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  1. Deathbug.......

    A little bit blurry mate Wheels looks crazy cool though!!!!
  2. Luke's MK3 Build - That got out of hand

    Yeah great thanks Luke. You ok mate? Yeah still got the old goat, ignition barrel had gone and to diagnose that it was that was a mission! Finally changed the wheels too so no more aggro with flats!! Drop a message and I could pop down and give you a hand with fitting bits on the mk3 one Saturday.
  3. Oh seen, close run thing that. Do like his car but I'd say yours was more complete personally, horse for courses I guess. But still looking forward to vrT time
  4. Luke's MK3 Build - That got out of hand

    How's progress coming on mate? It's looking so sweet!!
  5. Who won if you were second?! Can't wait to see the turbo install come on!
  6. Mk2 TFSI

    Need more pics please!!! Bet this flies!
  7. Bonelorry's Lemon Yellow Daily

    Do the whole floor in them or OCD will eat you up at night!!! Lol
  8. Alpine white mk2 VRT

    Pictures ??
  9. Alpine white mk2

    You can see near the corners of the slam the little red anodised pins mate and latches on corner of underside of the bottom...if you zoom in
  10. ABF'd Type 19

    Looks like a Momo Monte Carlo steering wheel to me mate.
  11. Audi B5 S4 new toy :-D

    Spend on eBay......
  12. Love the fab work man , and the skills to do it yourself, love to have that skill. Can i ask one question please, it's my ocd lol, why is there a bigger gap to the left of the fuel cap? Keep the updates coming
  13. Vento V6

    Have you had every perfect wheel for a mk3 shell, ETA turbos ,BBS RS, BBS LM, grief not jealous much and recaro a8s and now r32! You sir are a legend
  14. Golf mk3

    Yeah look good, maybe need to lose the orange indicators and fit smoked ones to tie it in even better.
  15. Golf mk3

    Got some different angle pictures?