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  1. Mk3 wuuuuuut?

    Cheers guys I hated mk3's till now! These are from Kerma TDI, I've only done the EGR delete, straight through exhaust and that's it
  2. Mk3 wuuuuuut?

    moved it on a little, just a couple of hours every other day, cant spare too much time
  3. Mk3 wuuuuuut?

    There's a lot less of the doors going back on than there was before!
  4. Mk3 wuuuuuut?

    Wait till you see what I do next!
  5. Mk3 wuuuuuut?

    Red oxide > matt lacquer
  6. Bodyshop warranty

    Done loads of mk4's, couple mk5's and couple e36's over the last few months with the usual arch rot man
  7. Bodyshop warranty

    If I do a rust repair where the affected area isn't removed, I.e. cut out and replaced or a panel replaced I offer 6 months, more or none depending on how bad it was initially, because my advice is always to get it out! Some folk want a cheaper job or they're selling it and don't care. I don't prefer doing those Jobs, but work is work.
  8. Mk3 wuuuuuut?

    Binned that idea! But finally got started on it. Front end stripped for its replacement panels and the roof repaired and in primer Only a couple of hours work so far and the wee man stripped all the Plastidip off for me!
  9. Gold Rush

    It's scrapped man. Needed a new chassis leg before I'd ever consider it safe to drive, it had been notched and not welded back up, this caused a crack the rest of the way up the remaining steel. Not that replacing it was beyond my means or capabilities but that and the back panel repairs needed, the rear arch repairs needed, the filler in the sills and the rot that had filler chucked over it in the bay just killed it for me. Bought a mk3 with tax and test for £500 instead, and it's a better starting point to be honest.
  10. Mk3 wuuuuuut?

    Been loving boosting about in it this week! JamieP dropped me in a dent-free bonnet today, and has some wings to come. Gotta admit, it's a little too ghetto looking for me, I really have to sort it out. Chosen a colour, Fender guitars/hot rod inspired Seafoam Green!
  11. Mk3 wuuuuuut?

    So, onwards with the mk3... Serviced today. Oil & fuel filters, oil and coolant changed (head was replaced a few days ago) Few leaks fixed too. New injectors are a fliping huuuuuuugggeeeeeee upgrade. Power is awesome. Kinda fears of it as I've no way of controlling the boost right now
  12. Mk3 wuuuuuut?

    Well the replacement head went in, with the big injectors, new belts, gaskets and whiz......... Well impressed with the power! Spins in 4th if its wet! Now collecting panels for a new paint job!
  13. Mk3 wuuuuuut?

    The AHU was in this when I got it mate. Power depends what I do with the turbo, for now it'll be around 135bhp with the big injectors.
  14. High Build Primer

    4:1 with a low % of thinners for high build (sanding) 3:1 with up to 20/35% thinners for sealer (non sanding) you can still sand sealer but there's no need unless it needs de-nibbled of laid down bad. Check the data sheet for proper mix ratios or if your primer is even suitable for different mixes.