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  1. My Mk2 16vG60 Project

  2. Mk1 TT 225 - back in the game!

    Sat right the rims will look perfect fella. Really good to meet you and the little man the other week. Keep the factory finish on the wheels Jay
  3. Dash Swaps

    Its certainly not a business for someone. I have done probably 10/15 dash swaps over the years in both my cars and other peoples. They take far more hours to complete than anyone would be willing to pay for if you charged a proper hourly rate. I tended to agree a fixed price and in some ways I enjoyed doing it, so wasn't fussed about the money, but I could have earnt more money delivering flyers or something for the hours involved! By the new year I will have a new garage built and might, thats "might" be willing to do some more if the job is one I fancy. Example: Jay
  4. I can give you the history of the wheels. They were custom made by BBS for Ford for a Mustang Concept car. 20 x 9" with a 5x114 PCD and a 40 odd offset from memory. They are awesome wheels and not something you are likely to see anywhere as they are larger centres than usual to suit the 20" wheel. I imported them from the US when I saw them and Vick told me he was having them even before they landed Jay
  5. Ever since I found those wheels I have been dying for you to get them on a car a worthy of them. Now its happened I feel all warm inside Jay
  6. Does anyone know a really good Paintless dent removal man around Manchester. Got a couple of annoying pin dents in my rear 1/4 I want sorting. Cheers in advance Jay
  7. Corrado R32, BBS CH , Recaro CS

    Keep it coming TAS Jay
  8. Fitting OE climatronic MK4 Gold

    Not quite I am afraid. There are lots of different types of pressure transmitters, fan control modules and other elements which mean you can't just stick the climate control parts in there and expect it to work. Its a massive job for the difference. Jay
  9. My Mk2 16vG60 Project

    I think I actually love this car. Your new wheels are soooo perfect for this car..... If you do my one suggestion Jay
  10. My Mk2 16vG60 Project

    Who could possibly be doing that? Looking better and better fella. Looking forward to Berlin!
  11. Aston Martin needs VW part number - 5B0 919 372

    You working for Aston now then Charlie?! Jay
  12. My Mk2 16vG60 Project

    It's coming together fella, nice work. Will definitely have to find an excuse to come over to that part of the country soon so I can get a sneaky look at it. The bay looks perfect. Jay
  13. Dougs Corrado Storm-R build