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  1. mk3golf/mk4 polo engines

    Cheers, thats saved me an expensive mistake haha. Guess I'll need to keep looking for a golf engine then to swap with my knackered one.
  2. mk3golf/mk4 polo engines

    Im on the look out for another replacement block and head for my 1.6 AEE mk3 golf. Ive been looking at other mk3 golf engines and also some mk4 polo engines as I know the majority are pretty much the same. Im not bothered if I have to stick a 1.4 block into the golf as its just my daily driver and I just need something that runs well. At least id have the bonus of dropping my car tax costs Anyway, I know that the polo engines have a different fly wheel to the golfs and also a different clutch set up. The question i have is, If i get a polo engine can i swap the polo flywheel and clutch with my golf one so i can still use the golf gearbox? Anyone know if theres any other diferences I need to look out for, Basically id be working with a bare polo block and head and transfering everything golf over to it. Would the fact that id be using 1.6 injectors, ecu etc effect the running with a 1.4 block, would it be overfuelling etc?? Any help would be great cheers chuck
  3. oil pressure light

    Ok doke, Still got this problem with my mk3 golf 1.6 AEE. The oil light keeps coming on once the car has been running for 10 mins or more when running at idle. Its absolutley fine when the car is cold but as soon as its warmed up the light comes on but only when its sitting idling. If its revved past 2k the light goes off and while driving it stays off too Ive changed the oil to good quality synta and changed the blue oil pressure switch but its still doing it. It doesnt really effect the performance of the car, just get slightly roughy at idle Any ideas?? chuck
  4. Daily wagon. mk3 1.6 8v low and slow

    Oh and the photo location isnt where i stay.............................Its the holiday home, just dropping off the new sofa on the patio
  5. Finally managed to get pics of my newish daily driver. Had problems with it since i bought it months ago and had to source a replacement bottom end but it all seems to be running good now, except a slight idling problem but got the coilovers and refurbed Borbet A's on and im pretty fecking pleased how its looking. Overall, the cars pretty good. Its had a respray at some point and to be honest its been done really badly, trim not masked properly and some bits are flaking off a bit etc but i'll try and fix it as time goes on. Just as long as it doesnt eat up my time that i need to spend on the mk2 polo g40 project
  6. 1.8 into a 1.6

  7. 1.8 into a 1.6

    Ok dokey. I posted up a few weeks back asking some info about what engine options i have to drop into my mk3 golf cl. It had an AEE 1.6 engine in it but the thrust washers have come off the crank and the repair bill is 3 times the cost of second hand engine so not very practical. Ive been offered a 1.8 ADZ engine and box from a vento so need to know what extras i will need to have to drop this engine into the mk3 golf ie if im getting the engine what else should i grab like loom and ecu etc. Any help is great cheers chuck
  8. engine help

    Nobody???? All i need to know is whether the likes of a 1.8 engine and box from a vento would drop onto the same engine mounts and whether the wiring would be the same as the AEE wiring. Can i use the AEE ecu with this engine too?
  9. engine help

  10. engine help

    Posted this in the mk3 section but might have more luck in this section..... Righty Ho, Had my mk3 1.6 cl Engine code AEE in at the garage with a suspected dudd oil pump but it turns out the thrust washers have decided detach themselves from the crank. Decided against the hefty repair bill and instead ill fix it my self, What i need to know is what golf engines will drop straight in place of my dud AEE motor. Ie which ones will match up to everything that connects to the block. Also, the gearbox thats on the AEE, which engines is that compatable with? What other changes would i need to make if I was to drop a 8v gti engine in? Any help is much appreciated cheers chuck ps if anyone has a spare AEE bottom end then get in touch
  11. tappets problems

    Hi everyone, Just recentley changed the tappets on my mk3 golf 1.6 engine code AEE as they were a tad noisy. Did the timing belt and water pump while i was at it. Everything went fine and the car ran perfectly after being left overnight for tappets to settle in. The engine ran perfect without any tappet noise for 10 mins then i left it untill now....a few days later, it started fine with no noise once again (perfect i thought) took the car down to the petrol station and filled up. Started the car up again and i noticed a slight tappet tap, drove bout 2 miles to the scrappy and the tappet noise started to get worse and the oil pressure light started to come on when idleing and off acceleration. On the way back it got worse, pretty much back to as noisey as they were before changing, The oil pressure light stays on untill revved past 2k but sometimes comes on during driving, so ive parked it up again. When i was changing the tappets i noticed the oil in the top of the head was really sludgey and lumpey so picked it all out so im susspecting that maybe the oil pump pick up might be blocked, does this sound realistic? Should i replace the pump while ive got the sump off for inspection? cheers for any help