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  1. VR6 Storm

    thanks Mate! No not here, you search must go on haha
  2. VR6 Storm

    Thanks guys! More to come as and when I can!
  3. VR6 Storm

    Thought it best be time I update this! So the car has been enjoyed, and not a huge amount to update, but little bits over the last few months! As ever cleaning the car, keeping it all waxed up! found my dream car, perfect time for a quick terrible photo I've never been shy to take to use this car, so just a nice little drive up to Scotland.... Defiantly worth the drive, some lovely roads and views, car didnt miss a beat! Parked up for the week whilst I enjoy far too many beers! After a week and a bit, it was time to go home, again, was a perfect drive back home. So impressed with the old girl! Found another photo op.... Went for a bit of off roading Then, a proper update! since having this car I always wanted a set of factory Recaros for the Corrado, so this happened!!!! Really happy with them, they are so good and really improve the interior! And the car as it is now: Next things to too are a general service, need to change the top mounts, and probably space the wheels out 10-15mm until I find the perfect set of wheel (that I can afford!!). Also, some numpty decided to bump the front, and then also the rear in the same week in car parks, so both bumpers are booked back in for paint , only slight cosmetic bits but my OCD wont allow it!!! Cant have it all!
  4. VR6 Storm

    So life always takes its toll, work keeping me far too busy!! BUT, the fogs and indicators are now fitted and it now looks like a real car, ish haha!!!! Roll on a couple photos! Sitting nice and pretty in the work car park: Another cold start on a misty morning! Then as it was the bank holiday weekend me and the lady took a drive down to Cornwall, a 700 mile round trip and it was a dream! Parked up and another unusual car meant for yet another photo!! But, a long drive has made a long list of small niggles that I'll need to sort. Nothing major but annoying none the less! So next plans are to sort the interior and then hopefully some decent wheels!!
  5. Mk1 Scirocco Small Block Chic

    Seriously, this is my favourite car on this forum
  6. VR6 Storm

    Cheers Guy! I'll get some decent photos up soon!
  7. VR6 Storm

    Thanks!! Haha yes, off of the Corrado Forum!! Lots of polishing and some new centre caps they came out really well! I need to try and remeber my password for the C forum!
  8. VR6 Storm

    As above, basically a VW gimmick with a couple extra stick on badges
  9. VR6 Storm

    OK so weekend update time, so the car got treated to some fresh paint! Only bad iPhone pics below but here goes: Still more to do on it, fit the front fogs and indicators, rear plate and a few more plans, but enjoy!
  10. VR6 Storm

    Hello All I did start one of these ages ago but it seems to have gone missing over time! so here goes. I used to have a 2Slow VW Bora which ended up looking like this: As much as I had fun with the car, I fancied something a little more special, and something slightly older from the VW range. I went a viewed a few MK2 golfs, but nothing that really caught my eye. Then, through a friend, I was told about a VW Corrado that was local to me that the owner wanted rid of. So, we took a little drive down to the owner to see what the car was. It was a Corrado looking rather sorry for its self in the back of a Garage. The owner passed away, and the mans Son just left it for a few years, and finally the time came that it needed to go. On inspection the car needed some work, but the general condition was ok, so a great deal was made, and a week later we picked it up. So, I didn't know too much about Corrado's at this point. But, the car in question, was a 1995 VR6, with just over 100K on the clocks, full history and even better, a Storm (I did need to research this at this point haha!). So, I got it home, and this is what I ended up with: So it got taken to my mates garage, and everyone was surprised at how good a car it was. Zero Rust and a nice clean car. A full service, new oils, new brakes and tyres, new battery, then it flew through its mot As it was stood for so long it was treated to a deep clean, inside and out! it was a mess but came out looking great for a 20 year old car thats not moved in years!!! So I used it like this for a few weeks, then a few toys came for the car. On went coilovers and a full Jetex exhaust system and an K&N induction kit! Ending up in this: Again used it for a while. Couple photos along the way. My mate was going to an AMD rolling road day so took the C along. Link to a video of it on the rolling road https://www.flickr.com/photos/declanlehane/24904049209/in/dateposted-public/ And a result - well chuffed at 194.5 BHP Then the car was taken off the road for a while, and has since been treated so updates will come over the weekend! Declan
  11. 20v Corrado

    this is really nice! makes me want to get another one and track it haha!
  12. New Paint Help

    Cheers Guys So for the moment just a simple two bucket method clean (weekly if possible). Then after a few weeks I can start introducing more products into the mix. What would you recommend say a month down the line? I will speak with the painter as well and see what he says!
  13. New Paint Help

    Hi All So I am just about to get my freshly painted Corrado back. Its been painted in the original colour, classic green. Can someone give me a good step by step of what to use on it to keep it looking great? I have nearly every Auto Finesse product they sell, so can someone help as to what to use and in what steps? Cheers for any help!
  14. Please Delete, wrong section! Sorry!