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  1. My Accuair-ed MK4

    The car is now for sale in the classifieds Advert here
  2. B7 Audi Avant S line The Family Wagon :D

    Very nice mate, good choice with the Accuair too, its a great kit, i love mine.
  3. The Boat Ride

    Looking really nice, I saw this mid install, another top job by Elie. How are you finding the single compressor?
  4. Prawns new ride - silver surfwagon

    Looking good matt, love the wheel colour
  5. dele's..

    Nice job Dele
  6. Dry's Jetta

    Was looking really nice at voodoo mate, loving the new look for the wheels and the air install
  7. Dry's Jetta

    Very nice, Elie was telling me about your rear strut issues today, good old rayvern sitting really nicely now though.
  8. My Mk4

    Very nice mate
  9. New Golf Anniversary GTIR

    Looking very nice, agree with hmd about a little less stretch on the front, otherwise it's stunning mate.
  10. My Accuair-ed MK4

    Thanks mate, voodoo did a great job installing. Looks that way, everyone seems to be talking about getting air recently, there will always be the air haters though.
  11. My Accuair-ed MK4

    You too
  12. My Accuair-ed MK4

    Im not sure yet mate, will let you know. Thanks for the kind words
  13. My Accuair-ed MK4

    Finally got my new rear bags yesterday, they took a while but are definitely worth the wait. They make my rayvern bags look like poop, they are so much better quality I'm waiting on some great plates before the de-rayverning can start
  14. My Accuair-ed MK4

    Thanks mate
  15. In the Hands Of TUK....MK4 Golf Content

    Haha! He said the exact opposite to me, I wanted a cut out one and he said he only had a non cutout one that I could have if I wanted. Miraculously this turned into a cut out version and was on sale a couple of days later for £150. Sorry Persil back on topic now.