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  1. paul's marine blue mk2 2.0L 16v

    Anyone know what the going rate is for an immaculate Rallye Recaro interior? (both front seats and all four original doorcards). It will pain me to do this...
  2. paul's marine blue mk2 2.0L 16v

    Having been in storage for a few years, as of today I've now got my mk2 recovered to my new house (it was at my parents' before). Not sure that I'm going to have any time to get it back on the road so I expect it'll be up for sale shortly as spares/repair. I'd much prefer to sell as a whole, rather than split, but I'll see how much interest I get first.
  3. paul's marine blue mk2 2.0L 16v

    Sorry, missed this. Think I need to set up some alerts for thread replies. Yep, still got my mk2 but it's been in storage for two years and I'm looking to bring it back to life in the spring. Might decide to sell up to fund a new project but will see what materialises next year... If anyone is interested in a possible sale I'll listen to sensible offers. I know what'll happen though...MOT'd + warm weather + windows down + B-roads =
  4. 'tis very disappointing indeed gents. I had previously relied on forum posts to remind me about the event and left it a little late to check myself, hence the Googling and eventual disappointment! Best get asking around and/or at dealerships...
  5. Ah, turns out that the code "MMSTEL14" worked until a week or so ago - FREE TICKETS HAVE NOW SOLD OUT Mods - please lock
  6. Yes I've Googled. Normally around this time of year (mid-May to June) I remember free tickets to the Thursday event (Moving Motor Show) normally become available...has anyone heard anymore about when/if these might become available? The Telegraph ran a competition this year (entry ended 1st June) to win "VIP" tickets to the event so I suspect this might have been the front for it this time round and I missed the entry deadline. It's been a really good day out in the past!
  7. Schwarts Black Mk2 Valver

    updates? (saw your car posted in the Mk2 16v thread). Am interested in the 45 conversion...
  8. paul's marine blue mk2 2.0L 16v

    Sorry missed this! Not too much to report back really. Have been busy trying to finish this bloody PhD and cope with a lack of income so not much time (or money) being spent at the moment. Unfortunately, I'm running the mk2 as my daily doing 40 miles or so a day and its starting to take its toll - now looking for a runaround so I can give the dub a rest. Other than that I've been quite impressed with how its managed to cope with the extra mileage that I'm doing now, only had a fuel pump fuse go and changed front pads! (have massively jinxed myself now). Looking forward to finishing up with my work and spending some quality time on the dub (this is an understatement!).
  9. My Mk2 16vG60 Project

    nice work! when are you going to get the exterior sorted? Not a big fan of black on mk2s myself but with the right wheels (like those RMs!) it looks like you'll pull it off
  10. paul's marine blue mk2 2.0L 16v

    thanks guys Nothing major to report really...dont get much time to spend on my dub at the minute as I'm in my final year of a Doctorate and time is better spent (or at least I'm told) on my Ph.D. Have fitted some 16v half-smoked rear clusters and replaced boot seal. That's about it really. Lots planned though
  11. 1984 2.0ltr mk2 golf.

    only just noticed your dub mate, lovin' the build. any updates?
  12. paul's marine blue mk2 2.0L 16v

    noticed some water was getting into the boot etc so decided to pull out and replace the old Happich seals the other day. Turns out it was actually my rear clusters leaking but anyhow... The Happich seals were around 1" short and didnt fit particularly flush with the door cards either so thought it best to replace them. Did a bit of searching on the Tex and ordered some e39 BMW 528i (2000) door seals (p/n 51727116405 x2) to replace the worn Happich seals. FYI they were
  13. paul's marine blue mk2 2.0L 16v

    cheers cheers x2 Dont have it to hand but I think its LA5E - although that seems to be 'maritime blue' which I think is slightly darker/more purple thanks once again guys .................................................... Bit of an 'update'... Apologies for the lack of updates, have been really busy with work and haven't managed to get much done on the dub these past few months. Have kinda been losing faith with the dub sometimes; due to it being my daily (not that I use my mk2 much mind, <6K miles a year) certain areas are starting to become 'tatty' and not as tidy as I would like. The main culprit being the bumpers. They really need a blowing over to freshen them up but I've been toying with the idea of some black small bumpers after seeing a similar colour mk2 on smalls... The only problem being...I've had small chrome bumpers before and having run them for a week or so I sold them as it didnt really work for me. We shall see. Any suggestions/opinions welcome! Anyways, am trying to make some more shows this season and pick up a few sought after bits (i.e. Porsche handles). Other than that my plans include: -fitting the upper front Eibach strut brace which I've had for +2years! -winding the coilies down -10mm on the back -hopefully fitting my BBS' (i havent had the heart to fit them yet as they look too good all clean and tyres are expensive!) -powder coating lots of bits including slam panel, rear beam and front crossmember -getting hold of some new parts including bonnet catch, washer bottle etc to freshen up hope to see you at some shows 8)
  14. Mk2 Golf G60

    looks awesome fella, top work. really fresh. agree with others though, think its lacking some blingin' shoes!
  15. mk2 16v track car

    those be some good power figures, top job