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  1. Project *time warp*

    sell it
  2. 1.8t emissions

    Help - car is currently failing its mot on both lambda 0.96 and co readings 1.4% on both idle fast idle . Hc are around 60 ppm - so well in spec Scanned with snap on scanner and no fault codes found and no engine warning light Tried new maf and made no difference - new 200 cell cat fitted recently as old one rattled and restricted the car. coolant temp sensor is reading ok. Car is running a ptorque remap and drives well with no issues. Done a quick boost leak check and didn't find anything. Can anybody point me in the direction of what else to check or what to log on vagcom Before car ends up in the canal! Mike
  3. mk2 golf mtdi build

    Haha that sounds familiar - "I'll just take this one part off to do that small job = engine out bay painted and a full rebuild ! Look forward to seeing some truck updates Still no project for me other than the tot rod. Old British tin or an aircooled - can't decide but in no rush Keep the updates coming - proper build thread
  4. mk2 golf mtdi build

    Quality work as usual mate - your fab skills are wasted on a watercooled vw Where's the truck ? Mike
  5. mk1 ?v project - oldskool metal work time

    video of the tot rod ^^ pretty much all finished up - not 100% on the paint finish as i wanted more of a matte finish and the satin paint i used came with more of a gloss than i asked for - may end up repainting it after christmas. still got pinstriping and interior to finish up - but its ready for a post xmas stroll hmmm - run of of projects now edit - no idea how to embed this so it plays on this page - maybe if someone could do that for me that would be great
  6. flat clear coat

    Just finished assembling it its on air too. ha ha
  7. flat clear coat

    Cheers - will try brown bro's in the am As for prep - quick flat and then clear ?
  8. flat clear coat

    benefit of hindsight - yes I did use satin base coat - i wasn't planning on clearcoating it it's just a touch too glossy for my liking so felt a matte clear might help reduce the shine? 800 or 1200 grit scuff - then matte clear??? ps in a rush - as its an xmas gift
  9. flat clear coat

    Currently painting my daughters tot rod 2k base coat mixed with a matting agent to give a "satin" finish as i wanted flat paint but not completely matte - now i've masked and painted all the detail workj the paint work still has too much gloss to it my question is can i flat the paint with 800 grit then apply flat clear coat ( rattle can ) over the top? or am i likely to run into trouble
  10. mk1 ?v project - oldskool metal work time

    thanks for the kind words from people Few more late nights at the tot rod and custom shop this week should just about see it rolling / looking tidy in time for christmas. Will still need the interior finishing up / air system but should be good enough for a boxing day cruise. Rolling Chassis with steering from the push handle - now finished up stripped and painted body work re primed for final prep - just waiting on some paint being mixed up for later in the week. mike
  11. mk1 ?v project - oldskool metal work time

    What self respecting 16 month of child wouldn't run air - have you seen the state of the pavements in Leeds. Rear setup to do next - finish the rest of the chassis/ electrics and get the interior trimmed in leather
  12. mk1 ?v project - oldskool metal work time

    http://i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb133/mikeb_16v/249ebf6f.mp4 No idea how to embed this Front half of the chassis mocked up with the air.
  13. mk1 ?v project - oldskool metal work time

    Elli5 - look forward to seeing a pic when it's done Bit of an update - tig'd up a 5 bar grill to finish up the front end. Brackets are hidden so it looks like it's floating and welded on the body mounts Most the of body work is done - final prime and block before paint. Then make a pattern for the interior and trim in leather - tuck and roll style.
  14. ..die Luft..

    Bestest car Love this car - but you knew that already Aircooled is the way forward!
  15. mk1 ?v project - oldskool metal work time

    Haha cheers mate Yeah beers for sure - I'll summon the troops Beetle - we'll see