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  1. Corrado vr6....rotrex in progress

    Brief update. Wanted some wheels that were a bit more bling. After the hassle of stripping the threads on one of my rh adapters on the way to Stanford, I managed to order some new 25mm rh adapters with steel inserts as oppose to the 20mm one i had one previously. So i now have 17x8 rh zw1's all round with 205/40 falken ze914s with 25mm adapters. A great tyre that gives a little subtle stretch on the 8j rim. If anyone was to run this set up in the future I'd recommend 25mm adapters all round. 20mm is too close to the suspension locking collars. If you have rolled arches then 30mm would be fine. But it all depends how low you want to go. Managed a few pics. As its a corrado there's always something that needs doing so feel the rear wheel bearings need replacing as there was some play when the rear wheels were on and I gave tested it for movement. Also the brake compensator valve has decided to start leaking so that needs replacing too, so will probably take the opportunity to renew some worn rear brake lines. Credit card is not going to be happy. Also have my eye on a new man bike as I want to get into biking but not sure I can stretch the funds that far as the car always comes first Look forward to some more shows and meets Also the previous superleggeras will be for sale when I have a chance to give them a clean.
  2. Corrado vr6....rotrex in progress

    Thanks, appreciate the comments. As soon as the mapping is done and I can drive it videos will be uploaded. It's killing me not been able to drive it properly with out the map.
  3. Corrado vr6....rotrex in progress

    So while waiting to get the car mapped at stealth I've been missing driving it so treated the inside to some tic and retrimmed the headlining and sun visors etc. I really wanted some nice alcantara but its not cheap and As it was my first attempt at trimming I opted for some nice plush black cloth at about £40 for a 2x1m strip, just in case things didn't go to plan. Theres a few tiny niggles but overall I'm chuffed with the results. Cost about £55 in total what with spray glue and evostick glue. The interior has been totally transformed and I'd recommend everyone should give it a go! My handbrake cover was from another car and has never been quite as black as the surrounding trim so thought Id cover this too. Looks much better in the flesh than in the pictures. I also decided to strip the plastic off of the sun visors and retrim these rather than spray them. I'm just waiting for the paint to dry on the grey plastic then I'll pop them in too.
  4. Corrado vr6....rotrex in progress

    been collecting parts for a while to finish off the charger install. Had my 312s and mk4 rears in the boot and decided to get them installed in prep for getting the car mapped Had some trouble bleeding the brakes as has been discussed before. There is a lot more pedal travel than before but once they bite the braking force is immense they are certainly an improvement and don't fade after a second or two like the 280s, they just bite harder and throw you forward in your seat. Painted them smooth gold to match the charger bracket and intake pipe Standard 280s Audi TT 312s
  5. Corrado vr6....rotrex in progress

    Trial fitting Oil cooler plumbed in Air filter in the wing Installed
  6. Corrado vr6....rotrex in progress

    Rotrex install was emotional. Anyway in short it's alive! Sort of. It's all been a steep learning curve for me but I love to learn about how stuff works The install was a pain, I had an old bracket I believe thus we had to attach it and take it off numerous time to get all of the pulleys lined up, shave a few mm off of the block as it was fouling the bracket and then one of the threads on the block gave way so we then had to helicoil (sp) in a new thread. In the end after a few late nights its all on. It's all very tight With the rrfpr, rotrex oil canister and intake pipes. We tried to keep it all as neat as possible and route vacuum lines for the rrfpr and re-circ valve around the engine bay and out of sight The rotrex metal hardpipe has no inlet for the isv pipe, I thought this could be deleted but I was correctly told its needed, so I bought a silicone t-piece and we cut down the isv pipe, connected it back up and then plumbed the isv into the t-piece that was between the tb inlet and intake pipe outlet. The isv hose was smaller than the 25mm t-piece outlet but we fitted a small section of the isv hose around the plastic joiner and this was then a perfect fit and allowed a tight seal. Initially we tried it with the re-circ venting to atmosphere, do not attempt this. It would not idle, the engine was fuelling for the air metered by the maf, but then most of it was being vented when the tb was closed, so massive over fuelling and no idle. We then used the old intake pipe that came with the kit that had an outlet on the 90 degree elbow. I didn't want to use this as it was old and I had bought a nice shiny t-piece for the re-circ but there is no way enough space to have this and a silicone elbow coming off of the charger. So I cleaned the old pipe, wrapped it in some new silicone tape and plumbed it in. Now there was another problem, I idled fine but when we drove it it was awful, the re-circ pipe was collapsing as it was only some cheap vacuum pipe. So limped home, replaced the re-circ pipe with a wire reinforced piece and I reset the ecu. After a drive last night it's certainly got some more power but too much I think. I've read that the maf is good for about 280/300bhp and has a 5v resistance for airflow. When I drive under part throttle its ok, but as soon as I open throttle at about 3.5/4k revs the engine wans to jump out of the bay. I suspect the maf is peaking at its 5v limit and shutting down the injectors. Am I correct? The car is very drivable up until I open full throttle, I think the charger is maxing the maf airflow so my question now is how do I resolve this? I've read a few bis on maf clamps, but then any air above the 5v limit is not accounted for? Is this sensible? I've heard c2 mentioned but I'm not sure what that is? Or do I need a full remap and new injectors? Or can a 4" maf be used but then I'll need new software to match I'm led to believe? Here's the pics so far, we ran out of time to fit the 312s so hoping this will be done sometime next week 312s were already in very good condition, just not keen on red calipers Smooth gold mk4 rears painted blue Lick of gold, not a perfect finish but happy enough Bundle of items Rotrex c30-84 Gold bracket Metal ccr intake pipe Thought I'd buy a new filter for piece of mind Braided hoses, cnc spacers and high tensile bolts Ready to start So first problem, having to grind a few mm off the block as I seem to have the old style bracket thats not quite a direct fit
  7. Corrado vr6....rotrex in progress

    Bit of a clean. wheels are growing on me but think will have a look for some nicer wheels in the future
  8. Corrado vr6....rotrex in progress

    Loved the MLs but the impracticalities of it all made me purchase some more sensible wheels, anyway bought some cheap oz ultraleggeras, sanded them down and sprayed them matt black, then put some rubber on. They're 7x16 so no issues with scrubbing at all. not the low wide look of before but more of a stealth/racing look. they'll do for the time being. Also had the car serviced and opted for some 15w/50 oil. nice and smooth now gave the battery a charge. think it needs upgrading soon to a 63a one.
  9. Corrado vr6....rotrex in progress

    Decided to be adventurous and instead of getting the roof painted with the rear bumper I opted to go for a wrap look. I initially wanted gloss black but it would suffer from swirls quite easily so i went for a durable carbon wrap. I was dubious about it looking chav but it's come out well, the finish is top notch too! The pictures don't do it justice to be honest and it does look better in the flesh. I also took the roof runners out and sanded them down and sprayed them and did the same with the aerial base
  10. Corrado vr6....rotrex in progress

    Not massively Into music in the car, i love my tunes but also love the VR soundtrack having the window down, so i wanted to keep it all standard using the factory locations and keeping it minimal. i bought some jbl gto 6x4 rears, inphase 5.25 components up front and an alpine iPod headunit. Inphase speakers seemed to have good reviews on the net and they were pretty cheap so i thought id give them a go ,plus i liked the look of the yellow woofers 8) Fitting the 6x4s required quite a bit of trimming from the original mounts but after some hack sawing they fit pretty snug and give a much more refined sound in the back now. its far from thumping bass, just tight and punchy. drilled out the old tweeter and used the factory mounts in the dash, pretty pleased how well they went together and i like the subtle glimpse of yellow through the grills, gives a nice contrast to the black leather interior treated the engine bay to a 6 branch too, was in two minds whether to leave it as is, or wrap it but as nice as it looks and it was a shame to cover it up i bught some wrap and covered it up to keep heat down and keep the exhaust gasses flowing faster. The wrap was such a #### to fit, i wanted to try and get it as perfect but I'm happy with it
  11. Corrado vr6....rotrex in progress

    got the schmidts fitted wrapped in new 205/40 rubber. had a drive round the block and some slight rubbing on bumps. May not be to everyones taste but here's few early pics And front and back Will prob look to get the arches rolled but see how it drives for a little bit first oh and fitted a BMC cda last month too...oh the sound!
  12. Ive been on here a while but never posted much, previously owned an aqua blue g60. Loved it but sadly had to sell it to Fund travelling round the world for a year. Now I'm back and settled picked up this 95 twilight violet pearl effect vr6, currently on 145k. It's had a bit of work, on lowered springs with standard shocks, Mille miglia Porsche replicas finished in black with the diamond cut rim. Hid kit fitted and raid steering wheel, painted manifold and colour coded engine cover, Miltek exhaust and it did have some smoked rear lights but not to my taste so purchased the all red rears. The bodywork is very tidy, it's had some paint, there's no stone chips on the bonnet etc but the rear bumper does need respraying and there a few spots on the roof that need touching up. Although I may have a plan to get the roof covered in black vinyl? The engine had a full top end rebuild approx 20k ago costing 1300 and has had a new coilpack, magnecor leads and few other bits. I took a risk picking the car up as I knew it needed a bit of work to make it right hence getting it home then having the radiator blow so a brand new Vag one was put in and it's just had an immobiliser fitted as it was previously removed. I've had a build thread on the corrado forum so I'll just do a mass update on here. craig here it is with the standard lights, has now been de-wipered too and a trial fit of the schmidts 8) 8) 8)
  13. caliper colours

    Just painted my 312s smooth gold on a twilight violet rado
  14. Craigs 95' Twilight Violet Corrado Vr6

    So couldn't wait any longer for toyo 205/40s so bought some nankangs. I know they're not the best tyre but didn't want to wait any longer and and dont drive like a lunatic as much, so got the schmidts fitted today wrapped in new 205/40 rubber. had drive round the block and some slight rubbing on bumps. May not be to everyones taste but here's few early pics And front and back Will prob look to get the arches rolled but see how it drives for a little bit first oh and fitted a BMC cda last month too...oh the sound!
  15. Rado Vr into Vr

    oh and could i have an estimate of a 4 motion engine too please, nto sure how easy that would be? again ust another option Thank you