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  1. Boost pipe leak - Bora TDI 150

    Thats the problem, I need the car to get to work. Do you know if there is a write up on how to do it?
  2. A step by step brake caliper refurb how to?

  3. I have tightened the boost pipes on my 150PD bora a few times, but they keep coming loose. I am now thinking of upgrading to aftermarket ones. The only kit I have seen is the allard one but have heard mixed reviews and also think the price is a bit steep for a couple of pipes. Does anyone know of any other kits available and where I can get them from? Thanks
  4. This can't be right!

    You should have called them. I spoke to Danny earlier and gave me the best quote I could find.
  5. Knocking under breaking - Bora

    lol, i thought of the reply before you, you just type faster!
  6. Knocking under breaking - Bora

    is the car lowered? could be the arb hitting. check the bushes, also check if you can physically move the wheel back and forth with you hands.
  7. Mk4 estate

    im liking this a lot .
  8. want a HID kid for my Bora

    i have standard bora headlights (H4 bulbs), i purchased a HID kit from ebay but took it out as the beam has no pattern and would be a matter of time before i got pulled up for them. i have searched but can not find any H4 anti glare HID bulbs/ kits available so thought id put a post up for some help. can anyone advise me this? thanks.
  9. Murdered A4 Avant.

    hello mate, would you be able to tell me what tint the lamin-x is on the headlights? it is light smoke or gun smoke? i think the car looks awesome.
  10. im thinking i need to go up to a 40 profile tyre too. my bora is lowered on coilovers. the ride with the baloon 205/55/16 tyres mean the ride is nice. i dont want to loose too much of the ride quailty when putting the 18's on.
  11. i want to know is running 215/35/18's on a 9j and 9.5j rims are going to be too harsh? i was thinking about putting 225/40/18's on but already have a set of 215/35's hence why im asking the question. i dont want to pay to have them fitted if they have to come off again. thanks.
  12. pcd adaptor/spacer help.

    hi, i need some help with PCD adaptors for me VW Bora. it currently has 6.5" x 16" ET42 alloys. the car has coilovers and needs 5mm spacers on the front wheels to stop the wheels from catching giving about 2 to 3mm clearance. the new wheels are 8.5 x 18 ET 59 and 9.0 x 18 ET 53. wheels are 5x112 im guessing i need 42mm rear and 47mm front 5x100 to 5x112 adaptors. i want to know if this is correct. i have found 40mm and 45mm ones available but want to know if my calculations are correct. also will this make the wheels stick out too much? thanks.
  13. My Schwartz metalic mk2

    oi give my car back, lol
  14. Edition 38 2009

    who owns this? anyone got any contact details. i own a orange w115.
  15. oh ok, i must learn to read properly b4 adding a reply.