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  1. Glad you kept it, peach of a car.
  2. Good finish, questionable car. Wheels def need spacing out.

    Looks a cracking car. That bay
  4. Mk5 Golf GTi

    Great attention to detail
  5. I gave the Passat a mini winter clean at the weekend. Usual wash process using AF Lather and finished up with AF Tripple and AF Glisten. Plan was to apply a coat of Spirit to the car, but temperature was dropping so settled with Glisten and very happy with the results
  6. I would also say gently heat and massage the area.
  7. Get involved folks: http://www.polishedbliss.co.uk/acatalog/auto-finesse-car-care-and-detailing-products.html
  8. Great cars and detail freshens it up nicely for winter. Great work as always mate.
  9. KDS Keltic in gillingham
  10. Audi A5 Detail

    Cracking finish mate. Had the sportback version of these and the are great cars
  11. Bora 1.8T

    Finally got my mirrors painted and fitted. I think that's the car done externally now. Some more updates to come on the interior. Slowly collecting parts: centre console, arm rest and found a decent set of recaros too that need collecting.
  12. Bora 1.8T

    Progress has been a bit slow but I've made a few purchases. I found a mint centre console and some stubby wing mirrors which are going in for paint this week. Managed to give the cars a good clean at the weekend.
  13. FK AK Street Coilovers - any good?

    I was struggling with this a few weeks ago and opted for the Jom blue lines. Good piece of kit (for the money) and Damien at dpm performance sorted a great price.
  14. Snow Foam - Recommend me!

    Prefer to use a pre-wash these days. Quicker, cheaper and just as effective.