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  1. VINCENT 3.5

    Wow Love these kinda threads. Mate fair play on the the cleaning efforts! Great results
  2. MkTwo-Tone Jetta

    ha ha, those bumpers were trial bumpers, see if i like the colour and also to practice my strokes ;-). lol thanx tho dude. how u been? Ah got ya. Yeh I'm well dude ta, Keeping a close eye on ur efforts with this...
  3. MkTwo-Tone Jetta

    Serg, That back bumper looks to be a golf one.....
  4. Mk2 Jetta tdi conversion

    Basically I have managed to get myself a mk3 1z tdi The bonus being its lhd and seeing as my Jetta is lhd I figured it would be easier given everything is theoretically on the correct side. My issue is I am about to begin a quite substantial extension on my home which will consume every bit of my 'play' time, Is there somebody who may be willing to do the swap for me... Beer tokens and more of course... Yes there's companies out there but does it warrant going somewhere like (plucking name here) The Phirm etc. In a way yeah it's a plea for help Can anyone help? I'm in Banbury Oxfordshire Both vehicles run and drive but the mk3 isn't road legal I'll leave it there and see what response I get. Many thanks
  5. Fränk´s 1990 Golf MK2 GTI

    Stunning Gone from strength to strength Looking forward to its 2k16 look.
  6. Corrado G60

  7. Evening all, I'm needing a 2nd key for my 55plate Touareg,so far the closest i've got is to my local VW Dealers who are quoting approx £174 for the cut blade and transponder and then £35 to programme to my car. is there anyone on here on anyone who may know of someone in the industry that can do this for me? I'm junction11 M40 approx 35-40miles south of Birmingham if this helps. any information would be helpful many Thanks
  8. Mk2 Jetta

    Saw this myself on ebay, Lovely colour! Another vote for jetta front tho I'm afraid! Looks spot on now lowered and on the oz's
  9. Oxfordshire pInt

    D&M restorations at Weston on the Green
  10. Key cutting/programming

    Great news thanks bud, Any info is appreciated!
  11. Key cutting/programming

    Can anyone help I am after a 2nd key for my Touareg, Stealers haves quoted from memory circa £280, I understand this can be quite complex what with the programming etc, Anyone know of anyone in or around Oxfordshire Junction 11 M40... Cheers
  12. So perfection has been perfected... Lovely car! Look forward to seeing this
  13. Absolutely brilliant build thread! Admire your efforts! looking forward to the finished article.