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  1. If you really cant find mechanical issue or feel it.......is there something rolling around in the boot or foot wells or even in spare tyre compartment
  2. Engine Mount .... I had this in revers once and it was the rear engine mount allowing the whole engine to rock slightly when can to halt. easy check just hook the block with hand in a few different directions and lean back to see if it budges.
  3. Great to hear you got it started I was following this praying for another mk2 to rise from a coma!..... which breakers is that giving 3 month guarantees
  4. Adapter fitting woes

    Take some 200 grit emery to the surfaces of the hub and the adapter and hub face of wheel especially the collar of the center hub on the car. just to make sure theres nothing obstructing or caked on. Only lightly to free anything dont scrub it.
  5. Adapter fitting woes

    wheels buckled?
  6. Strange cutting out issue on my mk3 golf

    First step..... check for diagnostic codes... garages usually charge around £30-£40 if you dont have a mate with an error checker or VAG-COM. If its the problem I have experienced its common and has happened to 2 mk3's I have had one being an 8v GTi and one a 16v GTi... Both times it was a knock/speed sensor (g40) I believe. But you need to check codes. I spent 3 weeks messsing with old skool methods of trying to remediate on the first time because the car stopped running (plugs leads fuel pump injectors earths.) I finally changed the sesnor that my error code told me about and the car was fine.
  7. Billy's Mk2 VR6 Conversion

    havent really been to a meet since last year. ill let you know.
  8. Billy's Mk2 VR6 Conversion

    quality - nice one bups. billy canny wait to see it man
  9. Small resto on my mk2

    nice one satwinderpalveer
  10. mk3 gti 16v cut out and now won't start?

    Try get a vagcom diagnostic check on it. it will pin point any sensor giving bad values to ECU........ Sounds like knock/crank sensor to me but a diagnostic will tell you which specific one.(happened to me with 2 cars)
  11. my mk2 golf dialy driver project by smiler

    black mk3.5 cabby will most definetly be caked in crap.
  12. my mk2 golf dialy driver project by smiler

    lesta love you knwo there is a meet tomorrow night? http://www.edition38.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=341669
  13. my mk2 golf dialy driver project by smiler

    smiler you didnt select the correct image code from photobucket... get some help next time matey
  14. my mk2 golf dialy driver project by smiler

    FIXED don't panic peoples
  15. Matty's Golf MK3 Project

    whatever you do just don't give into GTI bumpering it.... resist any temptation. would be interested to see how this turns out