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  1. Alex's Red a3 Sportback

    That looks perfect ,love it!
  2. the wifes mk4 harlequin

    Seen this in the flesh but not all finished,looks great joe , glad becs got her wish at last .Want to see this finished next time im in the uk.
  3. the wifes mk4 harlequin

    Looking good mate , will have a look in october when im over.Its been over a year since we talked about this and now it true .keeep up the good work.
  4. My mk3 VR6T

    trix your car is on another , best mk3 , amazing work and the end result is spot on
  5. It'll be all white on the night! polo16v

    just been over every page what a great little car you got there , well done at e38
  6. Redders NEW ride.... Full rebuild.

    looks mint jon , wish i was there this year but been busy , congrats to you and your girl all the best mate
  7. VINNYS Mk3 Golf Take 2

    this is now for sale , £300 ono cheers
  8. Dusty Mauve mk3 16v

    LOOKING great boo. lovin that colour works really well, nice to see you in a mk3 atlast ,
  9. steves mk3 vr oemstyle ftw!

    what you putting on mate , joes old boot. happy new year
  10. My mk3 VR6T

    well done trix mate . had a good read today , hope to see it at ud , for the first. top car you made matey
  11. Boxman's........ bolf, its painted!

    what can i say joe , went down to see this with joe tonight , and the paint is spot on , and so bright , going to look mental when put together
  12. Boxman's........ bolf, its painted!

    found these on my phone mate
  13. steves mk3 vr oemstyle ftw!

    mad skills geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezer , get it done for ud 2010 , you found that colour yet, keep up the top work
  14. VINNYS Mk3 Golf Take 2

    havent broken any thing mate , it still drives like a dream