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  1. Headunit Advise: mk1 golf

    Good morning my internet chums As you can see I'm posting this rather early because Ive been losing sleep over it apparently.. I am looking for a headunit for my mk1 but I know NOTHING about ice so was wondering if people have some suggestions for what to go for. I'm not a brand whore and as long as the quality is good I don't care but the unit needs to be: Single DIN single cd IPod connectivity Bluetooth streaming would be nice Retro looking if possible(nothing too flashy) And most importantly around the £100 mark or less... Not a huge budget but I'm sure there's something out there, there was a Sonica unit on eBay that ticked all the boxes apart from it was a little too modern looking and had lots of blue lights. My interior is going to be changing soon and I'm going for a orangey red light theme(think bmws) so would be nice to match this. Ta very much :-D
  2. Thats lookin good that man a million times better, omg that before pic is insane that is seriously nose down haha.
  3. This is lookin pimptastic my man
  4. Black KR Corrado Project

    Cant wait to see the progress on the corrado...
  5. German Ebay help! RH dishes needed asap...

    Nope ill have a look mate how much are we talking do you think? I take it they speak English and shipping isn't too expensive?
  6. Hi guys I really want my RH ZW1's rebuilt asap so I was wondering if anyone can help me with my crisis.. I need a full set of dishes preferably but at the very least 2 new ones for the rear at 2.5/3 inches I know their not going to be cheap and some standard or slighly wider than standard for the front. I have tried looking on german ebay but dont have a clue what Im doing so was wondering if someone can point me in the right direction because the dream would be to have them rebuilt by sunday(and I know this is a fast turn around and im kidding myself with shipping from germany on top) but I can always try or if anyone has any alternative suggestions fire away... Thanks in advance peeps Andy
  7. Wigan Pier Photoshoot

    Lol at the donk comment, thanks guys I usually get abuse on here its nice to get some positive comments.. Yeah its near the go kart place theres a few locations around it that are quite good. Gaz I am putting a thread up to get a few of us down soon so I will let you know and we can get a few motors over for pics. Yeah thats were I park outside my mates apartment because I work in Bolton and its too expensive to drive my rado to work and back, the wheels really let it down at the mo but their coming off in a few weeks for a rebuild with red centres to match my leather
  8. Wigan Pier Photoshoot

    Evening peeps I took a couple of snaps the other day of mine and Pilky's mk3 so I thought I would share, I am not the best photographer by any means but some of them have turned out ok so I hope you like them. A few of you have expressed interest in a second shoot at the Pier so I will sort this out on another thread if you guys are up for it? Andy
  9. Mk2 GTI, No oil pressure

    Aah right, I'll give that a go but just dont want to bolt it all together and put new oil in just to realise the pump is dead or something else is broken. Anything else I can check for while I am there? How would I test the pump without putting it all together again? -Andy
  10. Mk2 GTI, No oil pressure

    Well Ive not driven it since the clutch went on the way to santa pod and as the clutch went the oil pressure buzzer was going off so I assume that is when the damage was done. Just had the sump off and everything bottom end wise seems fine but after we got the oil pump off we noticed the gears were a bit stiff and after some carb cleaner they freed up alot and now turn smoothly. Could this have caused the problem? Is it still worth replacing the pump? How would you test if it is knackered? Thanks
  11. Mk2 GTI, No oil pressure

    It has no pressure whatsoever rather than just being little, so at first thought would you think oil pump? Presumably if the bearings were worn I would still get pressure just very little wouldnt i? Thanks for the reply btw.
  12. Mk2 GTI, No oil pressure

    Hi Guys Just replaced the clutch on my mk2 8v gti and when I started it I realised the oil light was flashing and my VDO's were not responding, the engine sounds very tappety and after using an oil pressure guage I have discovered there is no oil pressure rather than just a faulty sender. Are there any common problems with mk2s that could be causing this? Where should I check first before assuming the oil pump is knackered? Thanks and any help much appreciated -Andy
  13. Corrado Wiring, Wipers not working!

    Cheers for your help I'll give them a check, because getting my corrado through an MOT is spiralling out of control and halfrauds sell Haynes manuals for like
  14. Corrado Wiring, Wipers not working!