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  1. My Mk1 Golf Just Gathering bits

    Thought i would post up some upto date pics of me mk1, just gathering parts at the moment 20v engine , Jenvey Throttle bodies , Bucket seats ect ect , Nice 3Inch FIA willans harness's , car should be going off next week to have the cage done with a few extra,s , Did Have some BBS RM for it but selling them to fund the engine and other bits , and yes the indicators will be going soon and in process of having carbon roof made to get rid of the old tin can on there at the moment LOL , Inside stripped inner doors cut out , bumper removed , i have carbon sheets for inner trim just got to fit them , once iam happy mechnically car will then be stripped and painted , Its a 1600 model , with piper Cam , ported head , lightened flywheel , 5 speed box real nipy as it is now, Gaz Coilovers , TSR Big Brake conversion , Fully polly bushed , uprated anti roll bars . Safty Devices Rear cage at the moment
  2. My New Mk1 Golf and My Old rides

    Hi guys into the old skool Fo** scene for a long time and built some very special cars ( see attached Photos soz there For*s ) Ive Known Mr Maurice Reeves for a long time and have always been tempted to build a mk1 golf like his so now i have got one so i best get started, Just Purchased some BBS RM of our man Furkz there going to be 8" wide for the time being wink wink ( road wheels ) , wheels on ther car now are being painted black and some nice sticky tires fitted for track work , Just desiding what route to go engine wise , cage to be finished front and rear , cars running GAZ Coilovers and white line anti roll bars , TSR big Brake conversion and a little modded 1600 , head work Piper Cam , Flywheels ect that going to be up for sale soon , got me Carbon Door cards already , Just waiting on my Carbon Roof http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y229/NickMexicos/1RS2000a.jpg" border="0" class="linked-image" /> http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y229/NickMexicos/wheels/box1.jpg" border="0" class="linked-image" /> http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y229/NickMexicos/wheels/bmx2.jpg' alt='bmx2.jpg'> Drift Car And My New Babay [] []
  3. mk1 gti 1600 screamer

    Thanks for that mugly any else got some ideas , cant find many companies with tuning parts for mk1 1600 gti , thanks again
  4. mk1 gti 1600 screamer

    Still really not sure what to do engines wise on my mk1 got loads of engine options but iam kinda thinking hey why not build a screamer of a 1600 , would like to know if there is anyone on here who has built one and where i could get parts like crank / rods / pistons ect ect Got some Gixer 1000 throttle bodies already so why not make use of them would like 180+bhp if this is poss from this engine , ive already done N/A cosworth engine that was 260bhp any ideas thanks guys and gals