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  1. MK2 Golf KR on Carbs

    i noticed theres no gearbox in the pictures, are you planning on using the "8v" gearbox already in the car? nice start btw, keep it coming
  2. kr engine on webbers

    at the end of the day, you may as well just spend your money on an r32 turbo..
  3. haldex?!?! sounds like you've got a lot of work on your hands.... might come down with jack in the next couple of weeks to help the funding of this conversion.
  4. are you running emrald on this? would you not be able to get more power from the install if you aren't?
  5. i think the pedal is mounted to the pedal box with a plate looking at the pictures. and its probably easier to do anyway without having to remove the engine to get to the other side of the bulkhead .
  6. when will miles be doing this to his one? he should get more power out of his one (being a 5-door)
  7. ha ha... i didn't see this one coming from you andy but i must say looks rather nice on an 8v. what did you do with the compression? i imagine you've changed the head gasket etc...?
  8. My new G60, Page 15

    ha ha.. get a golf kart, i heard insurance isn't too bad
  9. mk2 GTI/G60 STORM!

  10. mk2 GTI/G60 STORM!

    well i guess its best to start the thread with the plan..... my beloved MK2 GTI 8v i bought back in jnuary '06 has decided to stop, the engine had a small water leak..... into no.2 cylinder. unfortunately it decided to go when i was cruising on the M3 and it went with all the oil and water through the exhaust!! After looking at the engine i have decided to carryout a conversion and give the old girl a new kick, i then spent the best part of a month looking into diferent engines i culd put in with minimum hassle and since my mk2 is a digi i was hoping i could use as much of the origional loom as possible. this meant i would look into the AGG 8v from the mk3 gti aswell as the ABF or 9A 16v blocks. but after almost buying an ABF, as it would be quite an easy conversion given the loom i'm using (the less splicing loom the better ) i decided to look into what audi, seat and skoda had to offer. This lead me to the 20 valve variants that would give me the power i wanted for a reasonable amount of cash. but i already knew that i wouldn't go down the turbo path as even though it might give impressive figures 'in my opinion' it gives those results in all the wrong places and i'm lead to believe that the only way to correct this is to get rid of the standard turo and install a garret. this seemed too much of a time waister and i looked into the less powerful n/a version of the 20 valve. The AGN and APG engines that were fitted to A4/A3's and ocatvias seemed to tick all the right boxes as although they may not have had the power of a 20vT or an ABF it would allow room for improvement (i get bored easy ). but when i started my search for an n/a 20v i found i would be in for a shock... t turns out that most low mileage, complete and local engines were still really expensive for what they were and wouldn't have been worth the money for the power you get, unless you have the extra cash to spend on improving it! so this led me to the end of my search as when having a chat with the old man about it he suggested i try looking for a G60 engine, this was perfect as i would be able to achieve good bhp/torque from a standard engine with plenty of room for improvement! i started looking immediately and found one on low mileage (80k) with the charge cooler, air box, engine harness, mapped ECU, flywheel/clutch assembly and the cahrger had recently been rebuilt by jabba sport. a couple of days later i had the engine shipped to a friends garage where i had the car stored whilst looking for the replacement engine. the engine itself is from a red, J reg corrado so it was a perfect match for the shell, i'd got some parts i.e. engie mounts, belts and other various parts that i would need for the conversion and set to work removing the original engine from the car. sorry for the long intro but i thought it best to get every small detail in now so that the rest of the posts make sense. more progress to come......
  11. My new G60, Page 15

    hows the ecu coming along did you get hold of storm today? might aswell build your own one from scratch might be quicker
  12. My new G60, Page 15

    cheap skate, why don't you get a real note on the back of the car or does the note reflect the value of the car so r u wrapping it or stencils?
  13. My new G60, Page 15

    right quick recap from yesterday....... pics from yesterday and wednsday got 'some' wheels to fit (just so it an roll), got the loom all wired up both interior and engine harness, th engine now turns over and we have power!! got the lighting loom wired up and plugged in, steering rack is now on, carpets/seats/doorcards and even the seats are now in! went on to bleed the brakes, bled the hyd clutch, shifter is now fitted and working, electric windows and loom are now in. all we need now to finish the car and get it MOT'd is an exhaust system.... gonna go for a 16v exhaust for now, also need a steering wheel to fit a mk4 boss if anyones got one i could have?? to sum up this has only taken us 4 days of solid working between 2 and occasionally 3 people which to b honest sounds pretty crazy!
  14. My new G60, Page 15

    timbutjacks car, just keep using the wrong computer got the wheels but now need some 10mm spacers to clear the calipers so whos got some in surrey that i can collect asap??