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  1. MK5 GTi Track Car

    Hi, I've been talking to a mapping company about a linear map, can you explain the difference to a normal map in regards to drive ability on track? Cheers
  2. Eurosunday 2014 5th edition 04/05/2014

    That's what I thought ,we are in Eindhoven st the moment then heading down in the morning
  3. Eurosunday 2014 5th edition 04/05/2014

    How much is it to get in?
  4. Eurosunday 2014 5th edition 04/05/2014

    I'll be ok turning up in a Mini Cooper s won't I? Still standard at the moment but I only got it last week lol
  5. Eurosunday 2014 5th edition 04/05/2014

    I'm coming over for this too,giving my cooper s a good run went to this last year ,my silver lupo is in the first picture on here
  6. What warranty? OCD's Fabia

    Are you going to eurosunday next weekend?
  7. What warranty? OCD's Fabia

    I chose against the diesel in the end and got a fabia vrs in the same shape only had it a week but absolutely love it, this thread swayed my decision from an ibiza to an fabia.wouldn't mind having a look around this to be honest Can you pm me some details of your air ride stuff please
  8. What seats are they? Vabric ones?
  9. These lysholm charger always look strange,but the noise they make is ridiculous
  10. Mk5 GT TFSI Big Turbo Conversion

    No point thinking about the cost if it's your passion beats spending thousands on golf clubs haha
  11. Will be a crazy looking and sounding car when done
  12. Andypandy's 6n2 TDI

    That looks really nice,nearly bought one a few years back but went with a lupo instead
  13. Mk5 GT TFSI Big Turbo Conversion

    Looks like a pretty impressive and expensive build
  14. Following this now,always loved the berg cup style