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  1. Abims Caddy V6 4Motion

    Quality work, this going to be a show queen or a full on I'm going to use it to its potential queen
  2. What the mother chuffa are you doing, can't just post a picture like that and not give any info it's illegal
  3. gogsie's Black Caddy

    looking good loved the look on the compomotives
  4. VR6 Seat Córdoba Coupé

    made me chuckle on a Monday morning
  5. Abims Bora V6 4Motion (trackday)

    Went well on the track today mate only got a chance at the end to try and catch you I was in the greyish Audi b7 estate
  6. Abims Bora V6 4Motion (trackday)

    Was that you I passed on way to Bedford trackday?
  7. Abims Caddy V6 4Motion

    Looks to be a tidy job mate, keep the updates coming
  8. Just a question relating to your brakes have you thought about re routing a bias valve so you can change it inside the car, we have done it on our track mk1 golf and the difference the car is when level braking is unre didn't believe it at first but the car is so much more settled under hard braking now that it brakes more level and not so much nose down. Having said that, depends on what you use it for
  9. Audi TTdi track car build

    Loving the tt glad to see someone putting a car to good use. Off topic Any link or build to the mk1 looking to do a few bits to my track mk1 while the winter months are here Cheers
  10. Aviator grey ..

    Isn't the b5 rs4 aviator grey?
  11. Bodyshop horror

    Makes my blood boil reading this, you should be able to name and shame that company as it's not like its a little bit of bad workmanship it's fliping awful Jonny
  12. My GT sport golf.

    Looks spot on what coilovers are you running anymore pics?
  13. Edition security...

    May of missed somthing but driving while on the phone at a show full of people from kids to adults maybe they got a point. Thought they where pretty sound all weekend, only trouble was how many people acted like school kids.
  14. My DBP Mkv R32

    Loving the wheels makes a change to most r32's. The car looks like it is meant to be driven hard and not sat on its arse in a show field
  15. Big Bumper Mk2 Ghetto H00r!

    Not too shabby, I think it works because of the extra squareness compared to others and it's not as big, looks subtle maybe spray it black for a complete stealth look