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  1. Ive got a 1.3 mk2 golf i want insuring for the summer months and a Bora 130pd for the winter months .. Can this be done on one policy ?.
  2. Amp upgrade from a retro rockford fosgate

    Rockfords amps are very good quality amps mate . That amp is more than enough to run the speaker you mentioned . Dont be put off by the figures ,they are usually underated .
  3. Yes it has got rear discs and ABS set up . Wouldnt the rear axle set up be similar to wide track ?. Would be nice to transfer as much as i can from the Seat to the mk2 Golf .. Is there anyone local to me in Coventry that could do the conversion for me . How much should it cost ?. Ive got a decent sized garage if it helps ..(20ft x30ft)
  4. It is the SXE model Godzuki ..
  5. Got a mk2 1.3 golf mk2 90 spec . I want to put the 1z tdi engine plus power steering and brake set up from the Seat Toledo . I no longer have the space for both cars and want to know what to remove from the Toledo for the conversion before i scrap t it ?
  6. 1987 Monza Blue Mk2 Golf 16v

    Always liked this colour and yours is a stunning example ...
  7. paint depth gauge

    How much should you be paying for a PD8 ?
  8. Thanks for the response guys .. I will ask Rubjohnny to adjust the seat tdi loom for me ..
  9. Wiring loom from a Seat toledo on a S reg with 1z diesel engine . Converted to fit a mk2 Golf on 1.3 H reg . Can someone give me a price to make one please ..
  10. I have now got a pair of mk2 doors and they are rock solid and straight ....Bonus !!!!. So Luke mk3 where did you get your resin and matting from mate ?.
  11. Going to pick up a pair of doors today ..
  12. Thanks for your input mate . Luke mk3 did a very similar build to those in your link ,but minus the fibre glass on the sound deadening . What im trying to make is a fibre glass panel that fits over and seals the large holes in the door ,but can be removed for when you need to get into the door to fix internal mechanisms . weather I can achieve this it remains to be seen .
  13. I need someone to hold my hand .. Its the first time for me