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  1. Does anyone have access to find the torque settings required when changing a cam chain on a 1.4tfsi engine (code CAXC) A manual in pdf form would be awesome too if anyone can export that from a Bentley manual?
  2. Will the paint flake

  3. Porsche 964

    like the new buy, are you bringing it to the parrot on sunday?
  4. #ProjectMk2

    sick mex, where you working atm, will try and drop in for a catchup
  5. Upgrades the mk5 golf system

    looking to keep standard sat nav replacing speakers and an amp, not bothered about silly bass so would rather not have to add a sub if possible budget, maybe £300? might not be enough for a 4 channel amp and front and rear components?
  6. Upgrades the mk5 golf system

    Hi Can anyone recommend some simple direct replacements to upgrade the system in a mk5 golf? the standard system is bereable but has no where near the same depth as audi a4 etc thanks
  7. the car judders when pulling away in first and reverse, i originally put it down to the dual mass flywheel but on further investigation it has a single mass.. there is sometimes a thud on first startup, and a pretty hefty thud when you engage the clutch quickly.. other than this the clutch feels fine, doesnt slip at all, the engine mounts feel fine changing any other gear what is most likely? i need to get to the bottom of it without changing everything unnecessarily mk5 sdi with 98k on the clocks anyone had any experience with these symptoms?
  8. mk5 golf sdi engine light

    funny you say that as the fan kicks in after about 5 from starting cold.. which i thought was odd never overheats or anything but maybe the temp sensor is sending out the wrong signal.. thanks
  9. mk5 golf sdi engine light

    so recently on the sdi pulling away in first has been very juddery.. which i put down to the dual mass flywheel or clutch but tonight i started it up and the engine light came on.. is this related? the engine runs smooth as far as i can tell..
  10. Golf Rallye 20vt - sold :(

    sweet, i remember seeing this thread from when i used to come on here alot more.. are the porsche seats genuine? i had some reps and they were so flimsy, pretty scary to be honest i always wondered if i just had a dodgy set.. hmmm
  11. hi The brake pad warning light has just come up on my a4 but it does not state whether it is the front or the rear? after visual inspection they both look like they have quite abit of meat left on them.. can i assume its the fronts? my friends a3 doesnt have sensors for the rear pads..?
  12. Early MK2 GTi

  13. My Stealth Bomber.New Wheels Are Here

    no the normal polished m3 wheels..
  14. LouieL's My Mk2

    this will look insane with the wheels
  15. 2k Caddy build (money pit)

    if i got a van it would be one of these caddys nicest van!