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  1. MattP VR6

    Golf mk4 steering twitch/jerk

    Pump is driven from drivebelt though and it is rpm dependant, so a faulty pump/rack would cause these symptoms, my mk2 vr6 did the same when rack seals went, was like mad torque steer but at low rpm, on and off throttle moved car about side to side. Binding brakes would make wheel/tyre mad hot so easy to diagnose
  2. MattP VR6

    300/300 from 1.8t AUQ

    It will fit with a g60 flywheel yes. don't be tempted with a lightened one, the bottom ends/crank pulley aren't balanced on a 20vt, the dmf takes up any minor vibration, so single mass will add a bit, a lightened one might actually do harm over time.
  3. MattP VR6

    300/300 from 1.8t AUQ

    Standard clutch/dmf will take it if its not worn out and your not stamping on pedal in high gears from tick over. My stg 2 aum runs 285ft/lb over a wide curve (r tech rollers) on a newish sachs clutch and a dmf with 181k on it. (Clutch we pulled out was factory fitted one at 160k dmf had barely any play, just clutch friction material very thin) No slip, just bites and pulls. Can't see another 15ft/lb upsetting it with a smooth progressive map (like r tech provide) a lot of the myth of needing uprated clutches comes from 2 things... older more primitive mapping techniques and clutches worn out with age.
  4. MattP VR6

    Audi S2 Calipers aka Girling 60 - Brake Pads

    Girling 60s were used on some LT vans as well. I just got pagid pads from gsf years ago for mine, looking at some ebc yellow for track work at the moment, around £120 a set, reds are around £100. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121852251365 89 Audi 2.2 coupe are no good either, its the later car that you need, 90-96 Its on my mk2 and I just used rado g60 discs. You get a tiny bit of overlap on pad (think S2 are 276mm front disc) so tiny bit of squeal every now and again but no biggie.
  5. MattP VR6

    Mk2 Golf rear wiper parking in different positions

    Also check its not slipping on the spindles or anything mechanical obstructing it behind the hatch trim peice.
  6. MattP VR6

    Mk3 VR6 Misfire

    If lambda reading is out it could be over fueling making it feel like a miss fire. I'd check wiring down back of manifold all the way down to the sensor. What exactly is the fault (short to ground, short to plus or reading out of range?) if your using vcds have you tried any live logging to see if the lambda is reading correctly? also check the pipework from the pcv to the inlet, if thats perished it can make it behave like that
  7. MattP VR6

    Power Delay on Door Controls

    It could do, the only other way is to unplug say the folding mirrors, see if that makes a difference same with the leds just to rule them out. If you have access to vcds then its worth making sure the battery has been recognised as a new one then it will know to use the resting charge rather than shutting things off too soon. Try turning auto lights off and see if that makes a difference too, might be worth doing that first actually. I'll try and ask my mate over xmas, hes a canbus trained skoda master tech so he might have some input.
  8. MattP VR6

    Power Delay on Door Controls

    Hmm its harder if its not constantly doing it, although they are getting more voltage with car started so that could be upsetting the can network maybe. Or, is it a tdi and does it have stop/start? It might need the new battery coding in otherwise the car thinks its still the old one, they have a smart charging system in the newer cars. Also even though everything works, were the extras coded in using vcds or similar? It could be that the can network is getting more load than it thinks it has and cuts systems off like you say, to conserve power.
  9. MattP VR6

    Power Delay on Door Controls

    Have you taped into any of the canbus wires in the door control module (wiper motor on these iirc?) for the folding mirrors or puddle lights? It seems like its not waking up the can signal. What happens if you just open door and put key into accessory position does it do the same or is it only after you have started the car?
  10. MattP VR6

    Mk1 ABF idle issue

    That might be why the cable was put so tight, the isv activates when the throttle position sensor registers a dead stop, ie when the throttle body is fully closed... so by having cable tight it stops this happening. I might have one kicking around, in case yours is knackered, look at part number on yours and post it on here
  11. MattP VR6

    Mk1 ABF idle issue

    Sounds like isv to me, you could try cleaning it out with some carb cleaner? My digi 8v mk2 went through a phase of doing it, that helped it. If its goosed you can still get hold of them. Also make sure your throttle position sensor looks ok as well, thats the other possibility.
  12. MattP VR6

    Pd130 driveshaft into 1.8t?

    Basically its gearbox dependant, so 02J is fitted to 2.0, TDI 90/110 PD100, 1.8t, V5. The 130/150 02M is fitted to 1.9tdi and later 180 1.8t, remember that all the other mk4 platform cars are the same, for example beetle, Octavia, Leon etc.
  13. MattP VR6

    Pd130 driveshaft into 1.8t?

    5 speed pd100 ones will fit, the 130 won't 6 speed driveshafts are different, different length, outer cv same as 1.8t, unsure about inner but they are a pain to get off the shaft without damage anyway so you either want a complete shaft or new cv for yours. The 1.4/1.6/sdi ones won't fit, I believe 2.0 will.
  14. MattP VR6

    Battery slowly draining from something?

    Its the radio, std mk4 radios have the ignition and permanent live the opposite way around, and the k-line for the obd2 port lines up perfectly with power antenna wire or dimmer wire on a aftermarket radio, so that will be active all time as well. You can buy an adaptor harness cheap or repin yours with a terminal tool. Make sure k-line isn't going to anything otherwise it can cause all sorts of grief if you ever have it scanned for fault codes
  15. You need the wiring diagrams for both, guessing its a mk6 based jetta? It could well be that just wiring colour changed, but with air bags you don't want to take that risk. The diagrams are readily available, or otherwise search for people doing same swap, its likely that same age golf has same wiring as yours and that will be a more common swap.