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  1. Hey guys, I'm currently contracting at Luton Airport (living the dream) and going on a trip to Amsterdam this friday, I thought I'd get the Merc (E-class) a quick health check and possibly a service? Can anyone recommend a decent garage? Nothing fancy but someone I can trust with it? Thanks a lot, Marty
  2. my b5 s4.

    You must be fun at parties.
  3. Hello friends, I'm about to do a 1400 mile drive next weekend, need a decent honest garage to have a look over my trusty Audi before I start. Anyone know of any decent garages around Tottenham way? Thanks for any info!
  4. #ProjectMk2

    oh mex, moredoor love there. How much did the adapters set you back out of interest? (you can PM if you want)
  5. A5 Mo style...

    You sir, are a legend
  6. My mk3 VR6T

    Had a look around this on sunday, next level mate.
  7. Touche's mk3

    Very smart mate, love that colour.
  8. Beige 924

    This thread reminds me of one of my ex girlfriends, massive tease... showing me all the good bits but soon as I want to see more, she is too tired and has work in the morning.
  9. Mike's UK Kamei Golf

    Just unreal... fair play mate
  10. Out of interest how does it feel around a corner? Is understeer even an issue? Always been fascinated with high power FWD, only thing I can compare is a focus RS and even that felt a bit twitchy up some country roads. I noticed your missus was with you did she takes the pee or actually enjoy herself LOL
  11. how much wood can a woodchuck chuck...

    Haha wicked mate, who would have thought the pirate would go track orientated... I'll try and pop to a DS meet when can for sure! poo I might even stop by your pad as I'm gonna be floating around that part of london when I get back!
  12. I always wanted windy windows....

    Looks savage in that photo, love it's still got all the chrome trim... sets off the RS's a treat.
  13. 2004 Audi A3 8P

    Very nice mate, those S3 wheels suit it perfectly.
  14. Purple Lurple

  15. DougalR's .:R32.

    Looks lovely mate, not entirely sure on your "camo" engine cover however it's probably one of the smartest 4 door R32's I've seen on here!