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  1. Beige Mk1 golf 1.8T 20V smoothed bay

    Just bought the trim myself. Looks really good at the moment buddy. really good.
  2. Miami Vice

  3. 1988 polar silver mk2

    This is gonna be a real class mk2! fair play buddy.
  4. Dans White MK1 Golf - THE BUILD

    Oh really, ah i didn't know that, yes that is him. When i get the chance i'll have a word with him as i'm looking at getting some stuff done soon. xxx
  5. Dans White MK1 Golf - THE BUILD

    coming along buddy! My friend has his own metal finishing company that can do Zinc plating for you, based in Kingswood. Let me know if you want the details. Kev.
  6. BRISTOL powder coating

    Do you know him? He actually came and knocked on our door asking to buy our tdi anni when we had it. Said his dad had a rare oettinger mk4 golf.
  7. BRISTOL powder coating

    Excellent guys thank you very much, i'll give them a shout. Kev.
  8. Looking for a good reliable powder coating firm in the Bristol area. Cheers Kev.
  9. Birmingham Body Shop crash repair

    Strada auto in Bridgnorth, only guy i'd trust.
  10. BBS Wheel Help

    Are these wheels for sale in the UK? https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT-dBfpXIlMjd4SSLTaX9dntfNtibYlsPeD1DsJpczNw0YT1Di0
  11. BBS Wheel Help

    Edit: its also a 6 at the end rather than an 8 as you've mentioned which does bring up a result so EB516
  12. 91' Jetta MK2 Coupe

    good lord, nice stuff.
  13. Hey guys any idea roughly when this maybe back in stock? Cheers