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  1. 17" Longbeaches question

    Perfect. Cheers for that!
  2. 17" Longbeaches question

    Not sure what section to post this in but what vehicle(s) were 17" longbeach wheels originally fitted to? Cheers
  3. What to do next?

    Well I really am a beginner at this but it is something I will get into. Just bought some quick detailer so I'm going to go over the car and put another coat of wax on when it cools off a bit!! Maybe I rushed it a little the other day so when I learn more i will do it properly. I also need some smaller foam pads for my polisher as the standard ones are a little too big too reach all the areas properly. I will be placing an order shortly! Is there a correct way to clean the excess of the foams? I will do a full write up of what I did when I have a bit more time. Cheers for all your help guys
  4. What to do next?

    Don't get me wrong - I'm no detailing specialist! Plus it's my first time using the polisher. I got loads of scratches out of the paint work as well as swirl marks. I'm happy with the finish, it could be better, but I'm happy. I have often wondered, if it takes 5 days, do they wash the cat I between each stage? Surely it will collect dust etc.
  5. What to do next?

    So 6 hours is pretty quick? That doesn't include washing twice and clay bar twice though. So use quick detailer every few days and then wash normally every week?
  6. What to do next?

    Cool that's good then. Can you recommend a decent shampoo?
  7. Today I've given my car a good going over I have applied the following with my random orbital polisher: Sonus sfx1 paint renovator Sonus sfx2 swirl remover Sonus sfx3 gloss polish Sonus sfx4 final finish Poorboys Nattys paste wax This took me 6 hours! So what should I do to keep on top of it? Do I need to polish and wax every month or just wash it? If so what should I wash it with? I currently use poor boys super slick suds Thanks
  8. Project PNKY

    Great read - I love to see people doing things properly!!
  9. hmmmmmm my car wont start

    its turning over like a mofo! plenty of juice. I'll try another battery though and see what happens
  10. hmmmmmm my car wont start

    Ive tried jump starting it from another car though. It turns and turns but will not fire?!?
  11. hmmmmmm my car wont start

    Ill fill you in on the story. My car (1 litre MK3 coupe polo) wouldn't start at work. Presumed it was a flat battery so got my mate to push start it. We push started it fine and then drove to the pub 5mins away. Had a pint, came back out and it wouldnt start again - or push start!! Popped up the bonnet and noticed the earth strap on the left hand side which goes to the left hand engine mount had come away. So I made a temporary earth strap to get the car started out of a jump lead and hey presto - it fired first time. Set off down the road, literally half a mile down the road the car cut out and hasn't started since! The car has been running fine since I bought it, idles spot on. There is fuel in it I have a spark I have a proper earth strap on there now. Any ideas? Cheers
  12. Straighten bent alloy wheel

    It ain't too bad. Is it an engineers shop I need to go to?
  13. Straighten bent alloy wheel

    As title really, us it possible to have a wheel straightened?
  14. I would second this!! Great Stuff
  15. Reflex Silver paint suggestions

    Id highly recommend the Poorboys stuff on a silver car. Nattys Wax is awesome stuff