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  1. Mk2 1.3C Type 19 - Bagged, Centre Lock, VR6

    Saw this at Fueled Society. Inspired me to open the door of the garage mine's in - then I remembered how much work there was to get it on the road, so I shut it again. It's a great looking car and will look savage on the new wheels.
  2. Project *time warp*

    A car with no front end, you call that an update...........(#private_joke)
  3. Roger's Beige Mk2 - Update 02-01-10

    Yearly immaterial update to keep the thread from being deleted.... New narrower front dishes acquired after 2 years of searching. Fingers crossed for more updates in future months.
  4. Max's mk2 golf -- a nevada beige typ19

    Welcome to the Nevada club mate. I'd check them rear turrets for rust too. Stevie Wonder worked on the wax oil & stone chip department when they produced the beige ones - FACT.
  5. Project *time warp*

    There was nothing wrong with my Satnav. It was a perfectly viable route. (In a landrover) Looked epic all weekend buddy - And J's right, you can't cook.
  6. Roger's Beige Mk2 - Update 02-01-10

    No real forward progress. Unfortunatly we had to move house (Dodgy Landlord) so I've lost my garage. This was on move day : It's now sat in my lock up. Lack of power, hours at work & saving for my own house will slow things to an almost halt. But I do plan on chipping away at some of the front & rear running gear/brake fab work as well as the wheel refurb while its in its temp home. Thanks for all the interest and hope to be back in the not so distant future with some real updates.
  7. Project *time warp*

    Congrats on the win fella. Your face running through the campsite was epic. "I JUST WON!" Good to meet ya. And offer still stands if you need me to wire the US lights.
  8. "rustowagen" mk1caddy -cross flow yoooo

    Nice to meet you over the weekend mate, even if me and Joe were a little slow and hungover. Keep up the good work.
  9. Roger's Beige Mk2 - Update 02-01-10

    Slow work today. Final fitting & fettle of lower inner arch. Decided to remake one bit as it didn't give me enough to spot weld to.
  10. Roger's Beige Mk2 - Update 02-01-10

    Today's progress : When down and finished a bit more of the roll over jig. (Cheers Mike) Both Frames done, just the legs to finish on one and the bumper support bars to do! More tomorrow.
  11. Austrian Type 19 Mk2 Golf - DEC 26

    Wow. Just wow.
  12. Roger's Beige Mk2 - Update 02-01-10

    Original I think you just got B*tch slapped? Still going Christian, just slowly. Thanks Carly, nothing that amazing yet, just very slow progress. Some more tasters of stance to be (But further in) : Work today was slow due to a certain someone's family sized hatchback needing a catch tank fitting?!?! You know who you are. What did get done was as follows : Remove all rust from lower inner arch. Make lower part : Make Upper Part (Shown with lower part in place) : Check fitments : Ready to weld.
  13. Roger's Beige Mk2 - Update 02-01-10

    Hello fresh metal inner arch.
  14. Retro Mk2!

    Love the wheels. Going to suit the car very well I recon.
  15. 24v Haldex Nevada Beige

    Will I may have missed something? Is it mad amounts of camber on the rear that's making the rears sit 20 odd further in? Or have you had to space the fronts out to clear some brakes? I assume your doing the same as me to solve it, if you want to know what I figured out the other day messing with the front end PM me.