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  1. VW Darren

    Converting a K03 1.8t to K04

    I am converting my 1.8t AUM engine to K04 by fitting the turbo, injectors and air mass from a 225 BAM engine. Anyone done this? If what did you do -The K04 when fitted to the BAM engine had an auxiliary electric coolant pump. Will I need to fit this to my AUM engine. The K03 didn’t have this. Also the K04 has an Exhaust gas temp sensor. Is this essential? Thanks in advance for any help
  2. VW Darren

    Vw touran match project!

    Love it. Can you post a few pics of how you've done the air install?
  3. VW Darren

    Garage advice pls, smoking A4 TDI

    Seals need replacing everytime injectors come out -so that was a known cost before they started. They could have been the cause of the smoke but unfortunately for you it wasnt. I have seen a case of the holes where the injectors sit elongating therefore not getting a good seal even with fresh injector seals fitted. Another cause of overfueling -if that what it is, could be a blocked or faulty lambda sensor. I like the advice of taking it elsewhere. She definately hasnt put petrol in by mistake?
  4. VW Darren

    Squeaking brakes

    Did you deglaze the pad and disk when u stripped it down?
  5. VW Darren

    Help big bad noises from my aircon? Mk6 golf

    Drop the fan motor Out of the bottom and have a look. Or switch it to recirculate and the top flap will open -u maybe able to see what inside. Ive see stuff fall out of the back of the glove box and enter the fan unit via the recirc flap -biggest thing was a pack of fags.
  6. VW Darren

    pd130 into caddy van mk2

    Yes u can use golf loom and ecu. Gearbox will be fine -may need flywheel depending on alhambras original box. So may also need golf starter motor. Dont know about lift pump in tank.
  7. VW Darren

    Garage advice pls, smoking A4 TDI

    Turbo wouldnt cause it. Blue smoke -yes. Faulty turbo is gonna give you issues like under boost or over boost -which would bring an emission light on. Damaged fins produce a whinning noise. White smoke -no. I have known worn injector bores or injector seals to create this. Or just a faulty injector.
  8. VW Darren

    A6 2.7 v6 TDI Fuel Leak

    Dont over tighten it!
  9. VW Darren

    A6 2.7 v6 TDI Fuel Leak

    Sounds like its come loose. It can happen what with all the vibrating. Tighten it up -17mm spanner and crank it over -lots!!! It will have drawn air into thw system and its gonna take a lot of cranking for it to fire up.
  10. VW Darren

    Garage advice pls, smoking A4 TDI

    Over fueling/ unburnt fuel produces white smoke. Quite acrid smell. White smoke/steam from coolant leak is very different in smell. Quite easy to spot the two apart -from a garage point of view
  11. VW Darren

    Airride install question VW Touran

    I am looking at doing the as well with my 7-seater. Their is a spare wheel well but it is only 1/2 the depth of a normal one with the seat mounting directly over the top. I found this pic but it must use a really skinny tank I think i am going to mount the tank under the car next to the petrol tank then put two pumps and V2 valve block in there. Loads of room undneath. I have always been told keep electrics inside. Tank will be fine outside.
  12. VW Darren

    camping rules 2015

    You mean the Thai one?? Amazing food. Somebody needs to make sure they are there this year!!
  13. VW Darren

    1.9 tdi wont start. someone please help?

    Sure u put diesel in? Was running ok until u filled up.
  14. VW Darren

    1.8t engine wiring help

    You say the ecu has ignition live -does this stay live when cranking? Ecu needs a permanent live and an ignition live that must stay live when cranking. (IIRC refered to as terminal 50?) If missing would explain lack of fuel pump and injection control.
  15. VW Darren

    camping rules 2015

    Any chance we can have the old chaps back who looked after the toilets and shower blocks?? They did a belting job! Last year they weren't around and you could tell -sorry to say it but that side of things were in a right state.