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  1. 59 lowlight Ghia! Sold...... 1960 splitscreen pg13

    How's it coming along Sam ?
  2. australian mk1

    Amazing True inspiration for everyone!
  3. Dizzy problems

    Afternoon all Am new to this so plz bare with me! I have a mk1 show car I've built , am running an ABF bottem end with a KR head and a set of twin dellotto carbs ! I've done away with the side mounted distributor on the head so I have the complete flushed look! The problem am having now is the guy who's helped me so far is not sure on what dizzy to use to mount on the block as all the ones so far have been to tall and won't sit under the barbs manifold! Am totally at my wits ends now! So any help or advise would be amazing! Many thanks for your time pat
  4. Golf Mk2 syncro

    It's incredible the level of excellence people go to now! Amazing build and really can't wait to see your car in the sunshine!
  5. Mk1 caddy extended roof, g60, bbs

    Great cover dude ! See the pikey cover sneaking into the shot!
  6. The bane of my existence

    Incredible work Steve! And it's great to see you use the car so much too! Nice write up enjoyed reading that at this wee hour at work :-) See you Saturday !
  7. The bane of my existence

    Amazing work well done!