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    I prefer the car over the owner........
  2. DuBmIKe's - Project Mince

    This is long gone. I'm glad.
  3. Oldskools mk3 - FOR SALE

    built properly
  4. DuBmIKe's - Project Mince

    Unfortunately yes
  5. DuBmIKe's - Project Mince

    I'm still about. Just really can't be arsed with forums with the amount of poop on them. Trust you Kemaar Looooooooooong time no see as well
  6. DuBmIKe's - Project Mince

    Cracked barrels make for interesting 600 mile trips. Oh i see what you did there..... Cheers. I've had it long enough now and to be honest isn't as nice as it once was. Well it would be if i washed it
  7. DuBmIKe's - Project Mince

    Still for sale. On rd's for £2300. This is how it is on the rs's. They are for sale separately for £900.
  8. Oldskools mk3 - FOR SALE

    Actually love this more than EVER
  9. Oldskools mk3 - FOR SALE

    'That' picture
  10. Oldskools mk3 - FOR SALE

  11. White MK2 Golf, White Wellers Pg 8

    Parked in the back
  12. White MK2 Golf, White Wellers Pg 8

    In the skip near the main toilet block
  13. Oldskools mk3 - FOR SALE

    <3 Hoping Dougie pulls it out of the bag for you and it makes it to Players so i can see it running again Was good fun pushing it though with some peoples looks