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  1. mk2 gti 8v engine conversion?

    Just what Im after! Please can you PM me that quote too?
  2. Mk3 VR

    Cheers guys. Yeah was well chuffed with it...I do like the polished look but I wanted something understated, kind of factory look. As for the drop, I'm not too sure to be honnest, I'm running Wietecs, I'd guess about 65-75mm drop at the back, and a touch lower at the front... Might look to get some 8inch D90's for the front too, and some lower profile tyres, and of course the zorst...which is sitting on my floor dying to go on! Thinking about loosing the rea spoiler...what dya think??
  3. Mk3 VR

    Well its about three weeks out of the bodyshop, just got round to putting some pics up. Any comments welcome! Need to get the zorst on there...