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  1. PoLOW Estate TDI

    That purple's a great colour.
  2. The door cards look amazing!
  3. MK3 GTI Colour Concept

    Not updated this in a long time! Here is how my car currently stands. Not done anything revolutionary but, I love it. When I get some money, new wheels and a healthy drop are called for.
  4. Conlog Alarm Fobs

    This is the fob
  5. Conlog Alarm Fobs

    My conlog fob is battered to death, currently held together by tape. VW tell me they can no longer get them. Has anyone found someone selling either originals or replicas? Thanks
  6. MK3 Golf Interior bulbs

    Thank you!
  7. MK3 Golf Interior bulbs

    The headlight switch.
  8. MK3 Golf Interior bulbs

    Never mind I've removed the bulbs now. The heater control bulb wasn't connected to power, but when I connected it and turned the lights on it didn't work anyway. Is it possible to change the bulb in the headlight controls? I can't figure out how to open them but I think I can see the bulb...
  9. MK3 Golf Interior bulbs

    Is the cluster bulb the same as the lights in the controls?
  10. MK3 Golf Interior bulbs

    I'm sorry if this has been asked a million times but I'm obviously not asking the search function the right questions! 1. My speedo/rev counter is no longer illuminated. 2. None of the heater controls or light controls are illuminated Can someone please tell me what bulbs these take? And if your feeling like a really good Samaritan, perhaps a link to the halfords product page Thanks!
  11. I need a good and reasonably priced body shop in or around Sheffield that will Spray a bonnet and tail gate for me. Anyone got a recommendation?
  12. MK3 GTI Colour Concept

    Cheers Rory, it had to be saved, would of been wrong to see it in a scrap yard. No plans yet, not had a chance to look around for inspiration. I'll let you know if I get any!
  13. MK3 GTI Colour Concept

    TH Monos I believe.
  14. MK3 GTI Colour Concept

    I promised a update, here it is! Front bumper, lights and grill fitted. Then the bonnet fitted. Not a huge amount done, but I like the way it looks. Will certainly do till I can find some Jazz Blue bits.
  15. MK3 GTI Colour Concept

    No updates yet, going to visit it tomorrow so I'll put some pictures up tomorrow/Sunday. All that's going to happen is bonnet, grill and front bumper will be put on along with a bag of interior bits that were taken off for selling by one of the previous owners. I'm glad the cars getting some love, makes me believe I did the right thing If anyone trawling the bay see's any jazz blue bits up for grabs (mainly a bonnet and tail gate) drop me pm!