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  1. BBS RS hex nut broken off. Help!

    Awesome, Thank you. Any tips on reassembling? Just twist it into place or try and snap it together?
  2. BBS RS hex nut broken off. Help!

    Thanks guys. Well I managed to get the cap off, I positioned the nut over the plastic part and leant against it to stop it slipping then gave the spanner a few whacks and it loosened. I just need to reassemble the nut onto the plastic bit. Should these not be done up too tight then?
  3. BBS RS hex nut broken off. Help!

    I'm not sure. I've never seen inside one before. Nothing looked broken. It looks like it kind of twist-locks together, a bit like a spindle of blank CDs, except it's open ended in both directions, so if you over-tighten it, like I must have done, it just twists out of it's position. I guess a mole grip or something might loosen the plastic thread from the wheel then I can re-assemble and not put it back on so tight.
  4. I went to remove the centre cap from one of my wheels last night using the proper BBS ring spanner, and the metal hex nut came off leaving the plastic threaded bit and the waffle plate firmly attached to the wheel! Now I can't get the wheel off the car. Anyone had this happen before? How can I get the rest of the cap off the wheel now?!
  5. Total audio noob - set up ideas

    I have a pair of Blaupunkt 3.5" 2-ways that fit the dash locations which I have just taken out of mine. They're great little speakers and aren't even that old! Depends if you were thinking of spending more money on something a bit snazzier though. However, the answer everyone gives to these kind of threads is to fit components up front, no rear speakers, a subwoofer and run it all off a 4-channel amp. It's a tried and tested winner and needn't cost the earth.
  6. That material looks like a really good match, very impressed. I still have to cobble my old board back together though I look forward to that...
  7. Hi guys, do you have any plans to offer any kind of solution for all the mk2 Golf owners with sagging headlinings? Preferebly a whole replacement panel but even just new material would be better than nothing. I realise it would not be an easy product to sell from a logistical point of view, it's a large and very fragile thing, but there must be a huge demand for this.
  8. Custom Fit Subwoofer Enclosures

    I'd buy a mk2 box too!
  9. Awesome! It says on the website that in comparison to a rainbow seat it looks a bit darker due to the seat having faded. Do you have a photo to show what the difference is like please?
  10. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I found a pack of Dettol all purpose cleaning wipes in the cupboard and they did the trick!
  11. I'd like to give my carpets a really thorough clean before I put them back in the car. Can anyone recommend a way to do this? I don't have a pressure washer but I do have a hose pipe. Is there a product I can apply to help shift the dirt? The carpets are black so there isn't much visible dirt but I know they will be full of it being 25 years old! I just want the car to smell fresh as I rebuild it. Tried searching but it seems to be down.
  12. My car is coming back from the body shop tomorrow and I want to get the inside of the shell really clean before I start to refit carpets and interior trim. Although the bulk of the dust has been hoovered out I just want to give it all a wipe down with something. Preferably a pre-impregnated wipe like a baby wipe kind of thing. What would be best to use? Something I can pick up from a shop would be best as I want to do it this weekend. Any ideas?
  13. OK, thanks for that. I'll order them all separately then. So are the individual seals (the top quality ones with shaped corners) the same ones listed on VW Classic Parts? I note on VWCP it says they are 'classic+' which I think means approved reproduction parts (so technically not genuine but as good as).
  14. I visited Prospray and Custom Colours. Very impressed with both. Andy at Prospray is a sound guy. Was happy to show me a (genuine) Porsche 356 he was doing and some F1 bodies. And yes I think he painted Janet's cars, which were always top notch! The guys at Custom Colours are great too. Mad into classic Fords and VWs. They had several splitties, mk1 Golfs, mk1 Escorts, an old Triumph, some kind of muscle car, some really cool stuff in there. Prospray are more expensive and you might say a cut above Custom Colours in that they seem to deal with quite prestigious projects, but I think I'm going to go with Custom Colours.
  15. Can you tell me if the seals in your complete 'kit' for a 3 door mk2 Golf: https://www.vwheritage.com/shop/191898121/window-seal-set-mk2-golf-front-rear-and-side-windows-3-do/ Are the same ones that are available individually: https://www.vwheritage.com/shop/191845121/front-windscreen-seal-plain-mk2-golf-german-quality/?crumbStartPage=1&crumbStartRow=1 https://www.vwheritage.com/shop/191845521/rear-window-seal-mk2-golf-84-92-plain-black/?crumbStartPage=1&crumbStartRow=1 https://www.vwheritage.com/shop/191845321/rear-1-4-window-seal-left-side-mk2-golf-3dr-top-quality/?crumbStartPage=1&crumbStartRow=1 https://www.vwheritage.com/shop/191845322/rear-1-4-window-seal-right-side-mk2-golf-3dr-top-quality/?crumbStartPage=1&crumbStartRow=1 I'm guessing not because the kit is £72.50 and to buy them all separately is £183! Also I note it says for all the individual ones that they have properly formed corners which it doesn't say for the kit. I just wanted to check before ordering!