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  1. Mk1 ABF idle issue

    That might be why the cable was put so tight, the isv activates when the throttle position sensor registers a dead stop, ie when the throttle body is fully closed... so by having cable tight it stops this happening. I might have one kicking around, in case yours is knackered, look at part number on yours and post it on here
  2. Mk1 ABF idle issue

    Sounds like isv to me, you could try cleaning it out with some carb cleaner? My digi 8v mk2 went through a phase of doing it, that helped it. If its goosed you can still get hold of them. Also make sure your throttle position sensor looks ok as well, thats the other possibility.
  3. Pd130 driveshaft into 1.8t?

    Basically its gearbox dependant, so 02J is fitted to 2.0, TDI 90/110 PD100, 1.8t, V5. The 130/150 02M is fitted to 1.9tdi and later 180 1.8t, remember that all the other mk4 platform cars are the same, for example beetle, Octavia, Leon etc.
  4. Pd130 driveshaft into 1.8t?

    5 speed pd100 ones will fit, the 130 won't 6 speed driveshafts are different, different length, outer cv same as 1.8t, unsure about inner but they are a pain to get off the shaft without damage anyway so you either want a complete shaft or new cv for yours. The 1.4/1.6/sdi ones won't fit, I believe 2.0 will.
  5. Battery slowly draining from something?

    Its the radio, std mk4 radios have the ignition and permanent live the opposite way around, and the k-line for the obd2 port lines up perfectly with power antenna wire or dimmer wire on a aftermarket radio, so that will be active all time as well. You can buy an adaptor harness cheap or repin yours with a terminal tool. Make sure k-line isn't going to anything otherwise it can cause all sorts of grief if you ever have it scanned for fault codes
  6. You need the wiring diagrams for both, guessing its a mk6 based jetta? It could well be that just wiring colour changed, but with air bags you don't want to take that risk. The diagrams are readily available, or otherwise search for people doing same swap, its likely that same age golf has same wiring as yours and that will be a more common swap.
  7. Rear brake options for Corrado VR6

    I've got a mk2 so same rear brake setup, I bought 2 new refurbed mk4 calipers, and some goodridge conversion hoses. You use you std carriers and to be honest they are great, do the job very well with good quality discs/pads. other option is to fit lupo/6n2 polo gti rear hubs, then you can use the bearings with integrated hubs (like what fitted to mk4s etc) and then you get rid of the older type tapered bearings.
  8. Audi rear lights

    As long as you use a red bulb like you said then it will be perfectly legal. Other way is to use a tint spray on the reverse light
  9. DPF Removal

    You would need to gut or remove it at same time as mapping it out otherwise it will clog up due to no regen taking place, then its loads of back pressure, high egts and big issues.
  10. VR6 Loom into Mk2 (CE2) Deleting Aircon loom...

    You can seperate the engine and engine bay looms quite easily with the mk3. It involves cutting and replacing the plastic sheafing that goes around them but you'll see quite easily when you lay it out. For the ac, there will be an extra coolant temp sensor in the thermostst housing, its brown. Either leave it or remove and get a blanking plug. The ac wiring also goes to the fan controller resistor, but on mine I just left the ac plug off, the relay portion still works as intended (the ac plug is the multi pin one with smaller pins, the fan controller is the plug with the fatter wires) you can just chase the wires back and unplug them, or if your not going for a shaved engine bay they can just be left plugged in to be honest, if there is no ac compressor fitted and no button to press it will just stay dormant
  11. Starting troubles

    Very possibly bad earth, take battery and tray out and look at earth points underneath, also check the big fuses on top of battery for hairline cracks. After that, check the wiring to starter/alternator and look for any damage
  12. Mk1 golf abf gear change

    With him having a cable change abf and a clutch cable, I reckon he's using an 02a with SEAT Toledo/Ibiza cable mech that bolts into same position clutch slave does, then has an extra bracket on gearbox mount to hold clutch cable that then goes to standard mk1 clutch pedal.
  13. You only have to loosen back bolts about half way if you do end up needing clearance, but on my mk2 vr there looks to be 'just' enough space to clear with subframe in place, so I'd give it a go
  14. It will be tight but there is no harm in trying, worst case scenario is having to lower it a bit anyway, usually only a bit rather than fully off. It will prob have to come out at drivers side, don't think steering knuckle will clear diff/downpipe going the other way. what engine have you got? Might have to whip back engine mount off at drivers side and jack engine a bit too
  15. As long as you take track rod end off the hub but leave it otherwise as is, it should be close, you'll need to do hat otherwise the track rod won't spin off the rack. That being said odds of getting rack exactly in same position to the mm is probably impossible so it will probably need tracking checking after anyway. depends how old/expensive your tyres are, you could do as you say and if it drives straight leave it as is and check tyre wear