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  1. Will be watching! Looks amazing!
  2. My new daily

    Keyboard warriors make me pi$$! Not aimed at the OP. OP:- You are doing the right thing getting legal advice, don't listen to SOME of the chimps on here giving you advice, wait to speak to your solicitor! I work at a VAG MAIN DEALER ( not Audi but vw) and if you want any contact details "further up the food chain" pm me bu I won't be making potentially slanderous/libelous comments on a public site, and you should be conscious of this also. If it all goes legal, it's not gonna help your case. Rjm
  3. It's just been in vw oldham for some parts. Starting to look a bit worse for wear to be honest.....
  4. Stoop's MK3

    Nova's rule!
  5. My mk3 VR6T

    Those wheels are either Diablo SV or they could be lotus esprit gt 300
  6. Polo Gti wheels? How much you pay, if you don't mind me asking? Also, how much you want for that number plate???? Car got tax and MOT on it so it can be transferred off?
  7. >>> Stantons Mk2 Builds

    o yeah! Got the paint for it, vw aprikot. still gonna do it!! I work at VW now. Didn't u used to work at regal?
  8. >>> Stantons Mk2 Builds

    What photoshops?? can't remember...
  9. >>> Stantons Mk2 Builds

    still in bits in my mates garage! Shell was stripped bare and re-panelled. Will be best in the uk if i ever get around to re-building it!
  10. I like the nu-oldskool look, but i have to be critical of one thing.... The rear lights do it no favours. Thay look very cheap and nasty compared to the rest of it....
  11. Hardcor3's Mk2

    audi pastel lime by any chance?
  12. My Golf G60

    Love the car, the attitude, the rims. Dislike the exhaust Hate the mirrors and the spoiler, would definitely change those but still a nice car
  13. Tru Skool Mk3

    de arch it and it'd look even better
  14. MY VR!

    debadge/split rim wheels/smoked front indicators/enjoy it