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  1. SnapCornia Edition 38 2009

    How odd! not happened before - lets try again! Cheers Matt, show left me a bit blinkered at the end - so just kept the memory cards on a draw untouched!! like i said earlier, havent edited or even cropped many of the shots, just left them raw!
  2. Bloated Whale Tail..

    Cheers Bal!
  3. Bloated Whale Tail..

    Is this your old blue R32 in a new disguise? Looks spot on... Wheels and stance nail'd. Must have been so satisfying seeing it sat pretty after less than 2 weeks work!! (mentalist!!)
  4. My new rallye

    Love this car - always have! New wheels are simply beautiful. Mark
  5. SnapCornia Edition 38 2009

    The links working and images are working for me!
  6. SnapCornia Edition 38 2009

    6 months on and i decide to go through my images! Was playing around with a Nikon 12-24mm lens hired especially for the weekend. However meeting old friends got in the way of the job at hand. Show was a mixed one for me - and after going i pretty much dropped everything dub related, having a gap kind of regenerates the passion some what... Havent tweeked any of the images - however if people would like a certain one done - give me a shout. Mark SnapCornia Flickr * SnapCornia Flickr
  7. Edition 38 2009

    I'm shattered! and i did 12Gb worth! Will be going through them tomrrow i expect... was playing with a new NIKON 12-24mm Lush is an understatment... just had to be carful with the bends at 12mm
  8. Edition 38 2009

    great pics as always matt! I'm not touching mine for a while!
  9. PROJECT BERG ER BOY.. Gruppe H....

    Keep it Jay - she's a beaut
  10. my mk1 golf turbo technics build

    Absolutely spot on - rear needs to go down a bit and then happy days! Shes lovely dude! Nice to see another small bumper on 16's - they look so much nicer fitted in the arch than a 13/14 in my view.
  11. my car,

    retrim in the same colour as the wheels and POW!! Looks great!
  12. BBS LM replica Bolts

    R-Tec in St Albans have them in stock in silver and gold
  13. My MK2 VR6 (before and after)

    Harry she looks fab chap - spotted the classified ad and cant believe you're thinking of selling up!! just take her to the shows and have fun with it for a this season at least! Will try and catch up with you soon myself... All the best fella! btw are you really using it as the daily instead of the RR sport?!
  14. 20v heads, which ones are big port

    ADR is 100% big port dude! - i'm doing the same!
  15. Cracking work james, what bolts are you using for your ronals?