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  1. Mk6 Gti problem

    Just thought id ask on here before i take this in to the garage tomorrow: Driving home tonite,yellow warning light- picture of an engine comes up on the dash,checked the book,which says exhaust fault, possible lambda problem! Can anyone give me a bit more info/quick fix as to anything i can do myself before i get to the garage stage?? Its on an 09 plate,done 27,000 odd mile and its due a serv if that makes any difference! Cheers
  2. OCD-shelvey's 2k caddy van

    Knowing you and seeing your other stuff,this will end up tremendous im sure... I had the pre facelift version and stuck with the black/grey bumpers,not sure the painted bumpers suits the look of them,totally depends what colour you go for tho...
  3. 'N' Reg Aqua Blue Mk2

    Ah good,where you pleased with their work??
  4. 'N' Reg Aqua Blue Mk2

    Caught a glimpse of you in Black Cat one day last week,did do a doubletake as in "im sure that was an N reg mk2"..makes sense now... :lol: Nice motor,glad you got the sounds sorted,where did you get it done in the end??
  5. Will do,take it your driving a mk2 now then?? Havnt seen you about since you had the mk3,thought you'd give up on the Vdub thing......
  6. Good Motoring in Colwyn Bay used to be THE place for all audio stuff in this area,not sure if they still are as good, or even if there still trading,might be worth an ask! They were Alpine/Rock Fos dealers but did diversify into other stuff! Good lads down there tho who really knew there stuff! Edit-still trading-http://www.goodmotoring.co.uk/
  7. Golf MK6 GTi // Build Thread

    This may be a bit too early a question but what kind of ride are you getting with the ss's,reading up on the american forums they seem to be of the opinion that they are a tad bouncy and will eventually kill the shocks??? I only ask as im /in the market for some springs or coilovers for my Gti and just trying to do my homework!! The days of me bouncing along with a rock hard ride are long gone..... :lol:
  8. Ted's GTD

    Sure you passed me the other day down Black Cat way,did do a doubletake as it looked mean on the move,got me thinking as my Gti is same colour and soon to have some coilovers and bigger wheels!!
  9. Project : Pass_out

    Love that,new wheels look Only thing, as said is ditch the flowers but your on the case with them!! Great to see something different!
  10. My first Mk2

  11. BBM mk2 vr6

    Love this pic,so moody,lovely mk2! Dont suppose you have a hi-res for a screensaver??
  12. My mk3 Golf Harlequin.

    Fair do's,lots of thought and effort gone into that,specially the colour matching of the parts! Absolutely love it,well done!! :wub: Oh,ive got a pair of new gen wings to fit that if your still after some,still in the packaging!!

    Looks very nice that Willie,hope the front does it justice!!
  14. So i bought a mk2......

    Seen this rolling up and down the 6 a couple of times,looks tough on the bbs's such great road presence,as said lucky lucky man!!
  15. lupo tdi

    Drive a truck,deliver a lot down that way!! :lol: