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  1. Project Pickfords - MK2 Caddy TDI

    looking really pimp dude, love the borbets and so want a set for my wagon
  2. Tim True Paintworks

    aah fair play so hes still painting away then? Good news if so
  3. Tim True Paintworks

    all I see from Timmy now adays on instagram is RC Cars as I think hes well in to it, no pics of real cars being painted like back in the day. So I don't know if hes still spraying which if thats the case sad times
  4. VW TRANSPORTER T5 build

    Proper love how this looks, awesome work and proper good call on the paint
  5. Ruby The Fastback

    No worries dude it a good group and some nice wagons on there tbf
  6. Ruby The Fastback

    fair play on the wagon I think there are more and more being done from seeing the UK MK3 Variant page on facebook
  7. First car - 52' Lupo SE JDO

    Like the pics at Napton Garage mate, nice shots
  8. BUILD THREAD - 600bhp 2.5L 5cyl VAG Turbo Lotus Elise S1

    Looking sweet, fair play for all of the body panels looks hard work but defo paying off
  9. Oak Green Touch up.

    t-cut is more so for knact paint and pretty harsh stuff. the only real way of getting rid of stone chips is with either a touch up kit, get the panels painted....or someone like chipsaway who would come to you....trouble is I think the paint they use isn't the best. so looks good for a bit but not as good as a proper bodyshop
  10. First car - 52' Lupo SE JDO

    yeh I think we are going to the next local one mate dunno which car tho, will keep an eye out for you
  11. First car - 52' Lupo SE JDO

    looking spot on dude, good work
  12. Mk1 Jetta Restoration - Chop Chop

    that interior paint looks mint, shame on the dynamat covering it really...know its there for a purpose tho
  13. 1971 Beetle

    good update dude, gonna be so trick when done
  14. Aboooo hope shes not too bad and not badly bodged