any plans for the outside of the car?
  7. Dryver Mk2

    Just started coming back on here, picked up a Corrado VR6 and couldn't resist messing with it
  8. Dryver Mk2

    Old skool mate, loved the old Voodoo'd magic White one you had - think you were one of the first to have those A8 wheels polished, loving the new one as well
  9. The Story of a Corrado.

    Having carried out two clutch changes in as many months in the garage on the Evo, here it is for reference by the way; I was excited about going back to my roots and not shi**ing myself that I would some how damage the car and make it undrive-able, there's definitely something comforting about knowing that you're going to be working on a VW, when I snapped the ABS holding bolt on the Evo I literally wanted to cry, but there's none of that when working on a VW. I should at this point go on to explain that in a feat of boredom and inspiration in equal measure I was compelled to cut up the Corrado I had ages ago... Cut it up in the name of making it a Syncro/Rallye drive-trained 20v after being convinced that it would be easy. It wasn't in short and ended up selling the shell and parts for about 5% of the cost of buying it, good learning curve though, without that I wouldn't be able to weld, bend brake pipes, make exhausts, live map engines, plumb and wire engine, you're just forced to learn aren't you and that's where the fun is we should never lose sight of it being just that; fun. And fun it was, with the space heater doing an avid job of repelling the 1 degree coldness in the garage and a happy dog being freaked out by the air ratchet so much that I swear she turned autistic and was barking at her own tail for 10 minutes straight followed by taking a particular liking to brake caliper bolts which was amusing, less amusing was the fact that she decided to eat my steering wheel while I was in Halfrauds getting bent over for some brake fluid that I didn't end up using as Venom didn't pack them in the package. Really? And it's on the invoice as well? Nah, that's fine. flip you. Maneuvering the Corrado into the garage was p*ss. Usually needing a ramp of about +1 degree per inch which equates to some massive ramps for the uneducated, the Corrado drove straight in up the slight curb. Lovely. Nestled in the garage we set about jacking it up and taking the tired looking 15's off. What was Herbert thinking again? Luckily I'd already been down the garage and got the wheels tyre-d up down at Bathwick, where dribbling and spitting over you form the common communication technique, I was prepared for the worst, clearly jaded by the whole Venom experience I was surprised that someone down there had actually reserved the tyres of the right size and they were all the same and he said don't worry we'll take care of them for you. I think I swooned a little at him. Swooning over and dog packed up wearing one of the wheels as a hat we set off back to the garage. I immediately was then met with frustration about why VW decided to build the rear wheel bearing into the disc, needing you to change the ABS ring over and the new bearing over every time you want to change discs. Luckily my desire to save money on the Corrado doesn't spread to brakes having gone for 4 x EBC Turbo Groove and Red Stuff pads all round, so at least I won't have to change them anytime soon. Suspension, adaptors, brakes all went on the front without too much hair pulling and anguish, this was partly helped by a constant old skool hip hop sound track on the new garage sound system, I highly recommend one of these, makes the work so much less stale and lonely than without one, this helped alongside some herbal relief... Now I would go ahead and recommend this, but it effects people in different ways and I'm blessed in that sense that I'm actually more focused under the influence than say someone who would be on his arse laughing at a dog eating or should that be trying to eat sawdust. On that note actually if you haven't seen it, YouTube: spoon of cinnamon, if you don't laugh and/or then go and try it, you may want to re-evaluate your life.
  10. The Story of a Corrado.

    Having looked at Bally's ad for his widened Corrado wings which took 9's again for the 10th time, I told myself that I couldn't really justify them having just had the replacement ones arrive at home, having said that I haven't actually unpacked the yet I'm doing that brilliant thing where you just assume that things are what they are judging from the box size, so they could in fact be just really well wrapped indicator bulbs... Once again my friends in the post room had excuse to moan, as apparently I had contravened some health and safety code, or at least caused them to, but this easily be done by them moving at more than 1mph or not having the full compliment of 10 people to lift a t shirt in case they broke a sweat... So again I endured the bleating moans about personal packages, one even piped up with "is that another one of those cardigans?", to which I replied "yeah, new supplier of chain male inspired clothing" this hung in the air as if a cat had walked in and shat on the floor, clearly this annoyed them, but then it's funny which is a great elixir to any situation. There's a lot of hate for the particular style or should I say brand of lowering stick I've bought, but I'm both impulsive and quite Jewish (my girlfriend is Jewish btw) when it comes to the Corrado being that I paid such a small amount of money for it in the end, that i couldn't really justify paying what I paid for the Evo's suspension and being my daily around London the ride I schemed to be so c**p anyway that I'd just put up with it. Enter the TA Technix coilover of eBay fame. 160 for 4 I thought... Hmmnnn...We'll see... Meanwhile the adaptors from Venom arrived and very spangly they look too... Sipping my spiced latte at work reflecting on my moaning rant at them. Venom it seems, while having access to a large amount of stock don't appear to hold one bolt in their vast warehouse and while sitting in my chair in one of the most bleeding edge companies regarding the search/browse journey I could help but laugh when I was told we couldn't possibly hold the stock on the website "how would that work?" in a confused tone all of it's own. In any case the following arrived on time before the weekend so I couldn't help to be thankful to German efficiency at not only sending them, but making them and then sending them. FK, I bow down to you.
  11. The Story of a Corrado.

    Why thank you Ha ha, I'm okay for the moment thanks dude, I'm not going to rule it out for the future but as for now just enjoying the ability to post on here with out having a million messages in my inbox about why my thread about the "cat wearing a bread hat" or people posting "cool story bro"... Wheel updates will be nigh, as soon as the weather sorts itself out and stop resembling the polar ice caps...
  12. The Story of a Corrado.

    Hey my man! Missed you too buddy! What's the story with you now, been away from here for too long... "Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in" Cheers dudes, they do indeed it was this picture that sold them to me actually: Nearly bought them from a guy on here, but they'd flat spotted so halted sale. I'm glad though, because I'm more in love with these ones and a better price as well
  13. The Story of a Corrado.

    I love that moment when the email comes from the ever and increasingly moaning post room within ASOS HQ “Mr Lenthall, we have a very large (or if I’m especially lucky) “a very larger selection of very large parcels waiting for you in the post room” today was one of those days when my wheels arrived. I’d been looking at these wheels for ages and having considered many all of types of site from eBay, to Edition, to the Corrado Forum and finally I hit upon a set of RH ZW1’s which had been hydro dipped in carbon effect vinyl. Shrugging off the incessant moaning from the post room workers about it being a personal delivery that was a kin to a dog barking that wouldn't stop, bleats that was too heavy and unwieldy ad ultimately meant that lowered their efficiency and something else, I wasn't really listening to be honest I was transfixed by the sight of 4 boxes stacked on top of each other. Having convinced them that it was a really heavy cardigan that came in four parts, I rolled the packages out on the 'post room use only' trolley down the car park to the Corrado and began the unenviable task of unloading them into the car. This car I'd had for about 3 months. To be honest, I'd never really wanted a Corrado, this very forum sums it up quite well in the subtitle of the Corrado forum titled the: "the never-did-as-well-as-the-Golf-and-nobody-knows-why-little-beauty" the Corrado was one of those cars that cruised out of the pen Herbert Schafer and was completely eclipsed by the MK2 Golf for me. Sitting in passenger seat of my uncles basically new 3dr Oak Green 16v sold the MK2 to me, thundering down the autumnal back lanes of Sevenoaks, leaves wafting in the wake of the 16v tight engine note and spending ages looking at the big bumpers and the half tint lights along with the bee sting aerial as a child meant that I was besotted with them, hence the Corrado never really got a look in. My best mate at the time and still now loves the Corrado, much more than the Golf so we always had our loves, his the VR6 Corrado and mine the 16v. The love affair quickly turned into a reality come 17 and by 27 - having something in excess of 15 MK2, couple of MK1's and a few random cars in between from the VAG stable I was ready to for some Jap love instead (incidentally "me love you long time, $10 couldn't be further from the truth), with pace, power and handling being my new obsessions. Having garaged the Evo long term while it undergoes forging and stupidly large turbo conversion plus a whole host of other 'bits' that need doing all of which I've tried in vain to quantify, I needed a daily. Enter the eBay advert for one Corrado VR6 in quote; average condition. I don't know about you, but when I set out to buy a car, I start really militant, determined to get the absolute minter concourse condition with a FSH and all for the bargain price of bugger all... Then being impatient, I see one, and the more I look over it and consider every niggle listed that it would in fact be best idea ever. Obssess over it some more, look at the advert every 10 minutes then make the decision to buy it... Silly really and this happens everytime. Turning up to view the Corrado with my Corrado obsessed mate that with me made the decision to go sucki sucki (Jap) as well was an auspicious one. Partly because the car was in Slough which is both easy to get to and annoying far away from London in equal measure and partly because it was so cheap I thought it was a joke, having watched the car descend in price like a stone from 2k, to 1.5k then down to 1k on the day I'd arranged to view it bizarrely. We got there, overalled up - which freaks most people out when you do it, and I'd highly recommend it as a barter base as people assume you're an actual mechanic and sent on a mission to find every little thing wrong with it under the sun. We shook his hand and started to pick and pull bits apart, noticing straight away that the wing had some rust, the other was dented and it was generally in a tatty condition. I could barely contain my excitement at owning a VW again, but persisted my inane negativity to get some money off it - as you do. Opening the bonnet, I fully expected something missing, like a monkey holding both driveshaft called VR6 and there had been horrible mix up in the copy of the advert, it was there! (the engine, not the monkey - although that would have been fun in any case). Started it, it fired right up, no idle issues, slight revving didn't unsettle it and after a short test drive, concluded nothing was wrong with it, it was mint! Admittedly it a slightly tired body but as a daily it doesn't get any better. I asked if I could see some paper work, fully expecting to see one receipt for a Halfords wiper blade in place of the service history, I was greeted by a mountain of paper work, original sale bill and everything else in between culminating in a full VW stamped service history book... I stifled my wanted desire to jump up in slow motion and do a fist pump followed by some air guitar. Needless to say I was driving home in it in about an hour and here she is in the garage, yes that's a dog's tail as well. Next chapter soon...
  14. Hitting the 200mph club

    Where are you planning on doing this 200mph?