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  1. My S4

    Well it's been a while. I have decided to keep it! Here's a little update with my new brakes and a few pictures from Edition38 And the brakes Thanks for looking
  2. My S4

    Thanks for all your lovely comments :-) Car has already felt the winter weather So it was time for a cleeeaaannn! Question is, how long will it get to stay like that? :-(
  3. My S4

    Then some other random pics I took after a cleaning sesh on Sunday last weekend Oh forgot to mention the new RS4 genuine grill Thanks for looking :-)
  4. My S4

    Thought I'd give this a little update S4 had some paint correction ready for Edition Paint is so much deeper and glossy now thanks to Chris Bash :-) Some pics from Edition Then preparation and Players 7.0 pics
  5. My S4

    Ready for Edition38 2013
  6. My S4

    Cheers guys :-)
  7. My S4

    So the new tyres are on and it's been 4 wheel aligned. Drives so much better now And since taking these shots she's now lower ;-) See you at Edition!!
  8. My S4

    Tyres purchased, just gotta get them fitted then maybe some more lows ;-)
  9. My S4

    Tyres purchased, just gotta get them fitted then maybe some more lows ;-)
  10. My S4

    Thanks for all your lovely comments guys. Changing the tyres soon for a slightly bigger profile. Bit too small for my liking. Then see how she's sits. Might go a tad lower ;-)
  11. My S4

    Morning all Been a while so thought I'd give u the latest. S4 is now on AP coilovers and the Rotas are on! What do you think?
  12. My S4

    Thanks mate. I've bought these http://www.edition38.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=457682&pid=4799228&st=0entry4799228
  13. My S4

    New wheels purchased ;-)
  14. My S4

    Thanks for your lovely comments guys. I've only had it about 4-5 weeks. Got it off some dude in Romford who had only owned it about 6 months but job changed so needed a diesel. Hence the swap. I did find an old classified add on Audisrs forum. Original reg was T787KLF but put my plate on it. Plans are coilovers, wheels, timing belt soon just incase, then maybe turbos, brakes and just tidy it up a little. Don't want it too in your face. Nice subtle mods. Keep it looking like a sleeper. Will keep you updated :-) Jakey
  15. My S4

    Hi all Some of you will prob know me for my Boras. Well I swapped her for this 1999 Audi S4 Saloon Spec 2.7 V6 Bi Turbo 347bhp 400lb ft torque MRC air filter MRC tuned Toyosport full system Decats Neuspeed short shifter Merlin purple - really rare Recaros Here's a few pics Thanks for looking Jakey