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  1. As long as you take track rod end off the hub but leave it otherwise as is, it should be close, you'll need to do hat otherwise the track rod won't spin off the rack. That being said odds of getting rack exactly in same position to the mm is probably impossible so it will probably need tracking checking after anyway. depends how old/expensive your tyres are, you could do as you say and if it drives straight leave it as is and check tyre wear
  2. Mk1 golf abf gear change

    Which one did you go for? People used to use 1.3 carb ones back in the day?
  3. Mk1 golf abf gear change

    Cables tend to wear on these setups, might be worth a new one, also check the condition of the shift levers and cable ends on top of the box, although I'd say they are less likely.
  4. Using iPhone in a seat Ibiza

    You just need the mmi to iphone cable then a 30 pin to lightning adaptor https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/142206434118
  5. 6 Branch - Heat Wrap or Not?

    I just wrapped mine near the steering rack where the 6 branches meet the collector, just to keep heat away from pas pipes/uj boot etc, its been on the car 9 years.
  6. Clutch help on 1.8t

    Clutch fork hasn't become dislodged/damaged in bell housing has it? Fyi I run 240 bhp/280ft/lb torque through a 180k mile original dmf and a recentish sachs std 1.8t clutch and it has no issues
  7. Budget Tyres

    What about splitting the difference and going for some mid range like avon, uniroyal, falken etc?
  8. Trouble ordering new MAF sensor for AUQ 1.8t

    They generally come with the whole housing, what sort of price have you been quoted? They are about £90 from TPS for genuine vw
  9. Mk4 hub bearing question

    Only if its visibly damaged, they usually stay pretty true and in fairness the genuine factory one will be higher quality, unless your buying a new vag one (think they were £90 odd ish last time I priced one up) I wouldn't bother
  10. Mk4 hub bearing question

    Gt tdi uses nut same as 5 speed cars
  11. 20vt into mk2 (need help)

    Midland vw at cannock are a good shout
  12. Polo 9n BAM swap?

    Basically use the stuff the std 9n3 gti or ibiza fr/cupra uses, its all available off the shelf for mounts etc Never build what you can buy, and also you need to factor in upgraded anti roll bars, brakes, including a rear disc conversion as the std drums won't cut it. Then you'll need a radiator and pipes from a polo/ibiza gti/fr/cupra. Also the wiring would need doing which means getting clocks that match the ecu (so pretty much buggered unless you use a polo ecu as the mk4 clocks for example won't fit) Also if your using an engine from a mk4/s3/tt etc then the turbo intake pipes are different, the intercooler piping is different due to space limitations. Ibizas and polo gtis are quite cheap now, far cheaper than building one. My advice is buy one of the above and then mod it to make it look like a lower model from the outside if you want a sleeper. But again to be honest, no regular person is going to think a std one is fast because they aren't really, so anything modded would be a sleeper.
  13. Polo 9n BAM swap?

    No its suited for a 1.8t you need the box from a gti/fr/cupra.
  14. Polo 9n BAM swap?

    No they are different you need a polo/ibiza box.
  15. Polo 9n BAM swap?

    If it were me I'd buy a polo gti then some std bumpers if your wanting the sleeper look. But yeah get all the mounting parts from polo gti/ibiza fr/cupra, run the 5 speed box and your laughing. No benefit to a bam though just stick a ko4 or a hybrid ko3 k300 on any dbw transverse 20vt lump and your away. You might want to research space for turbo intake/downpipe/intercooler lines for k04 in polo/ibiza chassis as they aren't forced to fit.