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  1. Right guys heres a list of parts which have been orderd Its a killer 83m forged pistons 83m oversized head gasket Supertech valves inlet + exhaust Supertech springs n retainers Kelvler timing belt and uprated tentioners Bronze valve guide Supertech stem seals I n e rods Acl race bearings Sem inlet Semiens daka 870cc injectors 76m drive by wire throttle body Arp head bolts For now thats about it. Still need mre but all in good time Let the winter project begin.
  2. 91' Jetta MK2 Coupe

    Very nice looking coupe buddy keep up the gud work and keep us updated.
  3. Ryt guys i noe it has been along time since i last posted after alot of thinking and juggling around i hve decided to buy a syncro rear cradle from a mk2 golf rallye which at this precise moment is at a friends who is putting the haldex cradle on there and fully pollypushing it and powder coating it all at the same time. Also the trailing arms will also have new bearings and disc put on at the same time. Also the 20vt turbo engine which i bought has gone in the mk2 golf as the piston melted on the old one. And now im back to scratch with no engine. But a list of parts has been sent for forged parts and the list shall b up shortly.
  4. guys have more of an update. i have had a long hard thought and decided to build as a track/ drag car for this year coming with custom roll cage and some goodies that turned up from Germany. bar tek top mount manifold for a t3 flange turbo tial 38mm external wasgate polished t04/e turbo with a massive hot side but will be getting a smaller 1 for spool some sneek previews hopefully get some bigger injectors but at the moment i am in the middle of smoothing the bay of my mk2 golf ATM. so juggling these 2 at the same time the weekend disappears very quickly. hopefully get all parts for this jetta and get my mk2 done for early edition,,, fingers crossed enjoys pics and no drooling sak
  5. MIVW 2014

    goin and rooms are booked for next year sak
  6. Big lee the seats are out of the old merc the w124which came in germany and the recaro trim is original and the grey material is from a jap manufacturer of materials. And i shal try to get it to shows and all aslong as the weather sticks up ....
  7. Hey guys i no its bin a long ting since i updated this and it should hopefully start again towards the end of january. But most recently the engine that i was painting n cleaning has now bin sold and i have bought another one which is dirty as hell and i need to get ir clean again and it come with a ko4 hybrid which i am selling due to getting a bigger turbo and making it abit mre mental. I wil update some pictures soon ...
  8. remapping in south east/london

    give eddie a call buddy at garage streamline down in wondworth. south london google them. hes the 1 who mapped my t34 agu. sak
  9. AHF TDI guru's wanted

    2 of the bolts are actually on the manifold itself and its quite far down the bulkhead. the 1s under the throttle where boost pipe fits are tricky but i removed 1 closer to bulkhead off so i cud access the 5mm allen keys on the inlet. if you have a long enuf 5mm allen key then u can actually reach the 3 bolts onto the inlet to take the whole thing off inc ball valve. hope that helps i cud take some pictures if you need. are you gona get rid of the vacuum lines from bulk head or leave them. sak
  10. AHF TDI guru's wanted

    hey buddy the way i done it was remove the 2 bolts that are on the exhaust manifold first. the on the top side where the intercooler pipe goes there shud be 2 allen key bolts under that, take the intercooler pipe off, undo the nut closer to the bulk head i used a small rachet 6mm hallen key end. if you dont access to a small rachet the use an allen key with a deep 10mm socket with an extension to give u some leverage. undo that bolt and the use a 5mm allen key to undo the whole thing of the inlet and all shud just pull out 2gtha. are u using a delete pipe or just blocking both sides off with blanking plates. heres a link i followed http://uk-mkivs.net/forums/p/453862/3107089.aspx hope that helps sak
  11. i was doing a mini cooper old shape for a customer with the same problem, and the fuel was old, once fresh fuel was put in and was running better. regarding the shifter you can change to mk4 o2j tower in gearbox and use mk4 selector for a shorter throw or another option is put a short shift kit in. sak
  12. 165/40/16 on 8", anyone run them?

    i ran 165/40/16 on my 7.5j wheel and was not good to see let alone the drive, cudnt put my foot down in corners, and was alot stiffer with small tyres below are some pics... like polo classic said stick to 195/40/16 sak
  13. might pop down to this abit later with monty
  14. Hi guys need a deep chin spoiler for a mk2 golf but showing out of stock on website. Need it urgent Sak

    put some fotos up guys