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  1. Please can anyone confirm which is the drivers which is the passanger side skirt, the part numbers are as follows. 8XA853859 8XA853860 Many thanks, Jon
  2. Jon_boiiiii

    MRpix Smoothed bay MK3 VR6

    I miss that car
  3. Jon_boiiiii

    Narrow running tyres

    Go for the nankang 225/30/20 on the 8j, you won't regret it, I have he 225/30 on my 20x8.5 and there not too stretched.
  4. Jon_boiiiii

    Golf mk3 Gti abs sensors

    Also try cleaning all the and rings on Back of the discs
  5. Jon_boiiiii

    Wheel Adaptors

    Depending what car.... You can redrill the hubs.... I did this on the rear of my mk3. Had 5x100&5x112. I know Doug trix did his front hubs/discs too.
  6. Jon_boiiiii

    Air Ride Remote Control Holder

    I did this in octy vrs
  7. Jon_boiiiii

    Airlift V2 Missing the Mark.

    The thing with having it on 0, is that it will try and try and try to hit your number bang on, but the solenoids open and close at a rate that make it difficult to let in/out 1psi at a time, so it will over shoot, then under shoot and over shoot and eventually give up or you sit that with the stand by message or what ever it is while it try's to hit those number, with 2/3 psi tolerence your never going to notice a huge difference, not like you will with 5+psi tolerence and in my experience it seems to hit the numbers pretty quickly, within 2/3 up/downs on 2psi -/+
  8. Jon_boiiiii

    Compressor on start up.

    Yes, I think the feature is there to ensure that, the first time you start and raise the car, even without the rise in start, you have a full tank, after that it will only engage when it hits you min pressure,
  9. Jon_boiiiii

    Airlift V2 Missing the Mark.

    It's never in a million years going to hit zero, it's a pressure based system so it needs a tolerence to aim for, the lower the tolerence, the more fluctuations it will do to close in on your presets. I run mine with +/- 2psi and it always gets within 1-2 psi.
  10. Jon_boiiiii

    Compressor on start up.

    Don't worry gents. This an airlift v2 feature, if your using the rise on start feature and your tank is already full, it simply engages the compressor to refill the rank to max. It should only have to replenish 20/30psu so should only be on for 1-2 mins.
  11. Jon_boiiiii

    Air ride struts

    Problem with polo is that you need 4 struts, not 2, hence the higher prices, your asking the question so I'm going to give you some advice, buy cheap, buy twice, stick with a high profile company like airlift and you know what your buying is right, a lot of other company's that make struts, don't go as low, are not made as well and don't ride as nice. Based on my own experience as I've bought, fitted and driven on struts made by other companies and airlifts, and airlift win for me every time.
  12. Jon_boiiiii

    Airlift V2 Missing the Mark.

    Hold buttons 1+5 until the menu appears, navigate to the calibration menu, then select "adjust" it should be set on +/-5 psi, try lowering this to +/-2psi, it should hit its marks better but you'll notice it take a little longer.
  13. Jon_boiiiii

    Plasti dip

  14. Jon_boiiiii

    lowdown vw meet tonight

    Why don't you go.... And see?
  15. Jon_boiiiii

    air ride ... Soft Lines?

    so, new year means the cars getting a do over, new colour, new wheels, and im gonna do something with install. heres my question, Im not a fan of the brass line, nor the alu lines, I do however like the gloss black nylon lines... so to that end, has anyone done anything nice with nylon coloured tubing? ive had a little play and I can quite easily heat and form the tubing into some quite unique shapes, but I was just looking to see if it had been done before and if so to what result? thanks,