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  1. Mk1 golf gti stripes

    Hairdryer and some Tar and Glue remover
  2. Removing foundation

    Isopropyl alcohol is the only thing that will remove this crap - even had to use thinners on black leather - followed by milk I then use Dressle
  3. help on fluids please...

    Dot 4 or 5 .1 or racing brake fluid and a good 75w90 for the gearbox - only holds around 1.5 litres from memory
  4. Bentley GTC wheel bearing replacement - HELP!

    Firstline bearings are mostly SKF stuff and would have no problem fitting either
  5. Chrome spray paint help

    Its crap and you would be better with proper chrome - even the chrome powder coating is not that real looking
  6. Bentley GTC wheel bearing replacement - HELP!

    It should have a number round the bearing and manufacturer - assuming you have it off ?
  7. Upholstery in Edinburgh?

  8. help with new wheels, offsets and tyres.

    ET 25 AND ET35 WITH 195/40 16 sit well with G60 arches
  9. When was the DSG oil last changed ???
  10. Which oil?

    Answered your own question Millers Oils CFS 5W40 NT
  11. vw shows on 20th and 21st june?

    Cumbria VAG is on this weekend
  12. As above any help to purchase in the UK or an equivalent product please ?