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  1. Mk3 Golf VR6 Aired, BBS RS

    Quality work as always rob! Spot on buddy!
  2. Edition 38 2014

    Drop it off at mine I'll look after it yo!
  3. Ruby The Fastback

    Will look lovely mate! Good work!
  4. Ruby The Fastback

    Yes gasburners!! 5.5's or 6.5's?
  5. Ruby The Fastback

    Perfect info mate cheers.... When will it be making a show appearance! Have to see it in the flesh!
  6. Ruby The Fastback

    Fair play buddy... I assume it's not running drop spindles and it's just a wound down torsion bar? Can I also ask what wheel and tyre size your running up front and what the clearance is like? Get any rubbing on lock?
  7. Ruby The Fastback

    Ooooooo very nice, I've been looking at these! Could I ask about your suspension set up? Reading back I see your still on the type 3 front beam? How much splines are you down on front and back?
  8. 95' Mk3 Golf Gti8v Progress

    give me a shout if you do sell up... could be interested!
  9. My Flash Red Vento

    Totally agree... had 16's on the last one and the frame took a hammering, that extra inch diameter makes all the difference!
  10. - shiney MK3 inside -

    Lovely vr buddy, need better photos!
  11. My Flash Red Vento

    Epic mate... really feeling 17's on a 3!
  12. MK3 Golf Anniversary on Air and Splits

    Utter ledge.....
  13. 95' Mk3 Golf Gti8v Progress

    This is easily one of the best build threads I ever read, excellent work and write up! Perfect mk3 in my opinion!
  14. Ultimate Dubs Show 2013

    Any idea whats cracking with the musical entertainment? Have sent a couple of messages offering dj'in services as per previous years but not heard back either way? Would like to know pretty asap if its a yes as I need to put some thing together!
  15. S1 1979 inari silver PD TDI

    Glad your cracking on mate! Can't wait to see it in paint, you going to fit the engine and remove it again before painting the bay or just do the engine work once its all painted?