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  1. My wheel spec.. Can anyone HELP?

    After searching Google for 15 seconds I can tell you they're 18x8 et43
  2. 1st VW show for a show virgin?

    Tatton Park NWVW is an awesome show and sounds much more what you're after. As long as the suns out then it's a nice family affair. Probably a better blend of old and new, aircooled and watercooled as well as full blown show cars and club stands
  3. Modifying/shortening the sump

    Have you raised the engine?
  4. Mk2 Golf 20v sleeper

    I work for GKN, used to be involved in the rear trailing edge assemblies in Bristol
  5. Mk2 Golf 20v sleeper

    Stu_20vt what do you do for work? Cant miss that A350.....
  6. Ollies Mk4 - Lots of pics

    I love a nice red car, they are so rewarding to polish What car is in the garage?
  7. glad you are going for the coils instead of shocks and springs - you would only regret it later on otherwise.. Keep an eye on the classifieds in here and ebay, something else may pop up well within your budget. You just have to be patient... It only pays to do coils and wheels at the same time anyway so no rush
  8. Mk2 golf sub enclosure

    I think I used a 5 litre fibreglass kit - if you use a wooden front face then it should be plenty. Get the thickest material you can and do as many layers as possible
  9. 2004 Audi A3 8P

    Never liked these wheels... Completely changed my mind on them Tim!
  10. Fatmans MK3

    Red mk3s Keep an eye out for a lupo steering wheel, they bring the car up to date so much Get some good components in there to spruce up the sound too
  11. Beige concern

    Please clean it
  12. Audi S3

    Ian iv looked through this entire thread... fantastic stuff! What are your wheel and tyre specs? -3degrees rear camber?
  13. Project gAy3

    Christ jord you did mean bent! Awesome puppy too
  14. the mk3 project begins.

    those tyres and tuck make it look like a dragster haha 9 and 8.5 sound about right, final et?
  15. just clowning around

    17s and tuck them bad boys... good work so far!