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  1. Mk1 Scirocco Small Block Chic

    Good to see your still persevering Winston. Good work.
  2. StillStatic Mk6 GTD

    Well this was a non starter! very slack! updates coming soon.
  3. StillStatic Mk6 GTD

    Ive been neglecting this place! after having posted all our previous stillstatic builds except one ( ) mostly down to not having as much time these days to get on here but thought id share the latest stillstatic run around.. Found a good base model although downside it being its black.. anyway 2012 mk6 GTD and our first 4 door for the new addition to the family. Ill sort the sequence of pics from the last 9 months but the main goal is to sort the chassis and make it low with plenty of wheels options for the future. Cheers Si P.S. I love my contradicting sig.. but its staying. lol.
  4. StillStatic edition30

    Thanks Grande, i miss her but the mk6 needed to be done for the fam and an edition 35 was just too far out of my reach, such a shame to have traded it in for what i was asking at the time it was reasonable, i know its been sold on again now but no where near the spec it was.. Ive got something for you btw the pm me :-) Thanks Luke, i still have it if your interested? or can make another.
  5. Show&Glow Bluewater, Kent.

    steve sweetland on the decks.
  6. Caddy 2k - was meant to be a work van!

    Im sure i saw you go through husbands bosworth last week? looked like my twin!
  7. Bye Bye Mk6 Golf - Hello Mk6 Jetta :)

    We have a couple very low coilovers kits for these platforms
  8. Beige Mk1 golf 1.8T 20V smoothed bay

    Look at how much thread is left!!!
  9. Beige Mk1 golf 1.8T 20V smoothed bay

    Its not just a shorter spring, We can supply the sping to suit the conversion your doing so if youve a 32 i can spec a 30kg spring aswell, the strut and damper is also shortened by either 50mm ,80mm or 100mm to give drops of 120, 150 or 180mm!!!! without compromising damper travel and ride quality. These are made at H&R Race Suspension who make all the motorsport applications. Thans Si.
  10. Air is good for show drop Phil but your going to miss the coilover driveability.. No doubt you'll get it sitting well on bags. :-) look forward to seeing how it sits. Si
  11. PoLOW Estate TDI

    Nice colour choice, one of my favourites.
  12. Prept

    Ultimate dubs prep got in the way! next month!
  13. StillStatic edition30

    It may still be hear connor, selling a few bits here and there so will help the price