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  1. candy mk4

    right, this is the turbo to intercooler pipe eldin from www.empperformance.com had made up for me, i need this pipe made up for two reasons 1: i have fitted the pd130 turbo and the standard pipe work does not match up 2: if you have seen the standard turbo to intercooler pipes on the tdi's and 20vt's you will no how much of a restiction it is, he has made it so its as free flowing as it can be and does not touch the wheel on full lock or interfere with the drive shaft it has made a drivable difference to my car and boost is alot smoother cant wait to get her on a rolling road!!!
  2. candy mk4

    got the car washed today so decided to get fred to take some pics of candy with the latest mods, wheels, miniture expansion tank and number plate (which fits the car perfect!!) i also got my turbo to intercooler pipe made by EMP which is excelent, but i will update it later once i get the car in the air and get some pics of it, any way heres the pics!!!
  3. candy mk4

    lm 's are on, 18x8.5 all round with 215/40/18 falkens, ive also got a set of 235/45/18 contisport 3s for 1/4 mile, i love way they sit with the 15mm spacers at the back, your cant realy see the stance in the pic ( crappy ipone), when i set the ride hieght i had a full tank, now its nearly empty so the arse is in the air lol im going to try to go amd rollng road day to see what shes pushing, took the turbo off today to change the cold side to a clip on type (long story) gave it a quick inspection and its better then i thought, no play what so ever, vnt is completly free, and no wear on the turbine, considering my driving style ( and bens who had the turbo before me) plus me keep bugging fred to run a very agresive map lol, should be going emp on weds to get a turbo - intercooler pipe made up il get some pics up of the wheels and pipes, and my new turbo when i get it back from having a laser cut cad designed adapter made up from voodoo motorsport
  4. candy mk4

  5. candy mk4

    i went down to santapod last sunday for RWYB which was a fail lol, got up nice and early to meet fred (artofspeed.net) to upload my santapod file :twisted: , got to santapod for 9, waited till one till they had dried the track (hmmm not realy dry ) then on my 1st run as i camr to the 1/8 mile a boost pipe went pop lol game over for that day, only managed a 16.7, but at least i was able to drive home unlike the honda s2000 owner who demonstrated how wet it was by geting sideways down the quater mile and puting it in the wall backwards :shock: :shock: i went up there with ben in his ibiza tdi which has been prepaired by ben and me (vagworld) and maped by artofspeed, he managed a 14.6, we was hoping for a quicker time but due to the weather we couldnt get a good launch, i only managed a 14.9 in it :roll: :roll: any way heres the pics, tt comps have been sold, the 15's in the pics have been sold, im running on steelies which are going to someone tomorrow and i should be fitting the lm reps, 18x8.5 all round and im going to fit 215/40s and play with some spacers, vids will follow shortly as you tube takes forever!!
  6. candy mk4

    sold these now
  7. candy mk4

    just picked up these badboys from voodoo
  8. candy mk4

    Well I didn't lol
  9. candy mk4

    Got my new reg for xmas from my mrs S444OKE, reads smoke, can't wait to get it on the car!
  10. candy mk4

    make sure your at the tunnel run on the 27th/12/2010 its going to be EPIC!!! heres a few pics, my recaros the power house lol the sleeper badge textured ani spliter fun in the snow
  11. candy mk4

    Cheers, I've had more wheels on her just can't find any pics lol can't seam to find a set I want to keep, I'm not sure the sterns are going to work for me, I might try to swap/ ptx them
  12. candy mk4

    this is candy in the snow, she loves the snow!! this is how im running for winter, on comps il polish them tomorrow, ill take a few pics at work, the engine bay has changed alot,ive got my recaro interior in,3spoke wheel, tt pedals, mk6 polo gear knob, and textured ani front valance il stick on if i get time tomorrow, NWDUBS.com meet tomorrow if u want to come check it out!!
  13. candy mk4

    I've dropped off the splits to voodoo, can wait to see them!!! Do I put them on the car or sell them? I wieghed them and there only 6.5kg so there pretty light, any body want them? Open to pt/x
  14. candy mk4

    just to add,the pic of the arb cut in half is when i was going through a "low" phase, its now eibach'd up
  15. candy mk4

    its an ALH engine code the later type 90bhp lump, yh stock internals, bottom end should be good for 350lbs.ft+ if not ill stick a asz/arl bottom end in her, i no of afew with alot more torque then that